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Hearing loss is part of ageing. Only the intensity may vary from person t person. As we age, the impact hits many parts of the body and one of them is our ears. The hearing loss is considered a crippling for most. While it had been incurable in the ancient times, we are blessed that we get different choices of hearing aids available in the market.

Among them is the Siemens Digital hearing aids that are available in different configurations to suit you or your loved ones. Not only are these Siemens digital hearing aids modern but also are available at affordable prices.

About hearing loss & Siemens Digital hearing aids

Hearing loss is the inability of the brain to detect the sound signals from the ears. It is mainly due to the degeneration of hair cells or the defect in the teeny-tiny bones inside the ears. Either way, it is a gradual process in the long term.

Siemens Two Channel Digital Lotus

This is a double channel heating aid that has improved sound quality and sound elimination. This Siemens Digital Hearing Aids is equipped with a high-quality amplifier that has 3 fitting controls.

A hearing aid is an electronic device that amplifies the sound that falls inside the ear to help those with hearing loss hear again. These hearing aids are of different kinds and the latest is the digital hearing aids that comes with some smart features.

One needs to visit an audiologist and have the tests done before getting a hearing aid. Hearing aids are available all over. You really need to explore it well before you purchase any.

You would also get quality products at cheaper rates from online than that from the retail shops. So explore to your heart’s content before zeroing in on to any of them.

The Siemens digital hearing aids of different kinds- single channel, double channel, for phone use etc. Here, you will see all about the different Siemens Digital hearing aids available from Hear-better.

Siemens Digital FUN SP (SEVERE - PROFOUND) Hearing Aid

  • Digital Sound Amplification
  • Low Background Noise
  • Ready-to-Wear hearing aid
  • Easy to adjust 


Siemens Digital Touching

Siemens Digital touching is the hearing aid for those who suffer moderate to severe hearing loss. This digital device controls the sound quality and reduces the noise to filter the sound that enters. A hearing aid with quality should be able to filter the sound to reduce the noise and the Siemens hearing aid is just capable of doing it, all the same.

  • This digital hearing aid provides very low sound distortion with the help of the digital signal processing chip
  • The microphone of the device can abate the background sound and lets you hear the voice of the person talking to you
  • It comes ready to use with no complicated assembly
  • It can fit into any ear, right or left and stays comfortable behind the ear.
  • The hearing mode sports a push button that lets you select the desired mode. There is also the volume button to adjust the sound volume.
  • The controls provide soft or loud sound as per settings
  • It is small in size and can resist moisture. It is not easily damaged by moisture and is quite useful during summer when you are most likely to sweat a lot
  • There is also the feedback elimination system that neutralizes the annoying feedback.
  • This digital hearing aid works on battery power and uses the small size 13 zinc battery.
  • The device comes with 3 ear tips of varying sizes to fit for anyone. There also are 2 sound cubes.

One year extended warranty Siemens Digital Touching

This is the Siemens Digital touching hearing aid that comes with the extended warranty for your benefit. What you benefit with this is the replacement of the device or the repair cost and a total coverage equivalent to the price of the product.

What are you getting?

You will be getting the Siemens Digital touching heating aid along with an extended warranty. You are eligible for replacement of the available parts within 5-6 business days.

The replacement covers anything from defective parts, repair work etc.

Even the accessories that are replaceable are included in this warranty coverage. Batteries, tubes, and ear buds are included under this.

Who is responsible for the warranty?

This warranty comes from the Hear-better. The parts that come under the manufacturer warranty, would be automatically replaced. For this, you need to stake a claim with the manufacturer. The replacement charge for these parts will be covered by Hear-better under this specific warranty.

In case the manufacturer does not oblige and refuse the replace, you would still get the device or part replaced with this warranty.

What is not covered?

Damaged goods are not covered. In case accident like water damage damages the device, dropped devices, missing parts etc are not covered by this warranty.

The replacement parts that are meant to replace over the period of use are also not covered under this policy. The batteries, tubes or the ear buds are not covered.

Siemens Digital FUN P

  • EASY to USE 
  • Resistant to Water  
  •  Low distortion of sound


Siemens Two Channel Digital Lotus

This is a double channel heating aid that has improved sound quality and sound elimination. The device is equipped with a high-quality amplifier that has 3 fitting controls. This is suitable for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. It can reduce the low distortion and is flexible to use.

