Okay, so the blood report says that you are having high cholesterol levels. Even if you are on borderline, that doesn’t excuse you from implementing a healthy lifestyle and a vigorous workout that will cut down your cholesterol levels.

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Get Rid Of That Bad LDL

Did you know that around 71 million adults suffer from high cholesterol levels and only one-third of them have it under control? For those who are not aware, cholesterol is number one killer that triggers heart disease, brain strokes etc. in people. It is also the main culprit (as studies show) in spreading of cancerous cells in body, increasing insulin resistance leading to diabetes etc.

Even statins medication come with their share of side effects including cardio diseases (probably an ironic condition since you are consuming statin to cut CVD).

Foods You Never Knew That Can Give HDL A Boost

However, there is certain secret, rather underestimated foods that you never knew can cut the bad cholesterol and boost the high ones.

  • Edamame: colored with vibrant green these soybeans not only deliver great taste but also has myriad health benefits. Rich in soluble fiber and isoflavones, they cut down cholesterol levels to a great extent. High in protein it makes a great snack eliminated sugary protein bars that are void of any benefits.
  • Oats: fuel your body by including as part of your daily breakfast routine. A whole grain in all ways, oats charges your body with its soluble fiber content. Consuming a bowl of oats mixed with powerful nuts and fruits has cholesterol reducing properties by 7% thanks to its high soluble fiber content.
  • Green tea: rich in antioxidants called catechins, green tea is much better than black tea. Though black tea lowers your cholesterol levels, they undergo fermentation process. This method can cut down the benefit. Indulge in green tea at least once a day for cutting cholesterol a good deal.
  • Beans: a versatile food for your recipes, beans are rich in soluble fiber that binds itself with the cholesterol for proper digestion. From black eyed peas to kidney beans or lentils to limas, they are natural foods to beat bad cholesterol and assist in proper weight loss.


Magnus The Little Known Secrets On How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally – 6 Amazing Foods That Can Boost Your Cholesterol

Other foods

  • Pears: while an apple can keep the doctor away [not the cute ones ;)], pectin-packed pears aren’t that bad either. The pectin content shoo-es away cholesterol from the body before it gets absorbed. For optimum fiber content, do not peel the skin. Simply wash and munch on. Even peaches, oranges and bananas are rich in fiber content.
  • Eggplant: not much of a fan myself and actually underestimated this veggie. But it seems eggplant has cholesterol reducing effects. They also carry a multitude of health benefits including curbing the spiking LDL levels. Few studies claim that eggplant can cut total cholesterol by 30% due to its fiber content.

To sum it up, apart from proper exercise routine, respect your body and ingest healthy foods to cut down health risks and assist in a better life forward.

Magnus The Little Known Secrets On How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally – 6 Amazing Foods That Can Boost Your Cholesterol

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