Irregular bowel movement and irregularity in the texture of the stools is a common problems faced by dogs and the causes for this may be varied. A product available by PetAlive of Native Remedies for treating these issues is RuniPoo Relief. This is a natural remedy which constitutes herbal ingredients and are effective in promoting essential bowel functioning and allows for firm stool excretion.

RuniPoo Relief – The Ingredients

There are mainly two ingredients included in the RuniPoo Relief for Dog and both these ingredients are available in therapeutic dosages.

  • Plantain – Plantain or Plantago major is added in the RuniPoo Relief because of its property for providing better digestion and supporting the mucous membranes. This ingredient is high in fiber content that helps in the proper functioning of the bowel movement and for reducing constipation. It is also rich in vitamin that helps in promoting the proper functioning of the immunity system, decreasing homocystein levels, strokes and other disorders. The potassium content of this ingredient helps in maintaining a balanced blood pressure levels and controlling the heart rate. Plantains are also highly nutritional and are a great supplier of carbohydrates too.
  • Lady’s mantle – Lady’s mantle also known as Alchemilla vulgaris is an herb added in the RuniPoo Relief which is known for its astringent properties which helps in decreasing the secretions and providing for a firmer stool and bowel functioning in the dogs. It also contains a substance called tannins which has the property soothing the protective layer which is there on the digestive tract lining. This herb is good for dogs facing diarrhea, skin problems, sores, septic wounds and it also helps in promoting the vascular health of the dog. It has an astringent effect which is good for protecting the elastin fibers and provide for skin elasticity and collagen. It increasing the performance of the connective tissues too.

RuniPoo Relief For Digestive Support In Pets
RuniPoo Relief is used is for soothing the stomach and relieving any stomach aches. This is definitely a safe and effective product you can provide your dog.

RuniPoo Relief – The Dosage Level

Just like all the other products, the dosage levels of RuniPoo Relief is different for the dogs of different sizes. This is mainly because the requirements of the different sizes of dogs are varies. This supplement can be given to dogs of any ages and breed too. It comes in the form of a solution and these can be easily mixed along with the food or treat fed to the dogs. Add these drops into small amounts of food and make sure the dogs consume it.

  • For dogs who weigh less than 20 lbs requires 2 to 3 drops of the RuniPoo Relief.
  • For dogs who weigh between 20 to 50 lbs requires 5 drops of the RuniPoo Relief.
  • For dogs who weigh more than 50 lbs requires 0.25 ml of RuniPoo Relief.

All these doses should be given 2 to 3 times a day for better and effective results. For added effects on the dog’s health, you can accompany the usage of RuniPoo Relief along with the Digestive Support supplement provided by the PetAlive itself. It helps in promoting the overall health of the digestive and gastrointestinal systems.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before providing these medications to your dogs. This is must for those dogs who are either pregnant or in the nursing stage.