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Replens Long Lasting Vaginal Feminine Moisturizers & Reviews

Replens Long-Lasting Moisturizer supplements the body’s natural lubrication and it is truly long–lasting. It lasts for up to 3 days so you can be spontaneous whenever the spark ignites

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The Replens long lasting vaginal feminine moisturizer is a product that treats vaginal dryness. Gynecologists have long recommended Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers, as one of the most effective solutions for vaginal dryness. Replens is different from other lubricants or moisturizers due to many factors. One reason is that it contains a bio-adhesive that allows attaching to dry cells and delivering continuous moisture until those cells naturally regenerate. Read on to know more about Replens ingredients, features and Replens  reviews.

Replens Vaginal Moisturizer User Reviews & Ratings

Replens Moisturizer / Lubricant Reviews

The Replens reviews for long lasting feminine moisturizers are pretty good. Users have found a great relief from vaginal dryness and irritations by using this personal lubricant. Here are some of the customer reviews on Replens long lasting feminine vaginal moisturizer.

Carol says “You must try!!!”

“Before I purchase this product, I had to check the Replens reviews. It helps me decide better. So after proper research, I brought this Replens feminine long lasting vaginal moisturizer a few days ago. I have not been able to have some intimate time with my partner for some months. It was so dry and painful. But after a few days, I came across Replens long lasting feminine vaginal moisturizer. Now, I have a full-time fun with my partner. I was so impressed with the results. I recommend this product to all.

Replens Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizers

The Replens long lasting vaginal feminine moisturizer is a product that treats vaginal dryness. it contains a bio-adhesive allowing it to dry the complicated areas of the vagina. It also delivers continuous moisture until the cells are naturally regenerated.

Another Replens reviews say “ Excellent product”.

“I have been using Replens long lasting moisturizer for 2 months now and use the moisturizer 2-3 times a day. Let me admit that I have no more burning or itching around the vagina. Thanks to Replens Long lasting vaginal moisturizer.

Glory says “I certainly recommend this product. Not messy”

She says “my doctor recommended replens when I was suffering from vaginal dryness, due to menopause for over a month. After using for three days, I found great relief from vaginal itchiness and dryness. I thank the founder of Replens and my doctor, who recommended Replens for me.

Alice says “Works as advertised”

Alice’s words “I started using Replens feminine vaginal moisturizer about 4 weeks ago. Within the first 2-3 applications, I could find noticeable difference. I no longer experienced discharge and the product does help to keep things moist and young again. I have started applying the moisturizer twice a day.”

Positive Replens Reviews

Some of the positive reviews about the Replens vaginal moisturizer are given below.

  • There are several clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of Replens in treating vaginal dryness.
  • It’s easy to use and just needs to be applied every third days.
  • Replens moisturizer for vaginal dryness is affordable and provides a sample pack.
  • There are many positive Replens reviews on Replens moisturizer, from well-known magazines and independent product review websites.
  • Replens vaginal moisturizer is available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • It is also compatible with any condom. The moisturizer cream helps normalize natural secretions to treat vaginal dryness.
  • The Replens vaginal moisturizer cream offers long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Negative Replens Reviews

While every product comes with some pros and cons, the Replens also has some negatives.

  • Some people stated that the Replens vaginal moisturizer cream causes irritation because of the presence of glycerin.
  • There were some negative reviews on Replens vaginal moisturizer cream, saying that it didn’t show any results.
  • The Replens long lasting feminine vaginal moisturizer cream only treats vaginal dryness, which is one of the menopausal symptoms.Do not use it for treating all menopausal symptoms or vaginal infections.
  • There were some reviews wherein some users found a slight discharge or residue upon initial use.
  • The company does not provide money back guarantee. The product is also not available in certain countries.

Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizer Ingredients

Replens long lasting feminine vaginal moisturizer includes polycarbophil as the primary ingredient. Polycarbophil is acidic in nature. It allows the product to attach to the walls of the vagina. Other than polycarbophil, Replens feminine vaginal moisturizer contains glyceride, glycerin, carbomer homo-polymer type B, sodium hydroxide and sorbic acid. The problem is that the official website of Replens feminine long lasting vaginal moisturizer – Undercover condoms do not have much information on ingredients.

