Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that can be a real scar in the life. Though it is not contagious, leaving it untreated can spread it to other parts of the body. The major treatment methods have been steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs can leave long-term side effects in the body.

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Since psoriasis is an internal problem of the body, the solution should also come within. One of the effective methods that can ease the inflammation and that can bring the problem under control is sound therapy. The PSORA Soundscape from Biogetica is one such sound therapy for psoriasis.

Psora Soundscape

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About Psoriasis – Causes, Cure, Symptoms & Tests

It is an autoimmune condition where the immune system causing inflammations on the skin cells of the body. The faulty immune system can start multiplying the cells at a rapid state. The disease is usually visible as dry, scaly, reddish lesions on the skin. This can appear on any part of the body. It is popularly affecting skin on the legs, feet, hands, elbow, scalp, knees etc.

Use PSORA Soundscape with the other natural products. At Biogetica, you even get a chance to have a one-on-one with the doctor to see the right way of treatment. Make full use of it to get maximum results.

On the whole, it mostly occurs in the visible areas of the body leaving the person in pain, itchiness and embarrassing situations. The inflamed skin can be thick that can become dry and crackled. It makes the area itchy. Scratching can lead to small bruises and leave it bleeding as well.

Treatment for Psoriasis - PSORA Soundscape

There is always a triggering factor that causes this problem in the immune system. The conventional medicines are focusing on suppressing the immune system rather than dealing with the trigger that made the immunity to go overboard.

Biogetica has several products that can ease the condition. There are topical medications to ease the irritation of the skin, internal medicines to support the immune system and cleanse the liver as well.

One of the natural approaches for treating psoriasis is sound therapy. The PSORA Soundscape is this therapy used by Biogetica. It is useful as an additional treatment method along with the other medicines to cure this problem.


What is PSORA Soundscape?

PSORA Soundscape uses the psychoacoustic technology that uses the acoustics of the brain to influence the sub-conscious mind. It is a perfect compliment for the other treatment methods. The major benefits of PSORA Soundscape are,

  • Stress relief
  • Calming the mind
  • Relaxing the muscles

It is a file format that plays a particular music. There are 2 files that play individual music- one is wave sound and the other is an inaudible ultrasonic sound that can positively affect the brain.

How to use PSORA Soundscape

On purchase of PSORA Soundscape from Biogetica, you can see a download button in the right-hand corner while you checkout. Press this button to download the zip files. Unzip these files and you can play them separately whenever you want.

Both these sound are non-disturbing that you can play at any time, anywhere without disturbing the others. You don’t have to stay conscious of what you are listening to. The music can play in the background while you finish your work.

You can play the music personally at work, at home, while watching TV etc. You can easily play them while you go to sleep and throughout the night

One thing to note

While listening to the sound waves, make sure that you can listen to the messages that are playing. These are positive hidden ones that the brain needs to listen to.

When not to play

But you should NOT play them while driving the car, using any machinery or anywhere you need to stay alert and need to be reflexive. The reason behind is that the music of the PSORA Soundscape relaxes and calms the nerves and muscles. The body will not be in a position to show instant reflexes that can cause accidents or mishaps.

How long to use PSORA Soundscape

For best results, you need to use it for at least 30 days continuous. It is better used as a habit that can program the mind to be positive. The progress does occur quickly but needs time to sustain and make the brain accustomed to. So play it for 20 minutes minimum, every day for 30 days, at the least. After the first 30 days, you can use it semi-regularly, whenever you feel like.

How does PSORA Soundscape Work?

PSORA Soundscape works on the concept of sound waves and its ability to affect the brain. The two hemispheres of the brain can sync with these sound waves. These can bring the brain into a calmer state where it can send signals to the body to heal itself and not to create damage.

This is exactly what you need to cure psoriasis- the urge for the immune system to stop overreacting and stay calmer. These sound waves de-stress the body. Stress is one of the major triggers for all types of immune system.

Ordering PSORA Soundscape

PSORA Soundscape works better when used with other treatment methods. You can choose the conventional treatment method and add this one to the cart. For purchasing, go to Biogetica store, find the product, click on the purchase button, fill in the necessary details and do the payment. You can download the music instantly.

This can be used by anyone, not necessarily only the one with psoriasis. Since the major outcome is a calmer mind with relaxation, it suits everyone. You need not always play it with an earphone.

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PSORA Soundscape may not be 100% curing in what it is claiming to be. But it is definitely a way for the body and mind to calm down. A calmer mind and body can be a taboo these days. You can easily achieve this with the help of this sound wave technology.