SoClean Travel CPAP Reviews

SoClean is an easy to use device that automatically cleanses the CPAP equipment. The CPAP equipment which might be used on daily basis could be host for so many bacteria inside the mask as well as the tube. Cleaning each part of this equipment is a tedious process. SoClean minimizes those efforts and makes the CPAP cleaning a simple task.

SoClean uses no water or chemicals and neither does it require you to disassemble the equipment. It can clean the CPAP thoroughly by eliminating almost 99.9% of bacteria. All the work is done without using water. The device is safe and keeps the CPAP healthier to be used for as long as needed.

Features Of SoClean CPAP Cleaning Device

  • For starters, SoClean looks like a small travel box with a proper lid.
  • SoClean can accommodate the CPAP mask along with its tube. There is no need to disassemble. Disassembling is tiring and to do that every single day can be frustrating. This has been eliminated with SoClean. It can clean the entire mask without separating the parts.
  • It uses activated oxygen to kill the bacteria, virus, and other pathogens in the mask or the tube.
  • SoClean is a hands-free sanitization process that prevents the bacterial accumulation anywhere in the CPAP device.
  • Can be used for daily cleaning of CPAP.
  • It takes just a few minutes to clean and complete the process in 2 hours.

SoClean CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

SoClean works to kill the bacteria, virus, mold, and other pathogens by creating activated oxygen inside. SoClean uses no water or chemicals and neither does it require you to disassemble the equipment. It can clean the CPAP thoroughly by eliminating almost 99.9% of bacteria.

Other Features

  • SoClean provides a clean and hygiene CPAP device for every single day. You just have to remember to drop in the mask at this time so that you have a clean mask for the night, without having to do any hard labor.
  • There is a timer that can be set to run the device at a specified time every day. Simply drop in the mask at this time and close the lid.
  • There is also a SoClean 2Go that is smaller in size and is portable. This can be carried anywhere through any transportation to keep the CPAP clean, no matter where you are.
  • Both SoClean and SoClean 2 Go can be used for all kinds of PAP devices like CPAP, Bi-PAP, BPAP, and VPAP.
  • Nasal pillow, full or nasal masks and mouth masks can all be cleaned with SoClean.
  • The CPAP hose can be inserted from the left or the right for your convenience side of sleeping on the bed.
  • SoClean can be used for all masks whether or not it uses a humidifier.
  • SoClean works on AC power and the portable SoClean 2 Go works on battery power. The latter requires 8AA batteries to work automatic.

How Does SoClean Work?

SoClean works to kill the bacteria, virus, mold, and other pathogens by creating activated oxygen inside. The activated oxygen is one of the most powerful sanitizing agents. The life of the activated oxygen too short, around 2 hours maximum but in the mean time it can destroy all kinds of organic matter. It is this ability that has been utilized in SoClean and SoClean 2 Go to kill all kinds of pathogenic microbes to create a healthy and hygiene breathing tube for a peaceful sleep at night.

SoClean must be connected to the reservoir of the humidifier of CPAP machine. From there the connection goes through the mask and through that to the SoClean device. Once all the connections are done, switch on the device. The device will create activated oxygen molecules and they flood all through the mask, tube and then to the reservoir and runs in a loop for 7 whole minutes. During this time the entire interior of the mask and humidifier will be flooded with the lethal activated oxygen that kills all organic matter on its way.

After the 7 minutes, during which the oxygen concentration is maximum, the device switches off the activated oxygen supply. The created oxygen molecules will work on to kill the bacteria and viruses in the mask. It runs its course for another 2 hours. During this time the oxygen slowly loses its lethal capacity and turns back to normal breathable oxygen. After precisely, 2 hours and 7 minutes from the time it started working, the mask will be once again ready to use.

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SoClean sanitizes the mask that is in contact with the skin, the tube, water used for humidity and the interiors of the reservoir where the possibility of bacteria, virus or mold formation is more likely.

