Tempa Dot Thermometer

Magnus Tempa Dot Thermometer

These individually wrapped sterile thermometers are disposable and offer full proof protection. All you need to do is open the wrap, use the thermometer, and dispose of . The results of using this thermometer are 100% successful as there have been no documented cases of patient –induced infection. The reduced infection rates have helped to reduce the number of negative outcomes and have reduced considerable costs.

Benefits of tempa dot thermometer

  • Reduced rate of infections: Most of the thermometers accumulate, carry, and spread contagious diseases if not handled properly. When you compare tempa dot with most of the thermometers, this sterile instrument provides accurate results with safety as its main priority. Each individually wrapped thermometer eliminates the possibility of contamination transfer. It is a great tool to prevent further outbreaks of contagious diseases from a patient.
  • Accuracy: this thermometer provides oral readings in just one minute with accurate results. Accurate to +/-0.1° C( within the critical range of 98.0°F to 102.0°F).
  • Safe: tempa dot thermometers are sterile, latex free and non-toxic instruments wrapped neatly to prevent contamination.
  • Convenience: all the units are easily divisible and portable. You can carry individual strips of four easily inside your pockets.
  • Economical: Reduces the time spent to make the device sterile, recalibrate, charge batteries as in the case of other devices. With this thermometer, all you have to do is make a purchase, use it and dispose of it after your need. So simple and no hassles attached.

Magnus Tempa Dot Thermometer

Tempa Dot Thermometer – One Time Use Thermometer

Temperature taking devices especially thermometers can be carriers of infectious and contagious diseases. This happens when you share it with the patients and when handled by caretakers. Even If you sterilize or use it with stringent cleaning policies, it is not possible to ensure that the device is contamination free. This is why tempa dot thermometers are the best choice as it is a single patient use, one-time use thermometer.

How to store tempa dot thermometer

You can store this thermometer is a place where the temperature stays well below the range of 30°Celsius. High temperatures will cause the thermometer matrix dot to turn blue. But there is little to worry as this process can be reversed. If by chance the thermometer matrix dot turns blue then place the instrument inside the freezer for about one hour ( 1 hour for 100 per box).

Next, take them out and place in the room temperature for a day. You thermometers are ready to use. The dots may look a bit of off-color but that does not affect the accuracy of the results.

how does a tempa dot thermometer work?

According to health experts, Tempa DOT thermometers are great in terms of accuracy, ease of use and cost-effectiveness in comparison with most of the other thermometers. The dot sensor matrix is temperature sensitive and the color changes from tan to blue according to your body heat. Each dot has a chemical that changes it color when the temperature exceeds 0.2°F or 0.1°C. Alongside the dots, you have numerical scales with the help of which you can read exact measurements.

How to read tempa dot thermometer?

  • Keep the device in your mouth correctly
  • Keep your mouth close for a full one minute
  • Take the readings by checking the last blue dot after the device locks in after a period of 10 seconds.
  • Ignore any skipped dots
  • You need to retake the temperature if kept in the mouth for longer than 2 minutes.
  • Wait at least for 15 minutes before you go for the next temperature reading
  • Check for the expiry dates of the thermometer before use the same
  • Do not use the thermometer if the wrap is damaged or tampered, the device may not be fit for use

Why use 3m tempa dot thermometer?

Infections are the largest contributors to maternal mortality and rate of increased infections across the developing nations. It is said that making minimal improvements in healthcare sectors can reduce such type of incidents. Proper and earlier detection of fevers can save lives and contain infections. Most of the mercury-based and glass thermometers are not portable friendly as they can easily break. Take the case of digital thermometers, they are often expensive and require charging the batteries. This is the main reason why we need to look for a better alternative that is cost effective and convenient to use. It is not just about the cost and convenience but also about how to use it with hygiene. Mostly it is hard to sanitize the thermometers and you cannot really rely on them.

Features of tempa dot thermometer in a quick glance

  • Use and throw thermometer
  • Single time use/ single patient
  • Eradicates the threat of Cross-Infection and Cross-Contamination
  • Indicates Temperature in Fahrenheit
  • Employs clever dot system
  • Requires no calibration or sterilization
  • Easy to use with infants and newborns
  • Accurate results
  • Comes in a pack of 100 per box
  • Individually Wrapped and latex free

Tempa dot thermometers reviews

Tempa dot thermometers are a great choice when safety is considered as a priority. There is nothing negative about this product as it is a safety device. According to healthcare experts, this device provides accurate results. Customers say that it is economical and a safety choice. This thermometer has helped to curb the spreading of infections to other caretakers.  This brand is highly recommended choice by most of the health care practitioners. This thermometer is the easiest and reliable way to measure the temperature of infants. Cost effective and no worries about cross contamination.

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Tempa dot thermometer at Amazon

Yes, currently this 3m tempa dot thermometer is available for sale at Amazon.com. It’s a quality product ideal both for axillary and oral use. Further, check on the respective website for more detailed analysis.

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Infections are common and we can surely take preventive measure to contain their outbreaks.  Now you can detect fever at the earliest and get treatment without any delay.
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