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Prosterin With Pomegranate – Dietary Supplements For Prostate Health

Prosterin With Pomegranate – Prostate Supplement
Prosterin dietary supplement is a life changing formula that allows the aged men to have a peaceful night’s sleep. Prosterin can act as a supplementary health enhancer. Primarily it gets rid of prostate health problems and solves that are also related to the urinary.

The Prostate gland is the male organ that functions to produce the fluid that protects the sperm cells. Any improper functioning of this gland could have a major impact on the organ as well as to the urethra. One of the major prostate health issues is frequent urination at night that is suffered by the elder males of over 50 years. This kind of urinary changes could be solved by lifestyle changes and other methods but some would need medications or supplementation to get back to the green health. Prosterin dietary supplement is one such remedy for these kinds of prostate health problems. It helps cure the embarrassing moments in both public and private life.

Prosterin Dietary Supplements

Basically, Prosterin dietary supplement is a life-changing formula that allows the aged men to have a peaceful night’s sleep. It keeps the urinary problems at bay and does not make them get up every now and then.

The cause for such inconvenience is that there could be inflammation of the prostate glands. The other reasons can be a blockage in the tubes and prostate enlargement. Although not all of these symptoms are always related to urinary problems, they do have a deep connection.

When To Use Prosterin With Pomegranate

One must seek the help of Prosterin if they are showing one or more of these symptoms.

  • If the person has to urinate more frequently during night or day
  • Urinary urgency where the urge is too strong and in some cases too sudden to have any control
  • When the flow is very less and slow, but the urge to pee sustains
  • A sensation that the bladder is not empty
  • Urine lacks force and causing disruption in controlling the stream
  • Urge to visit the toilet even if the bladder in empty

These above-mentioned symptoms hint that all is not well with the prostate or urinary glands. These could be caused by an inflammation of the prostate gland or its enlargement. The enlarged prostate gland could block the urinary tract and its flow. This situation can also cause some kind of infection and inflammation.

In addition to these, if there is blood in urine, any particular discharge from the male organ or extreme difficulty in urinating, one must seek medical attention in solving the problem. Prosterin is a dietary supplement that can act as a supplementary health enhancer.

What Can Prosterin Do?

  • It stops the dribbling issue and the incompletely emptying of the bladder.
  • Primarily it gets rid of prostate health problems and solves that are also related to the urinary.
  • It is protective of the age-related prostate health
  • It can allow better sleep at night and bring in a sense of wellness.

The other help is with the male virility that is affected by the prostate gland and urinary problems. Prosterin enhances or helps maintain the virility and helps solve dysfunction issue also. In many cases, the prostate health and dysfunction could go hand in hand and Prosterin is one way to remedy this and helps them improve their sexual function.

Prosterin Ingredients


Beta-sitosterol can cure the enlarged prostate as it can lower the swellings, inflammation, and pain also. It can also improve sexual activity.

Campesterol focuses on enlarged prostate and brings down the cholesterol level also.

Stigmasterol can treat the inflammation in the urinary tract. It can reduce the serum cholesterol and also the absorption of cholesterol.

Brassicasterol is taken from algae.

  • Pumpkin seed extract is high in zinc, an essential mineral for the prostate health. It can treat the enlarged prostate gland, and improve the immunity by providing zinc. It has anti-inflammatory effects in reducing any swellings or inflammations on the glands.
  • Pomella is rich in antioxidants and has better bioavailability. It helps in protecting the cells and can curb the inflammation as well.
  • Stinging Nettle root extract is anti-inflammatory to curb such problems. It is found to have positive effects on the prostate and urinary-related problems. It is also calming to the prostate glands can soothe the pain.
  • Black pepper extract: Bioperine promotes the absorption of all the nutrients in Prosterin. The body must be able to absorb these nutrients from the supplement to cure the problems and the black pepper extract ensures this step.
  • L-alanine enhances the prostate health and also effective in lowering the urinary problems. It can effectively ease the urinary urgency and the dribbling problems. This amino acid forms carnosine, a compound that helps in muscle function to have better stamina and strength.
  • Quercetin from the apple skin is also anti-inflammatory. It can reduce the prostate discomfort.
  • OptiZinc is rich in zinc and provides the needed element for the prostate health. It influences the testosterone level and enhances the sexual activity as well.
  • Lycopene powder contains high portion of antioxidants. They help in marinating the normal size of the prostate gland. It is also protective of the cells and its function.

Prosterin Usage Directions, Safety, & Side Effects

Prosterin comes in capsule form. The regular dosage is to take 3 caplets per day. Divide the portion equally and take one with each meal of the day. A single bottle would have 90 capsules and can last for a month.
It is better to consult the doctor before you start since not everyone needs the highest dose.

Being a product made from natural ingredients, Prosterin is safe to use by all. There also are no side effects associated with these. In one rare case there has been a case of heartburn, otherwise, the product is safe with no side effects. As in the case of all supplements, an overdose could create unexpected problems. One can expect positive results within 2-4 weeks time. Yes, it takes that much time to show the results.

Prosterin Best Deals

Trial period offers: One may get a one month trial period offer for Prosterin. You get the product at a discounted rat. The supply would last for just a month. If you are positive about the product and it is able to respond within 7 days, some surprising gifts await you.

Good Deal: This is for 2 month supply with an additional month’s supply free of cost. There would also be 3 free bonus gifts for those who respond fast.

Best Deal is 5 months supply with an additional 3 month’s supply free of cost. This 8 month’s supply comes at the lowest price of all. Even this deal includes the free gifts for fast response.

There is also the 90-day 100% money back guarantee which means the money would be refunded for those who are not satisfied.


Prosterin being a natural product is safe for almost everyone. It works faster, almost within 14 days that makes it one of the promising solutions for prostate problems. It is able to cure the prostate issue that has been there for years.

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