Buy Renalis for kidney stone

Today, many people fail to intake sufficient amount of nutrients through diet alone. Renalis formulation is your primary natural remedy defense that helps refill the body with nutrients lacking from diet. Progressive Health’s Renalis is a unique blend of kidney supporting nutrients that promote reductions in urinary calcium levels and subsequent stone formation, while promoting kidney health and functioning.

Renalis Natural remedy assists you to achieve your current treatment goals while also help:

  • To ease the pain and tremor that accompanies stone passage
  • Support kidney health and function
  • Restrict future potential of stone formation.

Studies have shown that the ingredients in Renalis can effectively manage symptoms of kidney stone while preventing their formation. Apart from preventing the condition onset, Renalis may also assist in speedy recovery from damage caused by the passing of stones and or hematuria.

Renalis Promoting Kidney Health

Progressive Health’s Renalis is a unique blend of kidney supporting nutrients that promote reductions in urinary calcium levels and subsequent stone formation, while promoting kidney health and functioning. A completely herbal product, Renalis is void of any detrimental side effects.

Renalis Ingredients – A Brief

Renalis ingredient nutrients such as Hydrangea, Aloe Vera, Chanca Piedra, Magnesium citrate, and Vitamin B6 work synergistically ensuring nutritional adequacy. Thus, Renalis promotes urinary tract health by exerting an alkali loading effect, allows reductions of urinary calcium levels, and assists the passage of developed stones.

Hence, Renalis is the best option for maintaining kidney health and reducing your chance of stone formation.

Progressive Health Nutraceuticals is a private company established in 1997. The company possesses warehouses, manufacturing facilities in over 60000 sq ft area, and customer service call centers in the four separate USA states (California, Idaho, Ohio, and Michigan). Unlike traditional business, Progressive Health does not have typical problems of overhead and fixed costs so they can allocate more funds and resources into research and development to produce the supreme quality products. It offers several unique and quality products that targets varied health conditions. Its each formulation is designed to naturally help you manage your health condition. Renalis from Progressive Health is a natural remedy that helps you naturally pass your kidney stones and prevent its recurrence. This article discusses the details of Renalis natural remedy product. Prior to these details let’s have brief information about kidney stone.

Renalis & Kidney Stone

Nearly 12% of the US population will develop a kidney stone at some point in their lives. The person’s prevalence to kidney stone increases around 40 years of age, and chances of stone formation lasts till 70s. Men are far more likely than women to develop a kidney stone (80: 20).

What Is Kidney Stone?

A kidney stone also known as Renal Calculi or Nephrolithiasis is a solid mass of crystals. These crystals are minerals that split from the urine and build up on the inner kidney surfaces. The crystals are formed only when the normal balances of water, salts, and minerals available in the urine changes.

Also, there exist some chemicals in urine which usually prevent crystals formation. But for some unidentified reason, these chemicals do not work efficiently in everyone, resulting in kidney stone formation. In most individuals the kidney stone will naturally pass without ever knowing because the crystallization formation is very tiny structure which naturally passes through urine. The type of kidney stone you have usually depends on the chemical composition of urine and change in nutrient balance.

Renalis deals with diet related kidney stone formation. Diet is a significant factor to overall kidney functioning. The nutrients and ingredients contained in Renalis support healthy kidney function and can also discourage stone formation.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Majority times, the individual with kidney stone will not display any signs or symptoms unless the first primary symptom i.e. often the severe pain in the lower abdomen or on the back and side of the body where the kidney is located or may spread all through the groin region. This pain is because of the blockage of urine flow as the stone moves in the urinary tract. In addition, some people may display symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. The Secondary symptoms of kidney stone are blood in the urine, fever and chills and burning sensation while urinating. Renalis is a dietary supplement to help treating and preventing kidney stone.

