Qardiobase 2 Wireless Smart Scale & Body Analyzer

The Qardio products are fit for the modern lifestyle. The readings taken by these devices are accurate to the core and you can have the correct values in front of you to make any necessary changes.

Qardio Inc is a company that makes heart health monitoring devices. These devices are made smarter to work in sync with compatible apps so that you can easily monitor, assess and have easier consultations with the doctor. It is also a great way to save money as these devices can be used by the doctor to assess the heart health of the patient, without having to undergo various tests.

Qardio heart health products

There are 3 Qardio products that help you monitor your blood pressure, weight management and ECG tracking. You can check your health all by yourself.

  • Qardioarm is the smart blood pressure monitor that you can wear on yourself
  • Qardiobase 2 is the smart wireless scale that accurately calculates your weight and other key factors.
  • Qardiocore is the wearable, medical grade ECG machine

These Qardio devices can be connected with the Qardio health app to get the readings, results, and analysis which you can show the doctor for your regular checkups.

Qardioarm Blood Pressure Monitor

Qardio smart blood pressure monitor is a small device that is the size of a large portable hard disk. The device is nothing but a cuff that you can attach to the arm. The dimensions of Qardioarm are 1.5 x 2.7 x 5.5 inches. The cuff circumference is 22-37 cm.

The device works on battery power. It needs 1.5V batteries of size AAA, 4 in number. The batteries are supplied with the product.

This device is portable and gets medically accurate readings of the blood pressure. The device is easy to use and can also be used to share the data with others, like your doctor.

  • The portable device can be carried anywhere and you can get your health checked regularly and more often as you please.
  • The device is available in multiple colors. The 4 choices are white, red, dark blue and beige.
  • The device must be paired with the Qardio app and you can see the readings and other details displayed on the app.
  • The Qardio wireless blood pressure monitor uses triple measurement average for the accuracy of the readings.
  • This is integrated with the Apple Health as well as the S Health for management purposes.
  • You can also set your timings for the routine readings and can share the results with your doctor, without going to visit him.

What can Qardio Qardioarm do?

Apart from monitoring the blood pressure, the Qardioarm can also detect the irregular heartbeat. The triple measurements make it accurate.

The results will be shown using graphs, charts and are interpreted for easy understanding. You can see the readings as low, normal, pre-hypertension, stage 1 hypertension and stage 3 hypertension, depicted in different colors.

The resultant data can be easily shared with the doctor as well as with your friends and family.

The Qardio heart health app uses geo-tracking. You can also add some notes, reminders and can also email the data to the doctor. This Qardio app is compatible with iOS, Androids, Kindle and Apple watch.

One of the unique features of the Qardio blood pressure app is that it shows the photo slideshow with some calming images. You can relax and check these photos while the blood pressure monitoring is done.

Qardio multiple users facility is another usefulness of this device. You can have this single device to check the heart health of multiple persons in your family. This device can be paired up with a maximum of 8 Smartphones so that individuals can use their Smartphone and this device to check their health.

Qardio blood pressure monitor review

Qardio Qardioarm is one of the types of blood pressure monitor devices that even the doctors recommend. Ageing people or those requiring continuous monitoring of their health would need something like this at home- monitoring devices to make their lives easier.

Majority of the users have the opinion that the readings are the same as any other expensive equipment used at the doctors’ clinics and hospitals. The Qardio app is a great boon for quick and easy reading.

One of the downsides mentioned in these Qardio wireless blood pressure monitor reviews is that the Qardio battery change needs to be done more frequently, especially if you are checking the blood pressure for more than 2-3 times a day. It also insists that you NOT use the rechargeable battery!

Qardioarm instructions

The Qardioarm user manual has Qardio instructions which come when you buy the product. The instructions are simple.

  • Download the Qardio health app
  • Open the app and turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Wrap the device around the arm
  • Choose Qardioarm, which turns the device on.
  • Click the start button to inflate the device. The results will be seen in the app.

Qardio Qardiobase 2 wireless smart scale

The Qardiobase smart scale is a wireless weight checking scale that tracks more than your weight. It works the same as any other weight scale. But here, you will be seeing more than the usual results.

The additional results that you will be getting from this weight scale would be your BMI, changes in the body composition with regards to the fat content, muscle, water and bone mass of your body. These are calculated automatically and you don’t need to do any kind of settings for the same.

