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Buy Provanax – Sale Price, Reviews, Side Effects & More

Provanax To Reduce Anxiety & Depression

Provanax is made of natural ingredients. These herbal extracts used here are well known to reduce anxiety and depression.

You know what is the real-life antagonist in our lives? It is stress! Stress has a lot more impact on our body than we would have ever anticipated. It causes anxiety, panic, and even depression. You need a holistic solution to this problem that not only reduces these symptoms but can also enhance the overall cognitive health of the person as well.

Provanax is a holistic approach to find the right kind of solution to anxiety, panic, and depression. It is an all-in-one solution that is natural, safe and is also considered one of the best alternatives to the antidepressants and anxiolytic medications.

Provanax & Stress

Stress is the main culprit here that is causing anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Stress reduces the body’s ability to have better control on such things. Provanax reverses these changes and makes the body better able to defend stress and related situations. It helps the body get a grip on the situation.

Provanax is made of natural ingredients. These herbal extracts used here are well known to reduce anxiety and depression. They help calm the mind and make the situation under control.

Provanax regulates dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol levels that are disturbed under stress. It works in various ways to calm the mind, reduce stress, and also help with sleep patterns. Sleep would be disturbed if you are suffering from anxiety and depression. The mind needs to be calmer to let the body get its rest and Provnax is a help in this matter as well.

Provanax for anxiety benefits

Provanax restores the dopamine level in the body. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that invokes positivity in the brain. The low level of this would result is disturbed sleep patterns, memory lapses and affects the attentions span. Restoring this brain chemical can bring instant changes.

Reduce cortisol levels” Cortisol is a useful chemical in the body but only in sufficient amount. Under the stress, cortisol level increases alarmingly that causes disarray in the brain functions. Provanax does an efficient job in controlling the cortisol and brings normalcy back in life.

Increases serotonin-The happy hormone of the body will have a raise with the help of Provanax. The low level of serotonin leads to stress eating, cravings etc. Provanax has the key ingredients that can improve the serotonin level and elevate the mood as well.

Sleep: Body needs rest to arrange things in the brain and to do the ‘clean up’ job. Stress takes this chance away by invoking anxiety or depression. Provanax put a stop to this issue by calming the mind and easing the sleep.

Provanax ingredients

  • Magnesium oxide provides magnesium. The low level of this nutrient is linked to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, muscle cramps etc. By providing this nutrient, Provanax makes the first step towards curing anxiety or depression.
  • Phenibut can improve the dopamine levels as well as the GABA levels in the brain. Phenibut is a derivative of GABA that is reduced under stress. By helping improve the GABA it helps the mind t be calmer and without the jumping nerves.
  • 5-HTP is a precursor to the neurotransmitter, serotonin. This natural ingredient is taken from, Griffonia plant and is completely safe. It also helps relieve sleeplessness.
  • L-Theanine is taken from Green Tea extract that can promote the positive thoughts.
  • Inositol works as an anti-depressant. The inositol level is also affected by the stress. Adding it in Provanax elevates this compound that can reduce panic attacks.
  • L-taurine strengthens the mental sharpness and alertness and also reduces sleep deprivation.
  • GABA inhibits the excited state of the nerves and calms it down. It sets the stage for relaxation and is highly effective in dealing with stress. It invokes alpha waves in the brain.
  • Passion flower extract can calm the nerves and is a well known natural anti-anxiety remedy. It treats insomnia and makes a powerful statement against stress.
  • St. John’s Wort is an effective natural remedy for depression. It contains hyperforin that improves the mood.
  • Valerian is highly effective in relieving stress and can calm the nerves. The agitated mind can take a rest with the help of this herb.

Provanax dosage and results

Provanax comes as capsules. You need to take 1-3 capsules two times a day. Drink plenty of water along with the capsules. This is the basic dosage for a steady and anxiety free mind. But as always, start at the lowest dose of 1 capsule per day or 1 capsule twice a day. This will show if you have any kind of discomfort with the capsules. Increase the dose only when the body is accustomed to the capsules.

Provanax can also be used as an instant stress reliever and anxiety remedy. In that case, take 3-6 capsules at a time for the instant relief. But make sure that you don’t take more than 6 capsules within a span of 24 hours.

The cycles

There is a cycle that you can follow. You take Provanax for 5 days continuous in a week and take the weekends off. This way you don’t overdose and are letting the receptors to renew itself.

Another cycle is taking the dosage for 3 weeks and then taking a complete week’s break.

Taking a break will enable the body to accustom to the dose and will also respond well to the dose, even if it is low.

The results

You can see the results almost instantly. Within 15 minutes of taking the capsules, you can see positive changes. Depression may take a little while of a few weeks; say 3 weeks, to start showing improvements.

Taking the capsules in more number during the evening would be ideal for those who have sleep disorders. The higher dose helps them get proper sleep at night.

Why choose Provanax?

Provanax contains the natural remedies to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. It can deal with depression and elevate the mood. It helps improve sleep and optimizes the neurotransmitters in the brain. All these qualities are never seen together in any of the popular natural remedies. They have only a few of these qualities and some have only one or two of these or single target remedies.

Provanax works holistic and provides broad spectrum benefits that are effective to the root cause to erase the problems. It does not artificially mask the problem and neither does it cause any side effects.

Provanax customer reviews

  • “Until recently, my life was in pieces that I lost almost everyone in my life. I was pushed into a deep depression. Provanax helped me revive my life. It has improved my mood and erased my nervousness. It took some time to get things sorted out but the end result was worth the try. Thank you very much!”
  • “I used Provanax to improve my mood qualities. It has surprisingly helped me with my concentration as well. I had difficulty memorizing little things in the life and the phone numbers. Now, I feel normal and human.”
  • Toni-“I am impressed with Provanax. I had real anxiety every day and I couldn’t handle the pressure at work. The tensed face and faster heart got a respite with the help of this product. Now, my emotions are under control, I cope better with the stress and mostly happy and at ease.”
  • “Stress, depression, and nervousness never let me sleep for more than 2 hours. The day I started taking Provanax, I slept for straight 6 hours and woke up with more energy in the morning.”

Pros & Cons


  • It works at the root level to make positive changes naturally.
  • Provanax addresses a variety of situations.
  • It contains no harsh chemicals or additives
  • It improves general wellness and cognitive health.


  • The price is not clearly shown by the makers.
  • It is available only from the manufacturers and from nowhere else.
  • The customer reviews are plenty but the clinical studies need more verification.

Buy Provanax

Provanax can be bought from the manufacturer. It is available only online but not available from the popular online stores like Amazon or eBay or at any other online stores for that matter.

Provanax is available in USA, UK, Australia and other international countries. It is shipped internationally.


Provanax is anti-anxiety or anti-depressant remedy but people have been using it for other purposes as well. It helps you get better sleep, elevated mood, better concentration, and memory. It excels in all of these fields. There is no question about its efficacy and you can easily try it to get a better and normal life, away from stress, anxiety, and depression.

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