Prostate cancer is affecting 1 in 7 men. Though it is not a lethal form of cancer, it can cause severe discomfort. Being male is the primary risk factor for this problem along with the other common and related factors. One of the lesser-known risk factors for prostate cancer is severe acne problems during the teenage period. If age, race, family history and diet are the ruling factors for this disease, teen acne has now become a factor that cannot be ruled out. Though teen acne is not the trigger for prostate cancer, it contains certain bacteria that have a sure link between these two problems.

The Link Factor Between Prostate Cancer & Teen Acne

Teen acne is common among teenagers. What makes the difference is one of the acne-causing bacteria. The link between the prostate cancer and teen acne is the bacteria species, Propionibacterium acnes. This P.acnes is a ‘good bacteria’ found in the skin and gut of a healthy person. This is especially seen near the sebaceous glands.

This is the main cause for teen acne in boys, rather than girls. The severe acne infections caused by these bacteria could lead to inflammations that can lead to cancerous growth. Moreover, the biopsy of the prostate tissue taken from many has shown the presence of this bacterium.

The bacterium is sure a risk factor for prostate cancer but the exact manner in which it causes cancer is not clear. There are several theories that hint how it may lead to the prostate cancer.

Teen Acne & Prostate Cancer

The teen acne risk for prostate cancer is higher when the acne problems arise in the late teens. It just adds fuel if the infection is severe. Under severe infections, the bacteria could enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body. It can colonize in those parts but may not develop any infections or diseases. One such colonizing place for this acne causing bacteria is the prostate.

The problem here is that, the immune system does not kill these P.acnes bacteria. These bacteria, redirects the immune attack to the nearby tissues. The result is inflammation in the tissues. When this happens in the prostate, it leads to prostate inflammation. The severity of the inflammation could trigger the cancerous cells formation.

Teen Acne Alone Cannot Cause Prostate Cancer

Yes, teen acne is just one of the risk factors for prostate cancer. It is a threat when there are other factors involved in the body. The teen acne could only start the early process that may or may not lead to prostate inflammation. The other factors are also crucial. If you currently have any of those factors going on and have had acne problems in the teenage, then, it could be a problem.

Other studies show that, though the P.acnes bacteria are found in the prostate cancer, it is not the same strain as the one that caused teen acne. So having suffered teen acne is not clearly a risk factor for prostate cancer and at the same time cannot rule out the possibilities.

Further consoling matter is that researches have shown the presence of the same bacteria in the men who had prostate cancer and some of those with a healthy prostate. This reveals that the teen acne-causing bacteria may not always lead to prostate cancer.


Other Risk Factors For Prostate Cancer

There are 4 major risk factors for prostate cancer. Having them altogether poses a greater risk than having one of them. They are,

  • Age
  • Race
  • Family history
  • Diet

The risk increases with increasing age for men. Older men are more vulnerable to both prostate inflammations and prostate cancer. Men who are above the age of 65 are the most at risk than their younger peers.

Family history or genes have the most say in prostate cancer. Older men with a family history of this problem are more at risk than other men. The race also has its significance. The African-Americans are more likely to get this disease than men from other races.

Eating a high fat, high carb diet with low or no exercises increases the chances of prostate cancer. Obesity is one of the key factors that make a change.

Smoking is another dangerous risk of prostate cancer as well as for any other type of cancer. Though alcohol has no direct involvement with prostate cancer, consuming lower quantity has its benefits.

Among the lower risk factors is prostate inflammation. Such inflammations are mostly non-cancerous but it might have a triggering effect on the cancerous tumors as well.

If You Have Had Teen Acne…

  • Get immediate treatment if the acne seems moderate or severe.
  • Make sure to have plenty of good bacteria in the diet. This helps in strengthening the immune system and fights the infections or inflammations.
  • If you have had teen acne, take precautionary measures in the form of a healthy diet, proper exercises, and no more smoking. These can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Severe teen acne and family history of prostate cancer have a stronger bond. You need to be prompt with the necessary changes in the life and get medical checkup regularly.


Teen acne is normal and the P.acnes bacteria are seen in boys’ body. But it is not always a cause for prostate cancer. If you can keep the immune system stronger and provide the body with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you are at the lowest with regard to the risk of prostate cancer. The studies that connect these 2 factors are inconclusive. It is just a caution, not an alarm signal. P.acnes bacteria are healthy that can reduce the sebum production on the skin. Also, there is no clear explanation why some people have these bacteria in their prostate while others do not.