Causes & Its Risk Factors Of Kidney Stone

There is no clear cause identified regarding the kidney stones formation. However, scientists have uncovered the potential causes and basic risk factors for the onset of this condition. They think it is the resultant of the super concentration of chemicals in the urine but it is yet to determine why this chemical balance in urine varies from person to person to know why actually kidney stones formation happens only in certain people. The several identified causes are:

  • Inactive lifestyle
  • High temperature locations and weather
  • Insufficient fluid intake leading to long term dehydration
  • Intake of excess uric acid
  • Certain type of medications
  • Too much intake of Vitamin C and D
  • Diet rich in fruits and vegetables containing high amounts of oxalates
  • Lower levels of citrate and/or magnesium

The few risk factors that contribute towards kidney stone formation are:

  • Heredity
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Certain metabolic disorders

Though the precise factors influencing kidney stone formation remains vague, it is well-known that balanced diet plays an important role. Perfect levels of hydration and nutritional sufficiency are both vital in preventing kidney stone formation and Renalis is perfect blend offering all these together.

Ingredients – Renalis

Renalis is a unique blend of properly studied and researched ingredients. The expert team of researchers from Progressive Health combines their experience and research on each ingredient to create simply the best quality product. Before manufacturing all raw materials undergo number of tests for checking any contaminants. Also, each ingredient is measured on precise scale to ensure accurate amount is included in the Renalis blend.

The ingredients contained in Renalis are

  • Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) – Hydrangea offers slight diuretic activity and since traditional times it is used to treat kidney stone and prevent its formation. A botanical formula including hydrangea was managed by a physician in some cases. This formula was used on patients in good health to assist with passage of calcium oxalate or phosphate stones which were no larger than 5mm in diameter. Renalis includes Hydrangea root extract 75mg.
  • Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) – Phyllanthus niruri, an herb with a long historical tradition in South America used for patients with kidney stones. The use of Phyllanthus is backed by scientific evidence. Study conducted on sixty-nine patients who were likely to form calcium kidney stones were administrated with Phyllanthus capsules for three months had shown reduction in urinary calcium levels when compared to placebo. Another study demonstrated an impending effect of Phyllanthus extract on calcium oxalate crystal growth and aggregation in human urine, signifying that it may interfere with the initial stages of stone formation. Research has also shown that the Phyllanthus niruri extract is not toxic to kidney cells. Renalis contains Chanca Piedra entire plant extract 350mg.

Other Ingredients – Some other Ingredients included in Renalis are Vegetarian Capsule
(Hypromellose), Magnesium Stearate and Rice Powder.

More Key ingredients

  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is well known for its laxative and wound healing effects. But, it is also useful in patients who are likely to form kidney stones. One of Aloe Vera’s component, emodin, has mild diuretic activity. Also, aloe tightly attaches to calcium and can rapidly reduce the growth rate of calcium crystals in the urine. Renalis includes Aloe Vera leaf extract 15mg.
  • Magnesium citrate – Magnesium citrate has added benefit against Magnesium as both components have exerting effects in patients likely to kidney stone formation. Magnesium improves the solubility of calcium in the urine and reduces its absorption leading to decreased formation of calcium oxalate (contributing to 90% of kidney stones). Citrate increases urinary magnesium citrate levels and decreases urinary oxalate. Patients with previous record of kidney stones should take Magnesium regularly to exert an alkali loading effect, thus reducing the chance of calculus formation. Patients with idiopathic calcium urolithiais (ICU) condition tend to have more acidic urine and low levels of free citrate, making magnesium citrate the perfect supplement for use in them. It is seen that magnesium citrate is most effective when taken with meals. Renalis contains Magnesium as Magnesium Citrate 250mg.
  • Vitamin B6 – The result of the study conducted on more than 85000 women showed that low levels of vitamin B6 are related with increased risk of developing kidney stones. It is suggested that large doses of Vitamin B6 may reduce the incidence of kidney stone formation. In some patients it has shown low levels of vitamin B6 lead to increased urinary levels of oxalate, resulting in stone formation. Supplementing this vitamin in adults also lowers the risk of recurring calcium-oxalate stone formation. Renalis includes Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCL 7.5 mg.

