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Prost-Xtra Plus – A Dietary Supplement For Prostate Health By UniScience Group

Prostate concerns are extremely common in America. It is estimated that fully half of all men at age 50 and 90% at age 70 have some problem with their prostates. There are various products including natural supplements offered in the market to help you with your prostate concerns. One of these products is the UniScience Group’s Prost-Xtra Plus, A New, All-Natural Solution for Prostate Health.Uniscience Group, Inc.

Prost-Xtra Plus – Product Description

It is seen that untreated prostate problems can eventually lead to a complete loss of urinary function or may even cause serious health problems. But, fortunately, prostate problems related to aging prostate are manageable. Thanks to the decades of research, today there is a safe, effective, easy way to promote greater prostate health. After thorough scientific research, a team of doctors at UniScience Group had formulated a natural solution called Prost-Xtra Plus for prostate health. This natural solution is

  • More potent than saw palmetto
  • Includes European natural remedy to support optimal prostate health
  • Help with prostate worries
  • Safe all natural alternative to other prostate solutions

Prost-Xtra Plus safely supports prostate health. It is an alternative treatment for men suffering from embarrassing bathroom issues like weakened bladder control and urgency and frequency of urination. This product specifically counteracts against the effects of an aging prostate.

Prost-Xtra Plus – For Prostate Health

Prost-Xtra Plus safely supports prostate health. This natural solution is safe all natural alternative to other prostate solutions. It help to minimize residual urine .

Need To Develop Prost-Xtra Plus Features

The prostate is a small, walnut- sized gland just below the bladder which produces a milky fluid that, along with sperm, makes up semen. The problem is that the urinary canal, or urethra, passes through the prostate.

Usually the prostate is small in size, and is equally important to maintain its size because as we age it tends to grow larger while interrupting the proper urinary flow. Well there are certain reasons because of which the prostate grows in size and subsequent urinary problems develop.

The researchers believe is that, over time, the prostate becomes more vulnerable to the effects of male hormones. All through their lives, men produces both testosterone and small amounts of estrogen (a female hormone). But as they age, the production of testosterone levels decline and estrogen levels increase. Also, the quantity of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a type of testosterone also rises. DHT stimulates cell growth and, in turn, impacts the size of your prostate. Hence, a team of medical advisors and doctors at UniScience Group thought a need to develop natural solution, Prost-Xtra Plus to help men with prostate issues.

Working Mechanism Of Prost-Xtra Plus

UniScience Group had formulated the Prost-Xtra Plus product with the most potent and most effective ingredients that work towards improving prostate health. The ingredients used are all natural components extract mainly from plant sources.

Using an elaborated blending process, these ingredients are compacted into unique capsules. These tablets are gentle on the digestive system yet remarkably effective in promoting a healthy prostate.

Essentially, Prost-Xtra Plus contains a unique blend of two main components called the beta-sitosterols and cernitin. The benefits of these ingredients encompass all the problems related to prostate decline. Prost-Xtra Plus works so well that you can enjoy freedom in life with minimal negative effects of an aging prostate.

Benefits Of Prost-Xtra Plus

Prost-Xtra Plus has a direct anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate. Its benefits are

  • Strengthens bladder function
  • Relieves sense of urgency
  • Safely mediates hormonal substances within the prostate
  • Improve urination flow
  • Enhances sexual performance
  • Increased sexual potency
  • Helps to minimize residual urine
  • The unique blend of beta-sitosterols and cernitin in Prost-Xtra Plus helps with
  • Nighttime urination problems
  • Urgent and frequent trips to bathroom
  • Weak flow or dribbling
  • Anxiety over sexual performance

Ingredients In Prost-Xtra Plus

UniScience Group’s new revolutionary prostate formula Prost-Xtra Plus contains the most potent, most effective natural ingredients for supporting prostate health on the market today. This formula uses all-natural ingredients taken primarily from plant sources. These gentle, healing plant nutrients have been used all over the world to support prostate health. Below are the details of each main four ingredients

Main Ingredients

  • Cernitin or Annual Rye Grass Pollen

Cernitin is the trademarked name given to a fermented blend of eight different types of flower pollen, including rye grass, used in Europe for generations. It enhance sexual potency in men by strengthening the prostate gland and surrounding muscles. It is also an ingredient found in products designed to increase female sexual desire and orgasm. This is one of the main and important ingredients in Prost-Xtra Plus.

Pollens are the male seeds that enable plants to reproduce. The manufacturers of Cernitin removes the outer husk of the seeds and any bacteria, fungi, toxins or pollutants that may be attached and produces a product that is concentrated, all-natural vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, amino acids and enzymes.

Cernitin is very useful ingredient for prostate health. It is still unclear how exactly Cernitin works, but one thing researchers know – it is one of the most effective natural supports for overall prostate health available today.