  • The Siemens 2 channel Digital Lotus has the microphone Noise reduction feature that reduces the noise and other sounds.
  • It cancels the feedback which is mostly seen with the digital hearing aids
  • There are 2 channels for the sound to travel. This is beneficial in reducing the noise level and can filter out the speech clearly.
  • The device is compatible with the FM systems that are commonly used.
  • It has acoustic program change, volume control, and signaling for low battery
  • The battery compartment is lockable to secure the part inside.
  • The volume control has the Telecoil program switch control and the mixed mode program done on it.
  • The battery used here is size 13 A13.
  • The device has 3 trimmer fittings to adjust the sound and volume.


The 2 channel Digital Lotus comes ready use. Adjusting the volume control is all the adjustment that you need to do with this product. In case you needed better adjustment, there are 3 trimmer settings.

Battery life

The battery used here has a life of 25-30 days when used for longer periods of 16 hrs a day. It is an average life battery.

This is just a hearing aid and is not suitable to use for telephonic conversations as it causes echo, loud noise etc.

Siemens One Channel Digital Lotus 12P T-Coil (Phone Use)

Siemens one channel Digital Lotus 12P T-coil is specially made to be used for telephonic conversations. People who are working in offices and are in need to use the telephones more often can highly benefit with this hearing aid. It nulls the noise and loud noise from the phones and provides clear speech and sound for the users.

  • Digital Lotus 12P T-coil is a single channel hearing aid
  • It has 2 fitting controls with a completely digital amplifier
  • It is suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss
  • The features include the microphone noise reduction and feedback cancellation for reduce noise and echo.
  • It can provide the better sound output with low distortion.
  • It is easy and flexible to be used on both the ears.
  • There are 2 trimmers for this device.
  • There is a program adjustment as well as volume control. The volume control limit is also enabled to be used with low battery power.
  • The battery compartment is lockable. The battery used here is type 13 – A13 battery that has a life of about one month.
  • The Telecoil facility enables it to be used for telephonic conversations and to reduce the echo and noise level.

Siemens Digital Lotus SP (Super Powerful) Hearing Aid

This is a hearing aid that is suitable for the severe to profound hearing loss. The device is super powerful o catch the sound and amplify it enough for the person with profound hear loss. At the peak, it can produce the sound of 140 dB output.

  • This is a single channel device that can reduce the noise level and at the same time enhance the sound quality. It also provides the low sound distortion.
  • It has advanced feedback cancellation facility to get pure sound
  • The device uses 100% digital processing chip.
  • The device has got the T-coil to be used for phone use.
  • It can be used for hearing the FM audio input
  • It can abate the background noise and filter the speech sound
  • There are adjustable trimmers for fine tuning the device
  • The device is ready to use. It need not be programmed. Just adjust the volume control and you are done with the adjustment.
  • The make of the device is moisture resistant
  • It can be used on the left or right ear as per requirement.
  • The Digital Lotus SP uses a powerful battery- A675. The battery uses zinc in it. The battery can last for up to a month when used on 12 hr basis.

Siemens Two Channel Digital Lotus SP (Super Powerful) Hearing Aid

This is an advanced version of the Digital Lotus Sp with 2 channels for better sound quality. Once again, this is meant for the severe to profound hearing loss.

  • The device is compatible with the FM audio system
  • There is rocker volume control that reduces the damage and need for repair
  • It is made to resist moisture and is quite suitable for all weathers
  • The battery used here is larger sized- A675 zinc battery.
  • The pack contains only one device that can be used on the right ear or the left ear.
  • It controls the noise level and minimizes distortions.
  • It is equipped with 3 trimmers for better fine tuning.

The Review

Reviews show that the Siemens hearing aids are affordable price and people are getting the expected results. The products have all stood up to the mark with the quality of the sound and reduction in the noise as well. Where usually the hearing aids cost higher, the Siemens digital hearing aids are available at the lowest price, even for the highest quality ones.

The devices come ready to use and there is no need to program it again. All you need is a volume control and when needed, some fine tuning as per requirement.

Users have commented that they are now able to hear even whispers around them. The facility to use these hearing aids (a few of them only) for phone use has also made the value of these aids higher. In the digital world, you will have to rely on telephones to have some means of communication. Being not able to hear properly should not force you out of this necessity.

The longer ear tube and the flexibility to cut it short to the size is another high point of these products.
The lack of a replacement battery in the pack and the lack of 2 sets pack for people with the hearing problem in both the ears are the only downsides of Siemens Digital hearing aids.


Online shopping is one of the best options for hearing aids. The Siemens Digital hearing aids, that too, from the Hear-better offers higher quality and extra warranty for your money. If you are in need of one, get one from here sooner.


Siemens Digital FAST P

  • High Quality Sound Output
  • Fits either ear comfortably
  • Feedback elimination system 
  • Ready-To-Wear