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Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD

Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD Powder & Constipation

Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD is a dietary supplement. The primary use of Colostrum-LD is to cure leaky gut syndrome. Colostrum is clinically proven to be the best weapon against the most virulent pathogens.It can cure diarrhea in an AIDS patient suffering in the last stage.

Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD is a dietary supplement that contains the most powerful food or medicine that any mammal can have. Colostrum is the first food that we and the animals taste. It is the first liquid food coming out of the mammary glands of all mammals. The amount of this liquid stays on for up to 72 hours after birth. The effects of this food last lifelong that offers natural immune strengthening for the growing infant. It is an essential element in the life of a living being that determines its later health and immunity. This is mainly used to cure leaky gut syndrome.

Colostrum-LD and leaky gut syndrome

Colostrum contains a high amount of immunoglobulins and other immune factors. Colostrum heals the leaky gut of the babies gradually and seals it. The same effects are used to cure the leaky gut syndrome in adults also. Since the nature and composition of colostrums are the same in all mammals, this formulation with colostrum, could be used by all. Though it is meant for the infants, even adults can get its benefits by using it properly.

Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD uses a special mechanism to preserve this colostrum and makes it powerful enough to have easy absorption and get curative properties.

In the early time, this colostrum was present in the raw cow’s milk but the pasteurization has removed this from the daily dairy products. This has brought problems in the optimal health of many. This Colostrum-LD uses the most bioavailable colostrums.

Benefits of using Colostrum-LD

Leaky Gut Syndrome

The primary use of Colostrum-LD is to cure leaky gut syndrome. The body needs immunoglobulins to fill the ‘hole’ in the gut, which the colostrum can do just fine. Since the leaky gut could be an opening to a chronic disease that is hiding behind, curing it, in the beginning, is best. Colostrum-LD contains pure colostrum that not only heals the problem but also strengthens the immune system to stay put and fight that threatening disease.

Fight infectious diseases

Colostrum is clinically proven to be the best weapon against the most virulent pathogens. It is 3 times powerful than even vaccination. It can cure diarrhea in an AIDS patient suffering in the last stage.

Immune modulator

Our immune system is complex and it needs a constant referee called immune modulators. Colostrum is one of the natural immune modulators that balances the immune response and prevent many autoimmune diseases as well. Whether it is asthma, allergy, or even diabetes, they could not fight against it.

Growth stimulator

The primary job of colostrum is to help the growing child. It provides the needed immune strengthening and offers the growth regulation as well. It helps the body in regenerating the systems. This benefits of athletes, elderly and even children to grow or preserve their body.

Other benefits

  • It can lower the blood pressure
  • The tissue regeneration capability of colostrum could be used as an anti-ageing agent.
  • It improves the gastrointestinal health.
  • It helps suppress the body’s hyper-reactivity to the external environmental factors that leads to allergies
  • Colostrum improves the natural killer cell activity
  • It helps with muscle recovery, strengthen the muscles, increase stamina, and speed up the recovery process of the body after any injury.
  • It can help with fat metabolism and maintains healthy blood glucose level

Why choose Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD?

There are other colostrum supplements other than this Colostrum-LD. The reason why you should have this instead of other brand is that only the Colostrum-LD has been clinically proven to have better bioavailability.
Moreover, it has 30% immunoglobulins, enough amounts of lactoferrin and growth factors along with the most powerful bio-component in it- the PRPs.

Colostrum-LD has the liposomal delivery system, where the active components are encapsulated. The encapsulated components survive the digestion and can stay in its original form to deliver the benefits.

The other factors that are in favor of Colostrum-LD are that it does not oxidize while in storage and that it can even take part in the DNA or RNS repair mechanism.

Colostrum-LD capsules

Colostrum-LD capsules contain the concentrated Bovine colostrum and phospholipids that make up 480mg. there is no other ingredient in these capsules. The bovine colostrum is the closest to that of humans. It is bio-identical and has the same effects. The only difference is that the Bovine colostrum is much more powerful than human colostrum. Colostrum-LD makes full use of this fact.

Colostrum-LD is also available in powdered form. There is no difference at all in the composition except that the capsules are capsules and the Colostrum-LD powder is in powdered form that needs to be mixed in water. It is available as Colostrum-LD powder 16oz packs.

The capsules are available in bottles that have 120 capsules. Each bottle offers 60 servings of 2 capsules dose.

How much

The dosage is 2 capsules per day. This is the minimal dosage to maintain the health. For a compromised health with issues like the digestive problem, allergies, cold, flu etc, one may need to take 4 capsules per day. The principle is simple if you don’t see any positive results; you are not taking enough of Colostrum-LD.

Colostrum has a life of 16 hours in the system and that is the reason for 2 capsules for better results. When you have got constant normal health, you can even reduce the dose.

For who

Colostrum-LD is suitable for all adults and even children. Children above the age of 12 can take 1 capsule once or twice a day to improve their health.

