Snorenot is a snoring aid that uses a soft suction technique to gently hold the tongue forward. It clears the airway and prevents snoring. Those who have been struggling with snoring or people who find it difficult to adjust to their partner’s snoring can get benefited with this snorenot device. Here, in this article, we shall be covering about the effects of snoring and how snorenot can help in prevent snoring.

Facts About Snoring

It is irritating and disturbing when your partner snores in the night. It may not cause any problem to the person who snores, but it may be so noisy, that the other person would wake up from his/her sleep. Yes, snoring can stop other people from sleeping. This in turn can affect your relationship. Studies have found that many lifestyle factors, cause snoring. To determine whether snoring is affecting your sleep, you should consult your doctor. Snoring in the night can make you feel tired in the daytime or upset other people while they are sleeping.

Snoring is not an intentional process. It makes a deadly sound as you breathe, while you are asleep. Many people snore sometimes, if you have cold, or drink alcohol. Habitual snoring can be quiet or extremely loud.

Reasons Why People Snore?

There is no single cause for snoring. It is more likely to have a problem which causes a blockage in your nose, mouth or throat.

  • If you have an allergy that gives you extra mucus and congestion in your nose, you are likely to snore.
  • An unusually shaped mouth, nose or jaw can cause snoring.
  • Studies have found that people who have an enlarged thyroid gland are likely to snore.
  • Other than the above conditions, you can snore if you are overweight, smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, take medications and sleep on your back.

What Can I Do To Stop Snoring?

There are lots of remedies available for stopping or preventing snoring. There is no one single treatment that will work for snoring. While treatment will work for you, it may depend on the cause of your snoring. Another option to prevent snoring is to use snoring aids or devices. These include ear plugs, nasal strips, vestibular guard, acupressure ring, mandibular advancement device etc. It is one such snoring device that helps to naturally stop your snoring.

Snorenot To Stop Snoring

With snorenot, you can stop snoring, without the risk of jaw pain or teeth shifting. It is a clinically proven solution that comes with a money back guarantee. Snorenot gently holds the tongue forward. The bulb at the end of the device uses gentle suction to attach to the tongue. The one size fits all makes the device a hit. It is made of soft, BPA-free medical grade silicone that helps you sleep quietly.


It is a clinically proven natural treatment to stop snoring. The device does not cause any jaw pain or teeth shifting. It helps you sleep quietly.

Unlike other devices, Snorenot snoring solution is an inexpensive and effective way to to stop snoring quickly. You don’t have to worry anymore about the jaw pain or teeth shifting. There are no painful side effects from Snorenot. It effectively opens the nasal passages that are congested or blocked. It minimizes the flow of oxygen to help you wake up with a fresh breeze of energy. Snorenot stop snoring kit will stop you from snoring. In case, you are not satisfied with the results, the company refunds your money.

Does Snorenot Really Work To Stop Snoring?

The device is clinically tested to be effective. It’s an all-natural way to stop snoring. It improves your sleep without the risk of jaw pain or teeth shifting. When you snore, the tongue and soft pellet relax into the throat and restrict the airflow. The air moving this soft tissue causes the sound of snoring. When you are using this device, the tongue is held in a forward position, preventing the tongue and soft pellet from blocking the airway. Using this device eliminates the vibrations we know as snoring.

How To Use Snorenot Anti-Snoring Device?

The device is made out of soft, BPA-free and medical grade silicon. This makes you feel comfortable in your mouth. It works by gently suctioning your tongue in the desired position. When the tongue is resting, facing the front part of your mouth, the airflow remains unobstructed and thus snoring is prevented.

It is impossible to control the position of your tongue, while sleeping. That’s why devices like Snorenot works for you. It is easy to use and fits to all. The first few days might make you feel uncomfortable. But on regular usage, you might feel better. Users of the product report absolute comfort without any jaw soreness or teeth re-positioning.

Also, Snorenot comes in a handy anti-snoring kit, in addition to the tongue retaining device. It also contains two nasal dilators. The two snoring aids can be used simultaneously used or you can just use the tongue device alone. Nasal dilators are also useful for those who don’t snore unless they have a cold or flu.

Snorenot Customer Reviews

For those who are looking for consumer reviews, you might be excited to go through the reviews. Here are few of them.

Positive Reviews – What Are The Pros?

  • When tested Snorenot for reviews, it was found that it did not cause any jaw pain or teeth shifting.
  • The device came with nasal dilators. These are useful for snorers who have a nasal blockage and airway obstruction. Nasal dilators are also useful for people who don’t snore unless they have a flu or cold.
  • It comes in a comforting style, that doesn’t make you feel uneasy, while sleeping. This allows free movement of tongue.
  • THis device  comes in just one size that fits to all. Its discreet style gently holds the tongue forward.

Negative Reviews – What Are The Cons?

  • It may take some time to get used to.
  • It does not allow mouth breathing.


Elliott Jones says “I prefer Snorenot for those who snore. This is because; it actually works than other anti-snoring devices available on the market. It protects my teeth and jaw. My jaw and mouth are never sore and my snoring has reduced a lot. I would give a 5-star rating to this product.”

LeShonda says “I recently started snoring a lot. I wanted to get some serious help, and that’s how I came across Snorenot. Now I can’t even imagine a night without it. I found it difficult to use during the initial days. But then I easily got used to. Now, I even forget that it’s there. I sometimes use the nasal dilators that come along with this device. I use them when I have flu or cold. Thanks to Snorenot. I like to give 5-stars.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Snorenot device last? How long can I use it as an anti snoring aid?

Snorenot usually lasts for 2 years, depending on how much you use them and how you care them. After this, you will have to buy another one.

Does the device come with money back guarantee?

Yes, the company offers 30 day money back guarantee. So make sure to return within 30 days from the date of purchase.

What all can I expect to get with this stop snoring kit?

The mouthpiece made of soft, smooth medical grade silicon, a nasal dilator, 2 durable storage cases and sleeping guide with step-by-step instructions.

Can I purchase the device if I reside outside US?

Yes. the product is available for worldwide shipping.

From where to buy Snorenot?

You can buy Snorenot from their official website –

Are there customer reviews of this device on Amazon?

No, though the product is available on amazon, unfortunately, there are no Snorenot customer reviews on amazon.

Is it safe to use this device?

Snorenot is one of the fastest growing doctor recommended home remedy for preventing snoring. It has gained thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.