The serving content of Renalis

Serving Size – 3 Capsules



Servings Per Container – 30




Amount Per Serving

Daily Value

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL)

7.5 mg


Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate)

250 mg





Chanca Piedra Extract (Phyllanthus niruri) (entire plant)

350 mg


Hydrangea Extract (Hydrangea arborescens) (root)

75 mg


Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe barbadensis) (leaf)

15 mg





*Daily Value Not Established

Dosage – Renalis

Renalis is a dietary supplement that naturally helps pass your kidney stone. One bottle of Renalis contains 30 easy to swallow capsules. The daily dosage recommended for Renalis as a dietary supplement is to take 2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening with 8 oz. of water. The minimum recommended serving is 3 capsules per day and maximum serving can be 6 capsules in a day. It is suggested to use Renalis regularly and continuously for 45-60 days for optimum results.

Renalis is natural remedy kidney stone supplement that not only helps in treating current kidney stone but also helps preventing its recurrence.

Renalis side effects

  • To be honest, there have been no Renalis side effects reported so far. However, individual ingredients can trigger certain mild effects. For instance, Aloe vera is a product that can prove detrimental if taken at an extreme dosage internally.
  • If you are allergic to onion, tulips, garlic etc., then make sure you consult your medical practitioner before ingesting this medication. However, since Aloe vera is used at a proportionate amount in Renalis, you are absolutely fine.
  • But to be on the safe side, if you are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant, breastfeeding then make sure you consult your gynecologist.

Renalis from Progressive Health – Reviews

Support kidney health and prevent occurence of kidney stones by using Renalis from Progressive Health. With the rise in side effects by using prescription medicine, many people opt for herbal/homeopathic ways to naturally get rid of their conditions such as kidney stones or renalis stenosis and Renalis is one product that you can sure rely on.

Renalis General reviews

Renalis from Progressive Health seemed to have worked for many people. Some claim that they were having disturbing kidney stones that seem to suck out zest out of their life. Since the product is herbal, side effects are quite mild to none. After implementing Renalis in their life, they are feeling better. Few have even moved out to following a proper lifestyle along with Renalis and take that extra mile for a better living.

On the downside, Renalis seemed to have failed to live upto user’s expectations although the reviews are quite rare. Few moved from Renalis to Uriflow (another product) that claims to cut down the risk of kidney stones. Some tend to have mild side effects, but are only temporary and last only for the initial days till it gets adjusted with the body. This is one of the reasons why we suggest to consult your medical practitioner before ingesting any medicine.

However, overall many people are satisfied with Renalis and seem to have got profound relief from kidney stones which also benefits overall kidney health.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Renalis

Pros – Renalis

Here are few positive points that makes Renalis best for kidney support. Here are some of them.

  • Progressive Health is a complete USA based company making the products such as Renalis absolutely an USA product.
  • Team of researchers that hammer their brain to deliver you with the right product and conduct several clinical studies to inhibit any side effects.
  • Comprises a team of scientists, physicians, pharmacists etc. that strive to deliver the right product to benefit your overall.
  • Made under GMP facility and ensures top Quality Control and other specifications laid down by FDA and GMP.
  • Registered under BBB (Better Business Bureau) that ensures that the company is genuine.
  • A completely herbal product, Renalis is void of any detrimental side effects.
  • Cures any renal issues associated with kidney stone or eases the pain/spasm that occurs when the stone passes.
  • Best way to heal yourself without any conventional treatments that can burn a hole in your pocket while making you endure physical pain via surgeries, injections.
  • No hazardous side effects mostly seen in prescription med.
  • Renalis prevents recurrence of kidney stone thereby promoting a good kidney health.
  • Comes with money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Cons – Renalis

Though its rare, cons section have their share to speak.

  • Doesn’t treat the condition or disease – kidney stone and only cuts the risks of recurrence
    not approved by FDA.
  • Renalis delivers “rare and mild” side effects noticed especially if taken with prescription medication.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women must consult their medical practitioner before consumption
    takes it own time in giving desired results being a herbal product which requires a good amount of patience.
  • Since Renalis is herbal this means ordering more that can put a spin on the budget

People’s say about Renalis in their Renalis reviews

Renalis Review No.1

I was suffering from kidney stones for some years ago and had an attack last year. I was put on pain killers and was asked to drink lots of water. After a cat scan, it resulted in 5mm kidney stone. I was told that the only way to get rid is by shock wave therapy which will break the stones. To make long story short, the therapy was successful. However, my urologist told that chances of getting back kidney stones was more since it doesn’t fade away easily. I didn’t want it back in my life and was looking for a more natural remedy and while hunting fumbled on Renalis.