It is even useful for the pets. The dosage for pets is 1 capsule given once or twice a day. You can open the capsules and mix the contents in their drink or food.

Safety and precautions of Colostrum-LD


The capsules are completely safe. Colostrum-LD is not a drug or medicine, it is a type of food that we supplement the body with. It is safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic as well. It causes no drug interactions so that you can use it with any kind of treatment or medication.

Colostrum-LD Side effects

Although there are no such thing as side effects for Colostrum-LD, the first time users could show something like a detox experience. They may have flu like symptoms with nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, cough with phlegm etc. These are termed as Herxheimer reactions that allow the body to get rid of the toxins. These reactions are normal that fades with continued usage.

Furthermore, these reactions are not common. It happens for only one in 5 of the new users. It happens when the colostrum kills the pathogen sin the gut. These pathogens release toxins that cause diarrhea or other problems. Under these conditions, all you need to do is to stick to the basic ‘1-capsule per day’ dose until the symptoms are relieved. When you feel you can take more, start taking 2 capsules and so on.

Colostrum-LD reviews

Lisa is a recent customer of Colostrum-LD capsules. She claims she got positive results within 3 days of usage. She managed to fight some illnesses, got rid of the pain in the connective tissue and got her health completely back on track, within 7 months.

Dr. Mike switched to Colostrum-LD for his patients. He finds it a lot more effective than that of other brands. He now prescribes it for the inflammatory bowel diseases and the diseases that are caused by a strain in the immunity.

Tracy managed to get rid of her seasonal allergies with these capsules. She finds her digestion to be healthier and has stayed healthy for a while now.

Where to buy Colostrum-LD

Colostrum-LD is widely available in many online stores like Amazon, eBay etc. It is available across the world in countries like Australia, UK, USA, Canada etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store Colostrum-LD?

Colostrum-LD could be stored at room temperature but definitely away from any heat source or sunlight. Refrigeration is not compulsory but you may refrigerate it if you want. It is even safe in the freezer, though freezing does not change anything.

Can I use Colostrum-LD for Candida infection?

Definitely, in fact, Colostrum is one of the most powerful factors that can fight this fungus.

What is the proper time to take Colostrum-LD capsules?

Colostrum-LD works best when taken on an empty stomach. An ideal time is first thing in the morning and at least one hour before bed. When taking the evening dose make sure that it is 2 hours after the last meal of the day.

Can I take it with my morning coffee?

No, the heat kills the potency of the Colostrum and should not be taken with any hot beverage. Moreover, the additions like milk, cream, or sugar in the tea or coffee are also not good with colostrum. If you are taking a plain coffee or tea at room temperature, it is fine; otherwise, it is not a very good idea.

How safe is Colostrum-LD with other medications?

It is totally safe. There are NO drug interactions with ANY medications or supplements. Additionally, Colostrum can increase the absorption of these medications as it improves the small intestine’s ability in absorbing them. Still, you should discuss it with the doctor and see if you need any dosage adjustment or not.

I am pregnant; can I take Colostrum-LD?

Colostrum-LD is considered safe for one and all. It could also be beneficial for you and the fetus during childbirth. It is a lot safer after childbirth. During pregnancy, it is the doctor’s call.

Can Colostrum-LD heal the skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, wounds, scrapes etc?

Yes, colostrum can speed up the healing process of the skin ad help with the tissue regeneration. You can even sprinkle some Colostrum-LD powder over the affected areas.

When can I start taking Probiotics for the total recovery from leaky gut?

As much as the probiotics benefit the digestive system and healing in the recovery of the gut, probiotics and Colostrum-LD team up should wait until you are completely relieved from the leaky gut problem. The antibodies produced by the body with the help of colostrum could destroy these beneficial bacteria also. So the ideal time you can start taking probiotics, along with Colostrum-LD would be 6 weeks.

Who can take Colostrum-LD?

People who are fighting infections, infectious diseases or degenerative diseases, those who are wanting better energy, stamina, and strength, those fighting injuries to the muscles or skin, for stress reduction, better mental and emotional health and even the babies who are not breastfed.

Which is better, Colostrum-LD capsules or Colostrum-LD powder?

Colostrum-LD capsules and the powder are the same. The only difference is in their time to be effective. The effects of the Colostrum-LD powder starts faster than that of the capsules. The powder could work from the mouth by eliminating the bad bacteria and then goes to the other parts. The capsules start its work only when it reaches the small intestine. Not that the capsules have compromised effects, they are late in comparison with the powder.

The choice between capsules and powder is entirely up to the user. Effectively, both are good and the same.


Sovereign Colostrum-LD indeed contains the bioavailable form of colostrum. The liposomal delivery system ensures that the different peptides, cytokinins, PRPs and other factors in it, do not get destroyed by the stomach acid. You can use it with no fear and feel completely safe and healthy. If you are in need of a supplement to improve your health, the Colostrum-LD is definitely the one.

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