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It all starts with a Kiwi fruit!!! Sylk USA is the only company that offers natural lubricant derived from New Zealand kiwi fruit plant extract. For those who are trying to get intimate, this is as good as it gets. This article is completely devoted to the water based natural lubricant of USA – Sylk Lubricant USA. Read on to know more about this product.

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Sylk USA Natural Lubricant Customer Reviews & User Ratings

Sylk USA for women has received positive customer reviews. The non-irritating factor is its best feature. The product is absolutely smooth and assists in healthier sexual life.

It does not leave any stains and is absolutely non-sticky. Unlike greasy products that can cause a mess, users benefit more with less dosage of Sylk USA. Few users in their Sylk lubricant reviews claimed an increase in libido after using the product. Women who were dealing with sensitive skin or UTIs never found any health issue with Sylk USA. Sylk personal lubricant reviews have got 4.7 out of 5 star ratings in amazon.

Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer

Sylk USA personal lubricant

Sylk USA is the only company in USA that offers natural lubricant that is derived from New Zealand kiwi fruit plant extract. It contains only natural ingredients that do not have any side effects.

Josh – May 4, 2016

“I am quite particular about what ingredients are in just about everything. I was quite surprised about the harmful ingredients that go in lubrication. Sylk has none of those contents and performs better than others. Just added this product to the list of staples in home.”

Amara Charles – April, 21, 2016

“I love Sylk because I wanted only natural product inside the body. It feels absolutely wonderful. As I get older I have noticed that I am becoming way more sensitive than I used to be. So I need something I feel comfortable and absolutely safe. Sylk is here to stay with me.”

LS – April 12, 2016

“I have tried several products and Sylk is by far the best I have seen. It is a natural, clean and effective lubricant. As we age the body changes and Sylk gives that easy carefree feel of youth.”More Details »

Sylk Lubricant Ingredients

Sylk USA ingredients include all natural products. They contain polysaccharides that are extracted from kiwi fruit. It is basically a thin film like lubricant which is similar to what the body produces. Products also include potassium sorbate (PS) that has antibacterial properties. It also works as a natural preservative that prolongs the shelf life of Sylk USA. PS is a natural component occurring in veggies and fruits. Sylk USA uses such natural preservatives including citric acid, sodium citrate that not only optimizes the pH level of your lubricant but also maintains its potency for a prolonged period.

Sylk USA is a natural moisturizing water based lubricant. Unlike many products in the market, it doesn’t stick to your body or leave any stain. It is absolutely odorless, safe and enables healthy sex life.

Other ingredients include

  • Aqua (Deionized water)
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Citrus Grandis (grapefruit seed extract)

Vaginal lubricants are classified as Class II Medical Devices by FDA. This means that every product must go through strict testing before deemed safe and effective for consumer use. The company has completed all the protocols successfully and is an FDA cleared Class II Medical product. The best part of Sylk USA you do not need a prescription to purchase this product.More Details »

Sylk USA Personal Lubricant Side Effects

There have no reports of any Sylk lubricant side effects. The natural ingredients moisturize the body while matching the secretions perfectly. Many women who are going through pregnancy and menopause go through vaginal dryness.

Whatever be the case, Sylk USA supports you in bad times. However, there are a lot of features that are conjoined with a product – such as texture, fragrance, pH level, effect etc. Though a relatively new product when compared to older ones, Sylk USA has got a good fan following. People who are practicing vegans or those allergic to gluten can cherish using the product. In fact, the product is so natural that your body will automatically respond to it easily.

Sylk USA discount codes or coupon codes

Sylk USA discount codes are available at various websites. The company itself gives 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING for every order. All you have to do is punch in the Sylk coupon code – 20FREESHIP. You only have to pay the discounted amount during the payment process.

SylkUSA Lubricant / Sylk Vaginal Lubricant– Intro

Sylk lubricant USA was initially started in New Zealand during the 1980s. Soon it was launched in Australia and UK. With the rise in positive responses from users and medical professionals equally, it was launched in USA.

Sylk Vaginal Lubricant is derived from kiwi fruit plant extract. New Zealand is the third largest producer of kiwi in the global arena. The climate of New Zealand and volcanic activities makes it the perfect place for agricultural adventures.

Not many are aware till now but this ingredient is a wonderful support system for getting intimate. Unlike other chemical products in the market, Sylk USA is absolutely odorless, non-greasy and non-sticky. It does not leave any stain keeping you and your surroundings clean.

Why Should You Buy Sylk USA?

Inhibits side effects by going the natural way. This is what Sylk USA wants to shout to their customers. The dedicated team chooses to make people “aware” of what exactly they are using on their bodies.

Did You Know That Women Are More Likely To Call For Medical Help Than Men?

It is because many sexual health needs such as contraception, pregnancy, using vaginal lubricants etc. call for frequent visits to doctor. As women age, various health issues affect women as well.

Sexual lubricants have a great role to enhance her pleasure as well. While it is essential to keep your sexual life active, it is equally important to play it safe. Respect and care for your body by using natural and healthy lubricants as far as possible.

Many lubricants include paraben and petroleum content that can increase the risk of breast cancer and affect the normal functions of the body. This is because they can easily pass through the vaginal receptive mucous membranes. The vulva easily absorbs the ingredients straight to your body. Think about the hazardous causes on your health.