  • Polycarbophil: Most vaginal moisturizers come with this bio-adhesive ingredient polycarbophil. It helps to bind the vaginal lining to retain fluid to moisturize. The gel is acidic with a pH of 3, bringing the vaginal acidity back to the normal premenopausal range. The adhesive effect of polycarbophil can last for up to 3 days. Clinical studies by Nachtigall in 1994, found that Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizer can improve vaginal moisture, vaginal fluid volume and vaginal elasticity.
  • Gglyceride: glyceride in conjunction with other ingredients helps the Replens vaginal moisturizer to treat vaginal dryness. It provides hydration, thereby helping you perform a full night intercourse.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin, as we all know, is one of the popular medications for treating dryness, rough skin, and skin irritations. It is an active ingredient in all moisturizers, due to its moisturizing effect.
  • Carbomer homopolymer type B: this is one of the inactive ingredients in Replens feminine vaginal moisturizer. It is a key ingredient in the cosmetic industry in many beauty products. These compounds can absorb large amount of water.
  • Sodium hydroxide: For cleaning the vaginal infections.
  • Sorbic acid: an ingredient of Replens works as a preservative.

Are there any Replens long lasting feminine moisturizer side effects reported?

No. Replens does not cause any side effects. You can ask your doctor before using the product. Also, ask your doctor if the Replens long lasting feminine vaginal moisturizer cream helps with dryness symptoms like painful intimacy or discomfort.

Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers From Undercover Condoms – Company Profile

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Vaginal Drying & Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Formula– All That You Need To Know

As a person gets older, there can be physical changes occurring in the body. In the case of a woman who is near menopause, symptoms of menopause arrive. The menopausal symptoms include hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings and vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is a common problem among women. It can affect any women but is more common after the offset of menopause. Vaginal dryness can be treated with natural moisturizers or lubricants.

Natural lubrication occurs in the cervix (glands at the neck of the womb) to keep the vagina moist. The moisture moves slowly down through the vagina, keeping it clean and removing dead cells. The vaginal moisture is slightly acidic. It prevents vaginal infections like thrush and itching and keeps the area healthy. And so, it is quiet normal to notice a slight white vaginal discharge in women.

During sexual excitement, the Bartholin’s glands (two glands at the vagina entrance)produce extra moisture to aid sexual intercourse. But women aged 50-59 experience vaginal dryness problems during sex and 16% experience pain.

There are many ways, you can lubricate your vagina.

  • A water soluble starch based lubricant such as KY Jelly, are similar to natural lubrication. It can be applied around the area and vagina, just before you get engaged in sex.
  • There are vaginal moisturizers available online. These are often moisturizing creams that can be used two to three times a week. Therefore, they do not have to be applied directly before intercourse takes place.
  • Another solution for lubricating your vagina is to use petroleum-base products like Vaseline.

Symptoms Associated With Vaginal Dryness

Other vaginal symptoms that are commonly associated with vaginal dryness include vaginal itching, irritation, pain with sexual intercourse. The vaginal changes also lead to an increase in risk of vaginal infections.

In addition to vaginal symptoms, women may also experience other symptoms of menopausal transitions like night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, UTI, urinary incontinence, acne, memory problems and unnecessary hair growth.

What is Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers

Replens Long lasting feminine vaginal moisturizers are vaginal moisturizers that deliver long-lasting moisture with less mess. The Replens feminine vaginal moisturizers come with 8 pre-filled disposable applicators. The ultra-slim applicator will help supplement the body’s natural lubrication. The best thing about Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers is that it contains a bio-adhesive allowing it to dry the complicated areas of the vagina. It also delivers continuous moisture until the cells are naturally regenerated.

One reason why Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers is so popular among women is that the website offers a free sample of the product. You just need to sign up for the promotion and provide some details. They will send you a free sample, allowing you to try if the product is effective or not. Another reason why you should try Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers is that it has received many positive reviews.

Does Replens Long Lasting Feminine Vaginal Moisturizer Work?

Many of us are quite skeptical when buying products that are so sensitive. The question most frequently asked is, ‘Does Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizer work?  It has been proved that Replens moisturizer provides soothing moisture to the dry vaginal cells. This provides long-lasting hydration.

Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizer continues to deliver moisture for up to 3 days, helping to replenish moisture to dry vaginal cells.

As the cells of the vaginal wall regenerate, dry cells are eliminated naturally. Like when you apply moisturizer on your skin to prevent dryness, the same theory works here.

Replens is an excellent estrogen-free alternative to hormone treatment for vaginal dryness. The Replens long-lasting moisturizer is an excellent choice to bring back that spark. With Replens, you get an excellent chance of romance with your partner.

Reasons To Buy Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers

Do you know why Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizers is the best natural long lasting vaginal moisturizer for vaginal dryness? It is also estrogen-free.

  • Replens feminine vaginal moisturizer delivers moisture for up to 3 days. It allows you the freedom to be more erotic to enjoy your sex life.
  • Replens is a vaginal moisturizer that alleviates the symptoms of vaginal dryness. It provides soothing moisture to dry the vaginal cells and thereby delivers long-lasting hydration.
  • Replens long-lasting vaginal moisturizer allows the dry vaginal cells to regenerate and keeps the area moisturized until the cells regenerate. As a result, the vaginal area is now moisturized and hydrated.
  • Replens Vaginal moisturizer is FDA cleared. It is one of the most trusted long lasting vaginal moisturizers available online. Buy these safe and premium quality vaginal moisturizers from Undercover condoms website.

How to use Replens moisturizer /Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizer Cream Directions

For most women, apply Replens Vaginal moisturizing cream every three days. However, if you are having severe dryness apply it every alternate day. As the Replens moisturizer for vaginal dryness undergoes testing for safety, you can use them every day. Make sure to use it at your discretion. The cream should regularly be used and not just before sexual intercourse. Because the cream delivers long-lasting effect, it doesn’t need to be applied right before intercourse, provided you have a regular schedule for its application.The product comes as a cream with a single reusable applicator or there is also pre-filled applicators which are disposable but slightly more expensive.


Replens moisturizing cream has been an excellent female libido enhancer. It is worth buying to treat sexual problems due to vaginal dryness or menopausal symptoms. The product is also available at reasonable rates. On the other hand, there are products available for treating menopausal symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Replens long lasting vaginal moisturizer?

It’s a long lasting formula that comes with 8 pre-filled disposable applications. The Replens moisturizer for vaginal dryness is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms. It is estrogen and fragrance free. Replens vaginal moisturizer is perfect for menopausal women and new mothers. Women who have undergone chemotherapy or experience dryness due to medications can get benefited with Replens moisturizer.

Does Undercover condoms offer international shipping for Replens vaginal moisturizer?

Yes. The company offers international shipping, provided you can make orders for a maximum of 2 units.

How often should Replens long lasting vaginal moisturizer be used to see better results?

To see visible results, use Replens long lasting vaginal moisturizing cream, every three days. But if the severity of the dryness is more, use Replens frequently.

Is Replens safe to use? Can Replens long lasting vaginal moisturizer be used daily?

Yes, Replens vaginal moisturizer is safe to use. It is also safe to use Replens vaginal moisturizing cream daily.

Replens long lasting vaginal moisturizer Vs Replens silky smooth personal lubricant. What’s the difference between the two?

Replens long lasting vaginal moisturizer is used for treating vaginal dryness whereas Replens silky smooth lubricant is recommended for use during sex, because it does not dry out.

Can I use Replens vaginal moisturizer during my periods?

Replens is safe to use anytime. But some women may experience discharge if used during their period. It is best to resume the use after your flow completely stops.

Is Replens compatible with condoms?

Yes. Replens is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

Can I use Replens vaginal moisturizer for more intimate sex?

Yes. The Replens moisturizing cream replenishes your vaginal moisture, making intimacy more enjoyable. Since you don’t have to use it just before the intercourse, it won’t affect your intimate moment. Instead, Replens provide long lasting lubrication whenever the moment is right. If you are looking for that extra lubrication for smooth sex, try Replens Silky Smooth personal lubricant.

Can I use Replens long lasting vaginal moisturizer at night?

Replens can be used at any time- day or night. Replens works best when used on a regular schedule and not just before intercourse. The company recommends using Replens vaginal long lasting moisturizer at least 2 hours before intercourse. This allows proper moisturization.

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