Healthy skin is an indication of a person’s health. Since it is both the primary defense mechanism and the largest organ of the body, caring for it should be utmost important. But not many people give importance to this organ. Skin or the epidermis shields the inner layers of the body against microbes and the UV rays from the sun. Any damage to this layer may cause adverse effects inside.

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SkinRenu and Face

Face is the most important part of a person that strikes anyone’s eyes. Any flaw on this part can reflect the impression of that person on others. A healthy glowing skin is everybody’s dream but the uneven skin tone; sagging, dry, old looking skin that has lost its glow is not much attractive. offers many products to rectify the facial skin to look healthy and glowing. The products available come under the following categories.

Intensive Serum-P for Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles

SkinRenu provide therapy intensive serums that are designed to help reduce dark circles under the eyes. It enhances skin tissue repair and help diminish the appearance of wrinkles under and around the eyes.

  • Skin Recovery products are to restore and revive the health of the skin. The products contain antioxidants and other essential bio-nutrients to provide the tissues to have better nutrition to look healthier. The products are cream, capsules etc.
  • Mask: The facial mask is to get rid of acne and to firm the skin. It helps to have a better skin with the enzyme complex that provides a collagen infused texture. It is washed off after sometime to discover a new, smooth, and revitalized glowing skin.
  • Uneven skin tone is a bother when there are freckles, blotches or acne parks or other scars on the face. Even when the skin on the other parts are healthy these patches makes look the skin dull and unhealthy. Each of the issue is dealt by each product. There are acne drying, antioxidant based crème, dark circles remover and bruise control product.
  • Firming: The aging skin loses its moisture and starts sagging. Or in some people who have dry skin tend to look older faster than others. The skin firming products are to tighten the skin and provide enough moisture for the skin to be healthy. The vitamins, antioxidants, and natural hydrants keeps the skin cells healthy for a longer period. The masks, gel, cream, serum and lip care products are included for the skin firming.
  • Facial Cleanser is a necessary to wash off the dirt and oil from the skin surface. This cleanser can clean the facial pores and keep it healthy with the nutrients and exfoliates and make the skin ready for any kind of skin treatments.
  • Moisturizing the skin is important for its elasticity. The dry and scaly skin is not only unhealthy but is also a reason for premature aging of the skin. Skinrenu offers moisturizers that nourish the skin to have soft and smooth skin. It also helps rebuild the damaged and dry skin to have glowing and beautiful looking skin.

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SkinRenu and Eyes

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive of all. It is this skin that shows all the wrinkles, fine lines, or puffiness. At Skinrenu there are products to reduce the dark circles, lines and wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.

  • Puffy Eyes are a by-product of less sleep and other stressed conditions. Skinrenu offers the non-surgical alternative for this problem and removes the fat and fluid from under the eyes. The crème, albumin supplement and the serum is the perfect partner for those who tend to have the puffy eyes more often.
  • The under eye serum reduces the dark circles around the eyes. It revitalizes and repairs the skin and reduces the wrinkles also.
  • The lines and wrinkles are more prominent around the eyes. The serum and creams can remove the age old lines and wrinkles and makes the face fresh and young.

SkinRenu and Anti-Aging products

They contain the nutrients to have the youthful skin and protects it against the pollution and other factors that can cause the skin aging. These products help people to age gracefully. There are diet supplements, skin restorative products, and preventive capsules, cream, and moisturizers that are collagen stimulant and hydrating ingredients to relax the muscles and prevent them from contracting.

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Skin type based products

They are important because not everyone’s skin is the same. Some have dry skin whereas others have dry and some people have normal skin that is neither dry nor oily.

  • Dry skin needs extra moisture and active lipids to smooth the dryness and soften the skin. The products include the lipid serum, firming mask, wrinkle prevention cream, antioxidant cream to repair and restore the skin, facial cleanser and the rejuvenating moisturizer.
  • Oily skin has the active sebaceous glands and the skin surface always have extra oil on it. It becomes sticky and can make way to dirt accumulation. This will cause acne, pimples, and other skin troubles. These type of skin needs the skin care regimen that can remove the oil and keep it away for a longer time. The products are acne drying lotion, beta inc mask, facial cleanser and defense crème.
  • Combination skin is the one that has both dry areas and oily areas. This type of skin needs daily cleansing and collagen building products that does not dehydrate the skin and can reverse the aging and remove the age spots.
  • Sensitive skin needs extra care and the skincare products should be effective and mild. The redness, dryness and the itchy nature of the skin can be revived with Skinrenu products. It includes the cleanser, wrinkle prevention cream, post peel recovery cream, and skin defense cream for protection.

Only the skin that is in the normal state can provide the perfect defense. Any flaw may cause negative effects of any kind. The skin care is not something that needs to do once a while. It should be a daily routine, day and night. There are products that are meant for daytime care and others for night care. Choose the products according to their purpose. The most important of all is to know what skin type one has. The wrong product on the skin type can be damaging. Know your skin and learn about the product before going to purchase and make sure to test the skin reactions before going in for the treat. And, choose the products according to the age as well, for better results.

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