  • The Qardiobase can be used not just for individuals but for the whole family. Once set up, the scale can detect each family member to show the relevant results, accurately.
  • The Qardiobase 2 has a Pregnancy Mode to help you track your weight during this period.
  • The Qardiobase is around the scale that measures to 13.4 inches in diameter and 0.9 inches in thickness. The weight of this scale is about 6.7 lbs.
  • You can set the weight measurements in Kg, Lbs or St modes. The feedback you will be getting is in the form of smileys.
  • Weight only safe mode can be used for those with pacemakers.
  • You stand on the device for a few seconds, you will be hearing a vibration that indicates that the measurement is done.
  • It works on battery power. The battery lasts for about 12 months.
  • Though you can see the results directly on the digital scale, the scale can also be connected to the Qardio app. You can see the BMI, fat content and more details on the app. The app will also help you store your target weight and help in the weight management.

Qardio smart scale review

Qardiobase comes with a 3-year warranty that is an extended version in comparison with other types. The reviews show that it is a reliable weight scale that most of the users have loved. The pairing with the app is what people loved about it. Another major score has been that the scale can have multiple users, as many as you want. There are no limits.

The details of each user will be stored in the Qardio cloud and is easily accessible on the app. The Qardio weight scale connects to the Wi-Fi at home and then to the app. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

In the various Qardio scale reviews people have stated it as motivating, state-of-the-art-scale, value for money, sophisticated and a great partner with the Qardioarm blood pressure monitor.

Qardio Qardiocore

The Qardiocore is also known as the Qardio ECG monitor, owing to its primary purpose. It basically works as the heart monitor to keep track of the heartbeat. Qardiocore is a wearable device that can be attached on to the chest. It takes continuous readings and sends it to the Qardio heart health app.

  • This Qardiocore wearable ECG EKG monitor can detect the heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature and heart rate variability along with the daily activity tracking.
  • The QardioCore wireless ECG monitor is clinically validated and can vouch for the accurate recordings. It also analyzes the recordings. It is simple to handle for everyday use.
  • The device is splash and rain resistant. It can be used for the health monitoring and also for the training performance.
  • The accurate and real-time data can be easily shared with the doctors and healthcare providers.
  • Though it can be used by everyone who has a chest size of 70-109 cm, it is not suitable for those with the sunken chest.
  • The size of the ECG monitor is 7.3 x 3.4 x 0.4 inches. It works on Lithium-ion polymer battery that is rechargeable. The battery can work continuously for a day with a full charge.
  • The Qardio ECG monitor uses the single channel at a frequency of 0.05- 40Hz. It can record about 600 samples per second.

The package contains

Qardiocore device, 3 chest straps, charging cable, quick guide and the user manual.

QardioCore works only with iOS app or with Bluetooth 4.0. It can work with iOS 10.0 or later and works well on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

QardioMD- Free platform for doctors

QardioMD is a free signup platform for the doctors to get access to the data of the patients who are using Qardio products for their health improvement. This helps them to easily get the data  sent to them. It is a way of the remote monitoring of the patients, in between the visits.

It reduces the routine visit counts drastically and the doctors can have all the data they need for evaluation.

This will also allow the doctor to bill the remote monitoring when the monitoring is done for more than 20 minutes for a patient.

How does QardioMD work?

The patients do their vital measurements at home and send it to the doctor.
When the doctor receives the data, the data will be prioritized according to the health state, so that he can easily attend to the critical patients first.

For the doctors, it will not reduce any revenue; instead, it helps them gain more with more number of patients opting for these systems or devices.

The QardioMD is connected to the QardioArm, QardioBase as well as to the QardioCore.

What you need to know about Qardio Support

Qardio Support works 24×7 to help you with any task regarding the devices. You can go to the support page online and then to the specific devices to check on issues. You may find various queries there that are already answered. If your problem happens to be among them, you have the solution right in front of you.

You can also find the various Qardio user manuals like the Qardioarm user manual, QardioBase user manual, QardioBase 2 user manual, and QardioCore user manuals there. To get these user manuals you need to submit a request that will be processed soon.

Currently, QardioArm and QardioBase 2 are on the market. The QardioCore is under pre-order and yet to be introduced into the market as of now. You can find various packages with these products that combine QardioArm and QardioBase 2. This offer comes with a black colored weight scale with an Arctic white colored arm cuff or visa-verse.

All the products are shipped free of cost. These products come with a 3-year warranty on all and have got a 60-day money back guarantee as well.

You can get a gift card from Qardio when you want to gift one of these devices to someone. These gift cards are delivered by email with instructions on how to redeem them when they check out. There is no additional processing fee on gift cards. The gift cards are available at the rates of $25, $50, $100 and $150.


Qardio products have come as a revolutionary trend that can change much of your perspective about medical checkups. Where you had to go a number of times to clear your doubts, much of those visits can be cut short with the help of devices like QardioArm and Qardiobase 2. You not only get the results instantly but can have them stored for future reference. You can now monitor your health on your own and send it to the doctor to see whether or not you are due for an immediate visit. It does not cost much for this one-time investment that can benefit more than one member of the family.