Gout is the inflammation of the joints in the hands and feet when the uric acid gets deposited in the joints. It is a type of arthritis which involves acute pain and swelling. This disease commonly occurs in males. But there are some women who experience gout or are prone to gout after their menopause. The presence of high amount of uric acid and genetics are considered two of the causes of Gout. Stress, alcohol, other medications, and foods can increase the level of uric acid in the body that makes your body more prone to gout attacks and gout flare-ups.

You will know you are being gout attacked when you get a tingling or itching feeling in the joint of your hands, feet, elbows, knees, wrists, ankles or ears. The joints feel stiff and sore during this period. A painful joint is another symptom that you are being attacked by gout.

Home Remedies for treating Gout are

  • Exercise – Exercising regularly is a good remedy for all types of diseases and disorders. For some people, it is very effective to even cure serious problems too. It is important to maintain a healthy weight and follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar is commonly used to treat many problems related to the head, stomach and other parts and it is also a good remedy for treating gout attacks. The vinegar of the apple cider has properties of acidity and anti-inflammatory activity. You can either mix and drink apple cider vinegar with honey or the mixture of apple cider vinegar with water to works. Drink the solution for about 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Ginger Root – Ginger or ginger root has anti-inflammatory compounds that are suitable for reducing the inflammation and swelling of the feet and hands. Ginger is very good for all the arthritic pain. You have to add one teaspoon of ginger powder or raw ginger pieces to a glass of water and stir well. Drink this solution every day to get relief from gout attacks sooner. For better and faster effect, drink it twice a day. You can also add fenugreek powder and turmeric powder to this solution for better effect.
  • Lemon Juice – The remedy solution requires 1 lemon, half teaspoon of baking soda and water. Squeeze out the juice from 1 lemon and add ½ teaspoon of baking soda to it. Mix it and let it sit for a while. Then add it to a cup of water and stir well. Drink this solution immediately for faster effects.
  • Cherries – Cherries may not be the only remedy to solve the problems of Gout but cherries are known to have low levels of uric acid that are known to reduce gout attacks. It should be mixed with other medications and treatments to get better results. However, eating around 15 to 20 cherries per day is advised by doctors for those suffering from Gout. You can include cherries in your breakfast for better effects. You can also drink cherry extracts for these problems.
  • Bananas – Bananas are high in potassium content which performs the function of converting the uric acid crystals into liquid flush for easier flushing it out of the body. It also contains Vitamin C that provides relief to swelling and pain. You can eat two bananas a day for faster effects.
  • Apples – Eating one apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps the gout attacks away. Apples contain malic acid that has the power to neutralize the uric acid content in the body and provides relief to gout attacks. Apple juices are also good for gout attacks.
  • Activated Charcoal – Activated charcoal can absorb the uric acid and is a safe remedy for treating gout. Mix one and a half cup of charcoal powder with water till it forms a paste and adds this paste to a tub. Soak your affected area in this paste for half an hour. You can also make a charcoal paste and directly apply it onto the affected skin.
  • Cold water – Placing your affected skin under cold water for some time will help to reduce the swelling of gout. Do this procedure many times a day for 10 to 15 minutes for faster and better results.
  • Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is not all for gout but also for other forms of arthritis. This is because of the magnesium content present in Epsom salt that makes it a good substance for lowering the blood pressure and improving the heart condition. Mix Epsom salt with warm water and soak it on the affected area. This will give a relief to the aches.
  • Coffees – Both the caffeine and decaffeinated coffee have lower uric acids levels and are very good for treating gout attacks. But for some people, this will have a reverse effect so ask a doctor before consuming coffee. It is advisable for the non-coffee drinkers to not start drinking coffee for gout treatment but it is safe for those who already drink coffee.

There are Vitamin C supplements available for reducing the levels of uric acid in your blood and eventually reducing the gout attacks. For the right dosage of Vitamin C take a medical advice.

Gout Remedy & Facts

Whatever medications or home remedies you follow for treating gout attacks; it is always recommended to consult with your doctor before you go forth taking any treatment. This is because the effect of the home remedies and medications for different people are different and you should know the right treatment that is more suitable and effective for your type of gout attack.

  • There are certain things you should avoid to stay away from being infected by gout.
  • Stop or limit the intake of alcohol and other drinks which contain fructose content.
  • Drink lots of water instead these drinks.
  • Foods rich in purines like red meat and organ meat are also likely to cause gout disease in a person.