One reason why Cernitin works – may be because it contains beta-sitosterols that relax the muscles in your urethra while boosting the tone of the bladder muscles. Because of beta-sitosterols, Cernitin can improve the urinary symptoms related to prostate issues such as frequency, night-time urination, urgency, decreased urine flow and dribbling. It may also support a decline in prostate size, improve urinary flow rate and decrease residual urine volume.

The overall success rate of Cernitin among prostate sufferers is about seventy percent—comparable to the most common conventional prostate solutions. There is also clinical evidence available stating Cernitin supports proper prostate size.

In one placebo-controlled study, 78 percent of participant taking rye pollen experienced major improvement in urinary flow rate as well as a decrease in residual urine and in prostate volume.

Another double-blind, placebo-controlled study concluded that Cernitin improved night-time urination in 68.8 percent of the men participating in the study. And residual urine improved by 54.7 percent compared with only 12.5 percent of the men taking the dummy pills.

Cernitin is the “secret weapon” that makes Prost-Xtra Plus one of the most promising natural prostate supplements on the market today. Annual Ryegrass (Secale cereal L.) aerial parts extract (water and fat soluble factors) 213mg is included in this natural solution. It also contains other natural nutrients that have been scientifically proven to support prostate health. Let’s have a look at them as well.

  • Mixed Sterols From Natural Plant Sources

Beta-sitosterols are a type of heart-healthy plant steroid found in small amounts in potent prostate helping plants such as pygeum and saw palmetto.

Beta-sitosterols are widely used in Europe to support prostate health. In a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study of 200 men with prostate problems, half the group received 180 mg of beta-sitosterol daily, while the other half received a placebo. After six months, the beta-sitosterol group saw a 350% improvement in the International Prostate Symptom Score, the measurement of urine flow (QMax), and the amount of residual urine remaining in the bladder (PUR).

The above result was confirmed by another study of 177 patients, published in the British Journal of Urology that found that beta-sitosterols considerably increase urine flow. In fact, the study concluded that beta-sitosterols were effective in supporting prostate health and urine flow and without any serious side effects. Prost-Xtra Plus provides an easy source of concentrated beta-sitosterols plus other mixed sterols from natural plant sources.

Each all-natural daily dose of Prost-Xtra Plus contains 300 mg of mixed sterols from natural plant sources (Beta-Sitosterol 137 mg, Campesterol 82 mg, Stigmasterol 67 mg and Brassicasterol 14 mg ), making it more potent than many brands of saw palmetto on the market today.

  • Zinc

Scientists calls Zinc as the “manhood mineral.” It has been shown to inhibit the prostate’s ability to absorb DHT. Thus, providing your body with sufficient quantities of zinc is one of the best things you can do for your prostate. Required zinc levels also provide smooth flowing urinary function and a better sex life.

U.S. diet guidelines recommend that adult men must get 10 milligrams of zinc a day and the same amount is found in Prost-Xtra Plus. UniScience Group only uses L-Opti-Zinc in Prost-Xtra Plus. This form of zinc is not found in most other prostate supplements, making it impossible for your body to properly absorb especially as you get older. L-Opti-Zinc eliminates this problem, as it is super-bioabsorbable. It allows getting every bit of the zinc your prostate needs for optimal health. Zinc from amino acid chelate, zinc monomethione (L-OptiZinc) 10mg is included in Prost-Xtra Plus.

  • Vitamin E

The medical studies on the use of Vitamin E supplement for prostate health is inconsistent. More recent studies, like one published in 2009 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found no effect of vitamin E on prostate. However, a spate of high-quality, placebo-controlled studies made a significant discovery.

One randomized, double-blind study conducted by the Georgetown University Medical Center found that a combination of Cernitin, saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol and Vitamin E provided significant support for prostate health and a proper urinary flow.

Thus, all these ingredients along with Vitamin E (50 IU) are in Prost-Xtra Plus.

Other Ingredients

  • Gelatin,
  • Purified water,
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Saw Palmetto Extract 4:1 213mg is also included in Prost-Xtra Plus.

Recommended Dosage Of Prost-Xtra Plus

The health experts at UniScience Group recommend taking Prost-Xtra Plus once a day, three capsules at a time. Each bottle contains a sufficient amount of 90 capsules equal to one month supply.

Prost-Xtra Plus – Safe Or Unsafe

Prost-Xtra Plus is a revolutionary prostate formula which is backed by extensive scientific researches and trials that proves its effectiveness and safety.

All-natural plant ingredients in Prost-Xtra Plus have been endorsed by researchers, medical doctors and urologists globally. Also the clinical studies have shown that the ingredients in Prost-Xtra Plus provide significant relief or complete eradication of most prostate problems. The study about beta-sitosterols concluded that it is effective in supporting prostate health and urine flow – without any serious side effects. Thus all ingredients used in Prost-Xtra Plus are safe, well-tolerated with few side effects.

