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Does Silvercillin Liquid work? Reviews, Side effects

Silvercillin from Designs For Health is a patented form of colloidal silver. It creates a very tiny silver particle which can enter a red blood cell and travel through the smallest blood vessels in the body to inactivate viruses at the cellular level. It is effective to kill drug-resistant bacteria and inhibit viruses from duplicating. Keep reading to know full Silvercillin Reviews.

About Silvercillin Liquid

Silvercillin Liquid is a highly effective antimicrobial preparation comprising pure silver complexed with purified water. This product utilizes a SilverSol Technology. A breakthrough method which allows the production of a silver particle small enough to enter a single red blood cell‚ enable the silver to travel through capillaries‚ the tiniest blood vessels in the body‚ and inactivate viruses at the cellular level. Moreover, the term “sol” in SilverSol Technology, designates a mineral permanently distributed into the structure of water. Then, the silver becomes a permanent part of that water molecule which will not fall out of solution or suspension.

  • It contains 15 ppm of purified silver per serving.
  • In addition, it is non-toxic because 99% of the product ingested get cleared from the body in 24-hours and rest is cleared in 48 hours.
  • This is an incredibly powerful, non-toxic form of silver, with zero build-ups in the body, which does not cause argyria (blue man syndrome).

Designs For Health Silvercillin Liquid

It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial formula – capable of killing many pathogens‚ even those resistant to antibiotics.

Silvercillin is available as a liquid to take orally/ internally, a spray which is useful internally or externally and a gel useful for topical applications such as for infections, burns, abrasions and even acne. Silvercillin Liquid is not for topical use and intended for oral ingestion only. One bottle contains 16 Fl. oz (473 ml) of content, costing around $52.

Silvercillin Liquid Benefits

  • It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial formula – capable of killing many pathogens‚ even those resistant to antibiotics
  • Helpful internally and not- irritating to mucous membranes
  • It may be useful for infections of any kind
  • Anti-inflammatory capabilities (inflammation is often caused by bacteria‚ virus‚ or mold)
  • Does not encourage resistant microbial strains
  • Safe with antibiotics and may actually increase the effectiveness of specific antibiotics
  • Does not harm good bacteria
  • Promotes faster healing via stem cell stimulation
  • Non-toxic‚ even if used multiple times per day for weeks
  • No known side effects or contraindications and safe for all individuals
  • Provides immune system support

Silvercillin Liquid Mechanisms Of Action

  • Catalytic action – far more effective than chemical action
  • Viral disruption
  • Resonance frequency that kills mold‚ bacteria‚ etc.– same as air/water purifiers
  • Redox reaction & selective binding to pathogens
  • Stimulates stem cell production

Does Silvercillin Work?

Silvercillin does much more than chemical action. It works using a catalytic action. Silvercillin contains four atoms of oxygen and four atoms of silver (AG4O4). Here, one silver atom is missing three electrons while others have only one missing. The molecule tries to balance itself out, hence, a single, high-energy particle moves back and forth at high speed between the two atoms, which consequently give it catalytic capabilities. Thus, one electron destroys the bacteria (or another pathogen), while the other electron is being recharged. Therefore, this catalytic action allows the Silvercillin molecule to destroy over and over, repeatedly. As a result, it can destroy thousands of times more pathogens than colloidal or ionic silver, allowing it to be much more effective at much lower, safer concentrations.

Silvercillin Liquid Ingredients

  • This product contains Purified Silver 75 mcg and other Ingredient- purified water.
  • This is a Gluten Free and GMO-Free supplement with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification.

Silvercillin Liquid Dosage

As a dietary supplement‚ take 5 ml (approx. one teaspoon) orally per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. With serving size: 1 Teaspoon, this 16 Fl. oz bottle will provide 95 servings per Container.

Silvercillin How to Use?

  • For adults, take 1-2 teaspoons orally twice a day for maintenance. You can double the dose in more difficult acute conditions (for infections of any kind). For children who weigh 25-75 pounds take half the adult dose. Children less than 25 pounds should take one-third the normal adult dose.
  • Silvercillin Spray: 6 sprays orally one or more times daily.
  • Silvercillin Gel: Apply topically 2-3 times a day with a minimum contact time of 10 minutes per application for burns, abrasions or acne.


  • Store in a cool dry‚ place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • This is a natural product that may exhibit color and density variations from lot to lot

Silvercillin Side Effects

The pure silver in Silvercillin Liquid provides a complete host of health benefits‚ from killing drug-resistant bacterial strains to inhibiting viral replication as well as stimulating stem cell production. This product can safely use internally with no known side effects. The manufacturer claims there are no known side effects or contraindications and is safe for all individuals

Silvercillin Liquid Customer Reviews

This product has received impressive 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 30 reviewers. People are using this product for years and say is the best alternative to antibiotics. Many users found it helpful to prevent cold and bacteria and kept them healthy and off antibiotics. Read below what real users have to say about the product –

  • Margaret says this is a great natural antibiotic and it works very well.
  • Sandra uses this for an awful cold and it helps her lessen the severity and length. She loves this product as it is also useful when she feels a sinus infection coming on.
  • Amanda says it is an excellent antimicrobial/antibacterial and antifungal product. She and her family use it anytime for any ailment symptoms – strep throat, flu, cold, sore throat, wounds (to clean), etc. and the illnesses never fully materialize. She is using the Silvercillin products for a couple of years now.


This is must have product on your hand to help keep yourself and your family in good health, and avoid unsafe antibiotics.

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