How To Use SoClean?

SoClean device can be used with a CPAP with water reservoir for humidification or one without it. If there is a humidifier, disconnect the CPAP tube and connect it directly to the reservoir.

There is a port at the bottom end of the water reservoir of humidifier. With one end of the CPAP hose connected to this reservoir, place the face or mouth mask directly into the SoClean. Take the hose through the port provided and close the lid.

The device can be pre-set with a time at 10 am or operate manually at anytime. You can also change the timer as per convenience.

Insert the CPAP hose from the left or the right side. The unused side can have a plug to close the groove provided for the hose to close the device tight.

The sanitizing time is 7 minutes and the device should be left undisturbed for another 2 hours to complete the process.

Light Indicators

Light indicators are provided depicting each stage of sanitization. The red light indicates that the activated oxygen is in full flow. Yellow light indicates that the device is currently running for the stipulated 2 hours resting time. Green light says the sanitization process is complete and the device can be opened to take the mask for its use.


Pre-cleaning the mask and tube is necessary. SoClean is only a sanitizing device it does not remove the dirt or dust. So, clean the CPAP equipment as instructed by the manufacturer.

SoClean 2 Go contain a pre-wash liquid that can be used for cleaning. Mix a little of the liquid in one gallon of water and wash every part of the mask and tube to remove all filth accumulation. Use the SoClean device after this initial cleaning for best results.

All the usage instruction and connections are provided with the manual in the SoClean product package.

Finally, once you take the mask out of the SoClean device to use, blow some clean air through the mask to remove any lingering smell of the activated oxygen in it. Not that it will be there, some people can detect the smallest amount as well. So blow the air for a good 15 seconds before use.

Importance of SoClean

Continuous positive airway pressure-CPAP is a sleeping aid that allows continuous flow of oxygen for the person. People with sleep apnea, a sudden stopping of breathing can have continuous oxygen supply with this equipment. Since the CPAP has a mask that is in close contact with the body, it can get contaminated. The tubes through which the air passes would also be vulnerable to contamination if you are not careful.

The CPAP equipment must be cleaned every single day and an elaborate cleaning is called for once a month. But all these cleaning cannot ensure complete sanitation or elimination of bacteria, mold and viruses. SoClean is the best solution to remove these pathogens.

The season of cold and flu can be harmful to the people who use CPAP as the device can be contaminated easily. It would need to be cleaned thoroughly, every single day which is no less than impossible and time consuming. SoClean does this job easily without any fuss.


Moreover, CPAP devices use a humidifier that provides a moist environment. This moist environment is a favorite place for bacteria like organisms and is most likely to grow in large. SoClean with its activated oxygen can kill every single one of that bacterium and create a healthy path for the breathable air for people suffering from sleep apnea and for those who rely on any PAP devices.

Even if you are an ardent cleaner and clean the CPAP device every day it may not be 100% clean. If you clean the device daily but yet suffer some kind of sickness or can feel a nasty smell through the device or have some kind of skin irritation, maybe it is time for you to get a SoClean sanitizer for your CPAP. The mold inside the hose or humidifier and the oil and dirt from the skin to the mask can cause these problems.

After all people use a CPAP device to get some sleep and is healthy. If these devices are being a main source of contamination they become a curse for those who use it. We don’t want that. So use a SoClean device to clean the PAP equipments for a healthy and sanitized air for breathing.

SoClean 2 Go Travelling CPAP Sanitizer

Travellign with CPAP is not easy. Travelling can bring more germs and the CPAP can be the number one host. Having a portable sanitizing device like a SoClean 2 Go will be a great help. The SoClean 2 comes with all that is necessary with battery to operate and a bag to carry it around. It is much needed for a few minutes cleaning of CPAP all through the trip. For those who use it, cleaning the CPAP is as important as cleaning themselves. It cleanses the device easily and effortlessly.