In addition, among the men who were helped by the formula, most of them experienced significant improvement in their overall prostate health. Unlike some prostate solutions, the study found that “the combination of natural products like in Prost-Xtra Plus caused no significant adverse side effects.”

Additionally, all products including Prost-Xtra Plus are manufactured using costly quality-control procedures that are designed to maintain potency and quality. These quality-control procedures are not required by law, but they are essential for maintaining potency and assuring the shelf life of every single UniScience Group product. This ensures the safety and effective of the product.

But it is suggested to all men that before trying any product including Prost-Xtra Plus, first consult your doctors. Doctors will be able to recommend safe and effective products which they think will be beneficial without causing any harm to you. This helps prevent any complications as well as any conditions from worsening.

Prost-Xtra Plus Advantages And Disadvantages

The following advantages of Prost-Xtra Plus apart the benefits mentioned above are

  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • No known side effects
  • Money back guarantee
  • 90-day refund period
  • Manufactured by well known reputed company

The following are the disadvantages of Prost-Xtra Plus

  • In spite of offering several advantages to promote prostate health, the treatment from the product may come with some minor delays.
  • No definite period to see noticeable results
  • No free trial offers

The potential users looking for natural supplements for prostate health would always prefer just perfect solutions. If no definite period to experience noticeable results may discourage some impatient users. Alternatively, adverse risk takers may prefer a free trial offer in the initial stages before committing to any product. But, with these many powerful ingredients, this product is designed to work and provide the above mentioned benefits to you.

Buy/ Discounts And Coupon codes Of Prost-Xtra Plus

The Prost-Xtra Plus is manufactured and marketed by UniScience Group. This company has a good reputation in the health industry as all of its products and supplements are backed by scientific research. So the best place to buy Prost-Xtra Plus is directly from UniScience Group’s official website. You can avail heavy discounts that are given depending on the amount of orders. One standard bottle of Prost-Xtra Plus will cost you nearly USD$37 including S&H. You can also get buy more save more offers at UniScience, such as buy 6 bottles of Prost-Xtra Plus at a time to get 6 free bonus gifts plus save up to USD$250. Apart from these discounts, you can also avail coupon and promo codes upon signing up with email for the company’s newsletters.

Additionally, an amazing one full year zero risk money back guarantee is assured with Prost-Xtra Plus. UniScience Group is the only company to offer the assurance of potency and quality with Independent Laboratory Assays of all its products. Plus, get free shipping on all orders above $100 and get the benefit of Personal Delivery Service while also saving more by up to 20%.

Prost-Xtra Plus Customer Reviews

Prost-Xtra Plus is a prostate health product formulated for men having aging related prostate problems. Customer reviews of this product are generally positive but some negative reviews are also available.

Positive customer reviews – Review by Toand Fro, a 60-year-old male, was very happy to have noticeable results within 2 weeks (constant stream of urine) of using Prost-Xtra Plus. At his age it was common to have minor urinal issues but all these problems eases with the uses of this supplement. Similarly, there are also many long time users of Prost-Xtra Plus who are happy with the effectiveness of the product and were fed up of using several other supplements in the past. Many customers say that the product worked for them in just few initial doses. Most customers who are using Prost-Xtra Plus also recommend the same to others for these similar results.

Negative customer reviews – However, not every customer reviews are good. There are some customers who are not happy with this product. Review by George Griffith, the Prost-Xtra Plus is one of many products that did not have any effect on the health of his prostate. Another user Perry T Lockhart also wrote about his disapproval of the product. He took the suggested dose i.e. 3 pills a day for the duration of a month but no noticeable results were found.

The product has received mixed customer reviews but on the basis of much positive customer feedback, Prost-Xtra Plus is recommended product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who all can use Prost-Xtra Plus?

It is useful for any men over the age of 40 and having aging related prostate problems.

How many tablets do one bottle of Prost-Xtra Plus contains?

One bottle of Prost-Xtra Plus contains 90 capsules.

Is Prost-Xtra Plus backed by Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, an amazing 1-Year Zero Risk No questions asked Money-Back Guarantee comes with Prost-Xtra Plus. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused portion or even an empty bottle within a full year of purchase date and get 100% of your product


Aging is one of the major known causes of prostate issues but today scientists and health care providers’ thinks excess calorie consumption may also affect prostate health through excess body fat. So, research suggests that balanced diet which includes low consumption of meat and milk and more consumption of vegetables regularly will help to maintain your prostate health. Also, men over age 40 are advised to consider natural supplements like Prost-Xtra Plus to promote prostate health and size as well as proper urine flow. Give it a no risk try today and see the visible results in your prostate health.

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