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Get a single hair indexing test by Cellwellbeing from Biogetica. Check your health, deficiency, what to eat and what you are doing wrong with one single scientifically proven test.

Single Hair Indexing Test is probably one of the oldest techniques used to understand our body. Ever Wondered why our hair turns dry and lifeless when we are ill? Every single person will show signs of weak hair when their health is affected. People with high stress are known to have rapid hair loss and Gray hair. People who are not healthy and lack nutrition will have hair which is quite bland, lifeless and dry. On the contrary, a person’s hair is very healthy looking when they themselves are healthy. Our lifestyle and health affect our hair and by analyzing our hair we can come up with a range of information.

The Single hair indexing test goes into a cellular level of what is in the hair and how healthy it is and by determining how your health looks, can help you decide on what you have to do to change. Your hair can tell you everything from the vitamins you lack, the need for protein, the lack of certain enzymes in your body and a whole lot of things and this test can be used to do just that.

With Single Hair Indexing Tests from Biogetica You will be able to understand a lot of things. The test indicates the food you are eating which is wrong, The nutrition required, The air and water pollution affecting your health, the toxins in your body which require removal, chances of cancer and other health issues, the vitamins and minerals you lack. They also provide with the right course of diet you should continue for a period of time.

single hair testing is used for a range of other reasons. For instance, you could have a single hair test to find out what a person has gone through in the past 90 days. This would indicate the radioactive exposure, Drug usage, the diet and a lot more. this is a DNA test of your health and wellbeing with a single strand of hair.

The opportunities are limitless and what you could learn from one single strand of hair is really exciting. All you have to do is pluck 3 strands of hair from the root follicle (it’s always best if you have the roots on to give you the latest of the information which is current) and send it across to one of the laboratories for which the address will be provided on order. You will get an extensive report on what they find and when i mean extensive, you can expect a booklet. This is not a one page Blood report. Its really going to detail everything your body is going through at the moment and that’s pretty exhaustive in itself.

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