Children face a wide range of uneasiness and other discomforts regarding their sleep and other routine patterns. Parents should always keep an eye out for any symptoms which can point out any troubles faced by your children. One of the common symptoms found in kids are their night time disturbances and their trouble in going to sleep. This should be taken seriously as kids in their growing age’s needs proper sleep and rest for mental and physical growth. Serenite Jr is a medicine from the famous and efficient company ‘NativeRemedies’.

About  Native Remedies Serenite Jr

Serenite Jr is a medicine for helping kids in their sleep and also helps in settling the night time restlessness and the fussiness. Besides, Serenite Jr promotes healthy sleep in kids which is essential for their early growth. Serenite Jr is also useful in countering teeth related sleep disturbances. One of the highlighting factors is the non-addictive nature of the Serenite Jr along with the ease in administering the dosage. Equally, it can be taken by babies aging 6 months to regular youngsters. Serenite Jr is designed by the company’s clinical psychologist for helping parents to settle down their sleep deprived kids and also in settling kids with night time restlessness.

How to use Serenite Jr

Serenite Jr uses only natural herbal ingredients which makes it very safer and can be trusted with tiny tots. The medicine should be used along with a standard discipline and a regular time which should be suggested to your kids to tune their minds to a bed time which can make them sleep. The parents should maintain a harmony in the family to have that relaxing feel on your kids.

Serenite Jr Sleep Aid For Children

Serenite Jr is a medicine for helping kids in their sleep and also helps in settling the night time restlessness and the fussiness. Besides, Serenite Jr promotes healthy sleep in kids which is essential for their early growth. Serenite Jr uses only natural herbal ingredients which makes it very safer and can be trusted with tiny tots.

Some of the important points to be kept in mind

  • Night time activities should be kept under the radar and should be careful to avoid any stimulating activities which can affect the sleep of your kids.
  • Stimulant drinks should be avoided which can have a negative impact on the sleep of the kids. Stimulant drinks include anything with caffeine,, sugar, candies etc.
  • A firm routine should be established which makes your kids believe that a particular time is the bed time and as time progresses the kids will get used to the time. So along with the Serenite Jr kids can get that peaceful sleep which is very crucial for healthy growth of a child.
  • Kids who are afraid of dark should be provided with a dim light to make them comfortable and stimulating that sleep.

Serenite Jr is a completely natural remedy which can be used without any worries. Sleep is an important factor during the growth of a kid and ensuring that is one of the most important duties of a parent. Kids are not aware of the negative aspects of not going to sleep. Serenite Jr is a effective and natural medicine especially designed for the tender bodies of children.

Natural medicine

Serenite Jr is natural medicine form the house of NativeRemedies which specializes in the manufacturing of natural medicines using natural herbs and natural ingredients. Serenite Jr is used for curing the issues of sleeplessness in children. It helps in creating that sleep in your kids as sleep is an essential factor in the growing of a child. The usage of Serenite Jr should be according to the age of the children. Serenite Jr is taken in with small amounts of water or juice. This makes it easily digestible and an easy way of ingestion of the medicine for your medicines.

The directions suggested by the company are

  • 6 months- 11 months: The Company suggests a dosage of one drop before 15 minutes of bedtime. The dosage is small as the babies have comparatively less metabolism compared to higher aged kids.
  • 1 year- 8 years: The dosage suggested for this category is a drop equivalent to the age of the kid. For eg, a kid aged five should have 5 drops of Serenite Jr to have the desired effect. This should be taken before 15 minutes of bedtime
  • 9 years – 14 years: Kids in this category should be given 0.25 ml dosage which similar to other categories should be taken before 15 minutes of bedtime.

The effects of Serenite Jr is usually observed within 5 to 10 minutes as the system which uses is absorption through the digestive system which helps in bringing out the effects much faster. Serenite Jr also helps in overall health and functioning. One of the key and important factors which should be kept in mind is the period of usage and it should be kept consistent to get optimum results. It should be taken in the given format. Serenite Jr usually lasts for a period of 240 days or 8 months.

Serenite Jr is an all-natural medicine which only uses natural ingredients which makes it one of the safest in the respected category and can be taken by small babies also.

