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SpectraZyme Metagest is a digestive health support supplement for daily use. The active ingredients in SpectraZyme Metagest are betaine HCL and pepsin enzyme. These two ingredients together make sure that even the toughest of food item are broken down and digested well for better absorption into the blood.
SpectraZyme Metagest is a digestive health support supplement for daily use. This carefully formulated dietary supplement will help with indigestion and normalize the digestion process. Digestion is the core of our health and for a better health, nutritional absorption is essential.

The digestion in many people is faulty, making the nutrient absorption difficult and deteriorates their health. This will help revive the digestive health and promote good digestion and supports the body well. This SpectraZyme Metagest supplement will restore the stomach acid and promote the production of pepsin enzymes to digest the tough dietary molecules.

What are the health benefits of using SpectraZyme Metagest?

All health benefits of SpectraZyme Metagest are related to digestion and the diseases that are arising mostly due to incomplete digestion.

  • The gastro-intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, stomach ulcer, chronic hives, indigestion, heartburn, gastro-esophageal reflux disease etc will be relieved
  • Acne and other skin disorders will also be relived. Incomplete digestion and lack of stomach acid will promote the growth of harmful bacteria and other micro organisms, causing these disorders. With the help of betaine HCL they will be got rid off.
  • Relief from formation of the gallstones.
  • SpectraZyme Metagest improves mineral and vitamin absorption.
  • Proper digestion will reduce food sensitivities.
  • Support healthy functioning of the thyroids.
  • Reduces liver toxicity caused by drugs.
  • Prevents hardening of the arteries
  • Reduce Candida and yeast infections.
  • SpectraZyme Metagest helps the elderly people who have less digestive enzyme production. It balances the stomach acid deficiency in them and promotes better health.

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Ingredients in SpectraZyme Metagest

The active ingredients in SpectraZyme Metagest are betaine HCL and pepsin enzyme. The betaine HCL is the organic compound found in beets, spinach etc. This compound can revive the stomach acid deficiency that leads to incomplete digestion and other health issues. The presence of pepsin enzyme will also boost the protein digestion and promote better nutrient absorption. It contains 650 mg of betaine HCL and 45 mg of pepsin in each capsule. These two ingredients together make sure that even the toughest of food item are broken down and digested well for better absorption into the blood.

The other inactive ingredients are –

  • Stearic acid,
  • Cellulose,
  • Microcrystalline cellulose,
  • Magnesium stearate, silica.
  • For the coating there are deionized water, carrageenan, polyethylene glycol and microsrystalline cellulose.

Usage directions for SpectraZyme Metagest

The recommended dosage of SpectraZyme Metagest is 2 capsules with each meal.

For the first day, take only one capsule with the meal and see how your stomach responds to it. If there is any irritation like burning sensation, during, before or after taking this Metagenics Supplement, it indicates that the stomach has over production of the digestive acid and you are better not to use it. If there are no irritations, take 2 capsules the next day and continue to use so. If there are irritations with 2 capsules, then stick to just one capsule per meal.

SpectraZyme Metagest must be taken for a few weeks to make the stomach get used to it and start making changes to have more stomach acid produced for digestion. When the stomach is fully capable of producing the stomach acid without the triggers you may stop using this supplement.

People who take less protein do not need higher dose of SpectraZyme Metagest. It is mostly the protein that needs more stomach acid to digest them. When there is less protein, stomach acid is also needed lesser. So adjust the dosage according to the diet style.

When to stop using SpectraZyme Metagest?

The SpectraZyme Metagest is recommended for use for a few weeks. When you experience a burning sensation after a few weeks of use, reduce the dosage, and monitor the changes. Then again, if the current dosage is bothering then reduce it further to one capsule per meal. If that itself is hurting, you may stop taking this supplement completely. Your stomach is now fully capable of producing enough stomach acid for digestion and does not need an aid anymore.

How does SpectraZyme Metagest work?

SpectraZyme Metagest contains the betaine HCL which is absorbed by the digestive tract with the help of enterocytes. These enterocytes are later circulated to liver where the betaine HCL is retrieved and extracted. It is later passed on to small intestine where it is converted into betaine. Here it creates a favorable environment for healthy digestion. As major part of the digestion and nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine, the presence of betaine in its useful form will improve the process. Meanwhile the pepsin will breakdown the protein molecules into peptides and allows other protelolytic enzymes to work on them.[amazon_link asins=’B00ZY1G59K,B000M4CD2C,B0059526IK,B00OVMTTFK,B004GLCX2M’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’s01f_magnus-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b6d6645f-23d5-11e8-b45f-7b57a62a4710′]

What are the side effects of taking SpectraZyme Metagest?

There are no known side effects for SpectraZyme Metagest. The only thing to note is if there is a burning sensation after taking the capsules. Pregnant ladies and nursing women should not take this Metagenics Supplement for the safety of the babies.

People who have a prior history of peptic or duodenal ulcer should not take SpectraZyme Metagest. There are no additives added that can cause allergy or other discomforts.

What are the other measures to ensure proper digestive health along with SpectraZyme Metagest?

Eating properly and chewing thoroughly should be the first step. Chewing breaks down the food into smaller pieces that helps the stomach to work less. This helps the stomach to digest more before the food reaches the small intestine. So the course is,

  • Chew thoroughly
  • Take smaller meals at a time and increase the number of meals.
  • Take lots of raw and fresh fruits and vegetables that can trigger the digestive enzyme production.
  • Get rid of processed and refined food items
  • Take probiotics like yogurt in the meals or between the meals.
  • Remember to take SpectraZyme Metagest BEFORE the meals and not after it.