SoClean CPAP Machine Sanitizer Reviews by Customers

SoClean CPAP Reviews

The SoClean CPAP cleaner review by Juan shows a trick to save the rubber mask from getting burnt by the ozone hot spots. When the CPAP device is kept for cleaning, one must detach the mask from its harness to avoid the accumulation of the ozone in any particular area. This has been a complaint by a few users who had their masks damaged. According to Juan, there is no other cleaning device that can match the efficacy of SoClean CPAP cleaner.

The SoClean CPAP cleaner review by Dolan shows more than satisfactory result. He has been using The SoClean CPAP cleaner for 2 years now. Dolan hated to manually clean the CPAP every single time and found this CPAP cleaner highly convenient. He can just take the mask off his face and keep it for cleaning. It would be clean and ready to use for the next time. He assures there is no longer any musty smell in the mask. The smell that was inside the mask is only the smell of ozone that can be removed by running the CPAP machine for a few minutes before putting it on the face.

Faustina is another user who was recommended to use this SoClean CPAP machine sanitizer due to a long lasting cough after using the CPAP machine. Within a week’s use showed tremendous relief for her. She gets quality sleep and could rest as needed. Cough dissipated slowly but completely. She advices everyone, to listen to the manufacturer’s request, and buy a new hose and nasal cushion, for best results.

SoClean 2 CPAP Reviews

SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner machine is the same as SoClean travel CPAP cleaner. It is also called SoClean 2 Go. Majority of the customer reviews reveal the ease for carrying it along for trips. People who use a travel CPAP device often find it difficult to clean each and every part of their CPAP device difficult. This travel CPAP cleaner and sanitizer has come as a blessing them for all. Most of the users of travel CPAP reviews that the SoClean 2 Go fits fine inside the suitcase very easily.

  • Henry is happy that he no longer has to spend time in hand cleaning his travel CPAP device anymore. The mask is kept clean and sanitized when not in use and is ready to use within no time.
  • Barry uses a humidifier with the mask and found the travel CPAP device to be clean all the while. He bought this SoClean 2 Go and is pleasantly surprised to see no germs or odor in the mask any longer.
  • Alan and his wife are CPAP users and they find this travel CPAP cleaner highly convenient for both of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it mean that using SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer spares me from cleaning my CPAP device anymore?

No, SoClean is basically a sanitizer. You still need to clean the device, mask, and tube everyday to get best results with the SoClean sanitizer.

Can I use SoClean or SoClean 2 Go with all types of masks?

Yes, you may use both SoClean and SoClean 2 Go with all types of masks, with or without humidifiers. If there is a humidifier, the connection is slightly different that’s all. You might need an adapter for some.

Why do I need an adapter?

Each CPAP is different. Though SoClean can sanitize every one of them, it might need an adapter to connect to the cleaner. The adapter is especially needed for the heated hoses. The adapters for the popular CPAP devices are available. Check its availability before you purchase the SoClean.

Do I need any spare parts for the SoClean CPAP cleaner?

Yes, it has a filter inside that filters the germs and other impurities. The life of this filter is 6 months in both SOClean and SoClean 2 Go. The filter and cartridge are available for purchase so you can have them replaced regularly.

How sooner can I use the mask once it is sanitized by SoClean device?

The cleaning works in 7 minutes and sanitization goes on for 2 hours. After 7 minutes the device automatically shits down but stays in the sanitization mode for another 2 hours. so the sooer you can use the device is 2 hours 10 minutes maximum.

What all parts does this device clean?

SoClean cleanses the face mask, nose and head gear, water chamber, water and the hose of the CPAP device.

How does the SoClean work, on battery or wall plug?

The SoClean works on electric power from the wall plug. The SoClean 2 Go works on battery- 8 AA batteries in number.

How many cycles can I run with a single set of batteries for the SoClean 2 Go?

A single set of batteries in SoClean 2 Go can run as many as 7-8 cycles before it needs replacement.