Native Remedies is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry of natural medicines and remedies. Native Remedies is known for its safe, effective and quality products. All the medicines by Native Remedies are formulated and tested by natural health experts and is also produced under high pharmaceutical standards within FDA and GMP registered facilities. Native Remedies use the finest quality herbs which is available to make the remedies. The manufacturing process uses the whole of the herb and not just a standardized extract is used this makes it easier to be digested by the system. Native Remedies dint use any animal products or any other artificial ingredients for the making of the remedies. Other highlighting information is that native Remedies does not involve in any animal testing of medicines.

Serenite Jr is one of the effective medicines developed by Native Remedies. The main ingredients of Serenite Jr are:

  • Chamomile ( Matricaria chamomilla) : Chamomilla is long known for its relaxing effects on the body of children and also the sleep assisting capabilities of Chamomile. This has been used by mothers of many generations to make their children go to sleep peacefully. They are also other proven effects of chamomile as it also helps in strengthening the nervous system and teeth of a child. It also helps in the increasing the performance of the digestive system.
  • Passion Flower ( Passiflora incarnate): Passion flower is known for its characteristics to create harmony in the nervous system which is very essential in the growing stages of a child.
  • Coffea: This is an element which helps in strengthening the sleep habit in a person. Kids who have trouble at night will be benefited from this remedy.
  • Cina: Cina is a supporting ingredient for helping in the digestion and facilitating calm nights.

The ingredients which are used are completely natural and do not include any artificial ingredients thereby reducing any side effects to the product. Serenite Jr is one of the best medicines for children and is perfectly formulated for gently reacting to the tender system of children.

Serenite Jr is a creation of Native Remedies which is a US based company which is entirely into the manufacturing of natural remedies under FDA and GMP certified facilities with completely specializes in formulating natural remedies. Native Remedies as off currently has 250 different medicines for various illnesses. Serenite Jr is one of their creations for promoting sleep patterns in children who has trouble in getting relaxing sleep. The Serenite Jr can be taken in through diluting it with any liquid. The product claims that it also helps in night time restlessness and also teeth related sleeplessness. One of the most attractive features is that it is not addictive in nature. The product is worth for any babies above 6 months old and is a special creation for faster absorption for small children and also to get faster results.

Ingredients of Serenite Jr

The ingredients of Serenite Jr are Coffea, Chamomile, Passion Flower and Cina which are all natural ingredients and natural ingredients don’t have any side effects but user should be careful about the dosage according to the age of the kids. Passion flower is known for its cure for insomnia which is a sleep related disorder. Studies have shown that taking passion flower have some benefits for sleep disorders. Chamomile is also an ingredient for curing insomnia and is known to be a quick relief for anxiety and stress. Coffea is a highly diluted coffee material which can cure children being ‘unreasonable’ at night. Cina also is a known cure for the sleep disorders in children.

Even though the creators do not state any side effects but chamomile has been known to have allergic effects on certain people suffering from hay fever. The dosage of Serenite Jr is according to the age of the child. Serenite Jr is another naturally pure product from Native Remedies and one of the most effective reported medicine is curing sleep disorders in children.

Serenite Jr has a 100 % natural ingredient combination which makes one of the best and effective medicines without any reported side effects. Serenite Jr is formulated for meeting the sleep disorders of children. The main ingredients of Serenite Jr are Passion Flower, Chamomile, Cina and Coffea which are completely natural. Serenite Jr comes from the huge family of Native Remedies who is one of the major producers of natural medicines.

Most of the people who use Serenite Jr are completely convinced by the effects of the remedy as it helps in curing the sleeping disorders of children of all ages. Sleep disorders are commonly found disorders in children which can affect the growth of a child. Most parents are happy with the performance of the drug and states that their little ones are having the sleep of their lives waking up fresh and refreshed. It also helps in increasing the growth of the child by providing good sleep which is a crucial factor in the physical growth of the children.

Any side effects for Serenite Jr?

Even though there are no noted side effects for the medicine, chances of allergy are there. Parents should be careful and be in a lookout for any early symptoms of allergy due to the components. It differs from people to people as the components have different reaction to different people.

Since the Serenite Jr only includes herbal natural ingredients, people are comfortable in using it without any worries. Serenite Jr is successful in reaching the parents who are worried about the sleeplessness of their kids as it can affect their children’s growth. Serenite Jr is the apt medicine for the children due to its natural composition and the absorption method which makes it easily digestible by children. Serenite Jr has quick effect on the sleep disorders of children due to this fast absorption technique.