Its been more than a year and I had got myself checked. I was surprised to find that there are no instances or symptoms of stone formation. I am loving Renalis.”

Renalis Review No.2

“I don’t have any kidney stone right now but six months ago I was dealing with a small stone. Though I was given a pain reliever to get rid of the stones and pain, I had to deal with few side effects though. I didn’t want to go through another prescription medicine or painful kidney stones for that matter. I tried out Renalis and so far am doing great. I am going for a checkup next week so keeping my fingers crossed”.

Renalis Review No.3

“I didn’t have any effect after using this product. I have a genes where suffering with kidney stones are inevitable. After my friend suggested Renalis, I tried out the product. But even after proper consumption I felt a good pain in my abdomen area. The checkup showed that there was a 4mm stone floating around in my kidney. I am a person who follows a good health regime and exercise well. Now I don’t know whether it was in my genes or destiny, but somehow the condition came back and Renalis didn’t work as promised. I am now trying home remedies in the hope of getting a good cure”.

FAQ section

What is renalis stenosis?

Renalis stenosis or renal artery stenosis is narrowing of the renal artery. The underlying reason is atherosclerosis which mainly targets the blood flow to the kidney. If not treated at the right time can lead to high blood pressure levels, low blood flow to the kdiney that will lead to kidney failure.

Can anemia lead to renal failure?

Chronic kidney disease and anemia are somewhere related. When kidneys get damaged, they are unable to produce EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone which is essential for producing RBC. The result is less RBC which triggers anemia and the body is deprived of necessary oxygen. Lack of proper nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12, folic acid can also trigger anemia and renal failure.

How does adenocarcinoma renal work in the body?

Renal cell carcinoma is a type of kidney cancer that is caused by two reasons (a) unhealthy lifestyle and (b) genetic factor. It is of asymptomatic character making it difficult for the person to detect the condition at an early stage. Chemo, radiation are inevitable treatment methods to treat renal cell carcinoma.

Can renal colic be cured via Renalis?

The common cause of renal colic is undoubtedly kidney stones triggering the pain in the abdomen or sometimes in the groin area too. Sadly it is one of the strongest pain sensations known to humans. Though no permanent damage is caused by kidney stones the gut wrenching pain during the movement of stones can be difficult to endure. Renalis does NOT treat existing kidney stones but can ease the pain while dealing with it. Renalis also inhibits recurrence of kidney stones in the body.

Can renal diabetes be detrimental to health?

Often seen in people with type 2 diabetes, renal diabetes or diabetic kidney disease can be hazardous if not treated at the right time. The complication occurs when the kidney filters (glomeruli) get damaged. It leads to leaking of essential nutrients from the kidney such as albumin which is the main protein. Healthy kidneys have less albumin while damaged kidneys have more albumin in the urine which is one of the first signs to show that kidneys are getting damaged via diabetes.

Is internal use of Aloe Vera safe for health? Do they trigger any side effects?

Yes, Aloe vera consumption is absolutely safe and can be ingested provided you follow the dosage. Many people don’t follow proper dosage and end up getting side effects. Since Renalis is manufactured keeping in mind the right proportion and end results, you are safe to use Renalis.

How can renal fibroma affect the kidneys? Can it trigger kidney stones?

NO, kidney stones and renal fibroma are entirely different conditions though their main target is kidney (renal/urinary system). Renal medullary fibroma is a small tumor that is developed in the kidney. Tragically, it is another case of asymptomatic condition making it difficult to detect at an early stage.

What is Glomerular renal disease?

Glomerular renal disease can be threatening if not treated right away as it can lead to chronic kidney disease. Glomerular renal disease occurs when the glomeruli is damaged and lets out all the essential nutrients and proteins that are required for producing red blood cells such as albumin. It will also meddle with elimination of waste from the body which will result in building up in the blood. Some of the symptoms are hematuria, edema, albuminuria and more.