ZZZ Gold

  • Calm the nerves for those with constant worries
  • Help create a positive state of mind
  • Help people with insomnia caused by their constant worries to sleep better
  • It helps relax the mind of those people with worries so that they can function better



Are you the worrying type? Is your worry leading to sleeplessness? Are you unable to turn off your thoughts and worries? Then Natural Wellbeing Distribution has the ideal herbal formulation to calm the mind. Lack of sleep causes exhaustion during the day and sleeplessness at night. This cycle tends to get repeated. These are due to certain activities in the brain which causes excess adrenaline to be produced. ZZZ gold is the ideal formulation to treat this problem. ZZZ gold can be taken in the morning. It acts on the nervous system to calm the mind during daytime without inducing sleep. It helps in normal sleep at night.

ZZZ gold

Prepared from organic and ethically harvested herbs like milky wild oat seed, St. John’s wort flowers, Skullcap herb, Passion flower herb, Hops strobiles, Lobelia herb and Pulsatilla herb, the full potency of these herbs is preserved and each batch is tested to maintain the best quality. ZZZ gold also has a 90 day money-back guarantee.

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