Yin Chiao Gold

  • Boosts resistance power of our body.
  • Soothes muscle problems like aches and pain.
  • Strengthens the immunity system.
  • Relieves from -discomfort in throat.
  • Helps in to decongest.



Yin Chiao Gold is an time tested herbal formulation that is very effective in strengthening the immunity system and its working. A healthy immune system reflects a healthy body. A strong immunity system increases your resistance power against infections that causes diseases.It consists various potent Chinese herbs, effective in making the immune system healthier and also certain other essential herbs that helps in clearing the mucus collection at the nasal region and give relief from headache. You can use it as a long time medicine as it is not harmful since it is prepared of naturally found herbs in a preserved way. With its usage you will experience a relief in your muscle pain and aches.

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