Sylk USA is committed to delivering you the natural lubricant possible. Natural ingredients such as polysaccharides, potassium sorbate etc. give you best benefits possible without any side effects.

Sylk in USA was relatively new for some. But within a short span, it has received immense response from users. People are realizing the detrimental effects of using chemical products and want to indulge in natural products as far as possible.

Does Sylk USA Really Work?

Yes, Sylk USA really works and there are reviews that prove the fact correct. Your age doesn’t matter. Users who have been using vaginal lubricants claim that they have found utmost satisfaction post Sylk USA usage. It also gives them a peace of mind that Sylk USA comes with only natural components unlike contents such as glycerin or propylene glycol. Such contents can trigger can cause burning sensation or tissue irritation in women.

Using natural lubricants not only keeps you fit but also heightens the pleasure as well, says study.

The all natural ingredients of Sylk USA keeps your vaginal area clean without triggering any friction or irritation in your body. It does not contain any artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or any harsh chemicals. This product does not contain any parabens or animal products thus suitable for women of any age. It naturally moisturizes the skin while replicating body’s natural lubricant production.

Sylk USA is compatible with latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms. The company offers a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

The product has been recommended by many health professionals for its natural background and safety measures.

If you are skeptical about choosing SylkUSA, you can order a sample before making the order. Simply request for Sylk lubricant free sample online. NOTE that this offer is currently available only for UK customers.

Sylk Lubricant Applicator

Sylk lubricant applicator is quite easy and convenient to use. This intimate moisturizer is available for single use only. Available in 5ml tube, you will find 7 single use applicators in a velvet drawstring bag. The bag makes it easy to carry your necessary accessories along with the applicator.

A mess-free solution, these sylk single use applicators can be easily stored in your handbag. It is one of the discreet method of using vaginal moisturizers.

How to use Sylk Applicator?

  • Take the applicator out of the box and remove the nozzle tip.
  • Hold the wide end and turn it upside down.
  • You can choose your comfortable position – stand, sit or lie down to insert the applicator.
  • Squeeze gently.
  • Insert the narrow end into the vagina. Squeeze gently a few more times.
  • Gently remove the applicator and discard them right away.

Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer  Magnus Sylk USA Natural Lubricant & Moisturizer

Note that Sylk applicator is currently available only in the UK.

Sylk vs Replens – Product Comparison

More Details »

Sylk USA

It is a product that is made using all natural ingredients. The product has been classified under Class II Medical Devices by FDA. It contains kiwi fruit extract plant that works as a natural lubricant. It eases the vaginal dryness and enables smooth function. The product can be used by young or elderly women. It is available without a prescription. The product offers 30 day money back guarantee in case not satisfied.

Till now, there have been no reports of any side effects post usage of the product.
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Replens is a vaginal lubricant that is available online and over the counter as well. The product is a market leader when it comes to soothing vaginal dryness. However, over recent times, the product has failed because of its ingredient – paraben. Glycerin, mineral oil, methylparaben, sodium hydroxide, sorbic acid are a few of the ingredients of replens. Following the risk of paraben content, Replens have received a hit from users challenging its safety. The product does not come with any money back guarantee which worsens the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Sylk Natural lubricant better than Boots vaginal moisturizer?

Sylk contains an all natural formula. It contains only natural ingredients that do not have any side effects. Boots vaginal lubricant, on the contrary, contains propylene glycol. Though it is deemed unharming and is available only in small amounts, people with sensitive skin may experience itching or burning sensation. The natural ingredients of Sylk are in all ways considered safe and harmless for your body.
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Can I use Sylk Natural lubricant while trying for pregnancy?

While Sylk will not harm you, it is best advised to AVOID ANY LUBRICANT while trying to conceive. Usually, vagina is acidic. But when you ovulate the pH level of vagina changes to 7. This neutral state helps in conception. But when you use lubricants, the pH level can change and affect sperm movement. Hence it is wise to avoid any lubricants while trying to have a baby.
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I want to become a Sylk lubricant stockists? What should I do?

If you are interested in becoming a Sylk distributor, make sure to contact Sylk customer care on how to go ahead.
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Is Sylk lubricant available at CVS or Walgreens?

Th product is available in CVS but they are not available in Walgreens.
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Where to buy Sylk natural personal lubricant?

Click on the below link to buy Sylk personal lubricant from the original website.
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Is Sylk lubricant available in Superdrug or Amazon?

No, but there are other websites such as Amazon where you can find Sylk at an affordable price.
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Can you use Sylk every day?

Yes, Sylk is gentle and harmless on your body. Just like you take care of your skin every day, Sylk ensures that your vagina is in good health.
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Last Word

Sylk USA is an excellent product for vaginal dryness. It also assists women during menopause. A natural lubricant for getting intimate, this product keeps your vagina in good health at all times. Derived from kiwi fruit, Sylk replicates body’s own production and is suitable for women of all ages. The price is quite affordable for a natural product that actually delivers.

The company provides a FREE SHIPPING as well for order over $34. If you are a health conscious person who cares enough for the body, you need not give Sylk a second thought.