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Thorne Research Uristatin

Thorne Research Uristatin For UTI
Uristatin is a special formula that is created to maintain the normal levels of urinary tract flora. It is made from several botanicals for the treatment of urinary tract infections. It helps in supporting the optimal balance of the microorganisms.

Worried about UTI’s? Looking for a natural supplement to overcome this trouble. Then switch to Uristatin! Preserving a good urinary tract is important for both men and women. But, it is particularly essential for women as the female body is complicated at every stage of life. Postmenopausal women may experience dryness and thinning of the mucous membrane in their urinary tracts. Thus, it results in complications maintaining a good health in those areas. It is recommended to drink plentiful quantities of water. Besides, there are specific herbs available that are worth at promoting a good urinary tract health. Further, read on to know more on Uristatin. Check out its ingredients, dosage, reviews and much more…

Thorne Research Uristatin – Natural supplement To Cure UTI Problems

Uristatin is a special formula that is created to maintain the normal levels of urinary tract flora. It is made from several botanicals for the treatment of urinary tract infections. The formula contains 100mg of Uva Ursi. This Uva Ursi is a natural solution that is well know for its ability to decrease the severity of UTI’s, Kidney infections and Kidney stones. It includes a compound called arbutin (capable of killing the bacteria in the urine). Moreover, studies conducted have proven that 30 out of 30 who took a Uva Ursi supplement were able to maintain positive health conditions. Arbutin is an analgesic that is worth at promoting a pain relieving effect.

Thorne Research Uristatin – Features/Benefits

  • Thorne Research Uristatin is a mix of natural herbs with specific urinary tract health benefits.
  • It helps in supporting the optimal balance of the microorganisms (within the urinary tract).
  • Gives relief from discomfort arising from the irritation of the urinary tract.
  • This is a powerful solution that is available from Thorne Research only.

Uristatin – Ingredients

Serving size is 3 capsules

IngredientsAmount Per Serving% Daily Value
Buchu extract (leaf)300 mg*
Goldenseal extract (root)300 mg*
Uva-ursi extract (leaf)300 mg*
Echinacea angustifolia (root)300 mg*

Other ingredients –

  • Hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule,
  • Agathosma PE 4:1,
  • Hydrastis standardized to Berberine 4%,
  • Arctostaphylos PE 4:1.

Description – How does Uristatin work?

  • Buchu Extract – Buchu is one of the South Africa’s best medicinal plant that has been used by the indigenous people of the area. Mainly for curing a wide range of ailments. The leaf Extract is good for the treatment of bladder and urinary tract infections. It contains certain antimicrobial and inflammatory properties. Besides, Buchu is also used for treating prostate infections.
  • Goldenseal Extract – This Goldenseal is a perennial herb. It is derived from Hydrastis canadensis plant. There is an antimicrobial agent called berberine. It works by interfering with the bacteria adhering to the wall of your bladder. Equally, many types of research have been conducted on Goldenseal. The studies have proven that it is worth at preventing UTI’s. Thus, it is good to take 500-1000 mg doses of Goldenseal capsules 3 times a day.
  • Uva Ursi Extract – Uva Ursi is also called as bearberry. It is grown in the Europe and in the Northern United states. The leaf contains certain antiseptic and diuretic properties. Many kinds of research have claimed that Uva Ursi works best in alkaline pH in the cure of urinary tract infections. It improves both renal circulation and tubular function.
  • Echinacea angustifolia – This angustifolia is a variety of Echinacea with narrow, purple lavender, feather shaped petals. Echinacea possesses immunostimulating properties. It is capable of preventing various infections.

Uristatin – Directions of use

It is recommended to take 3 capsules two-three times daily or as advised by the health expert.


  • Pregnancy warning – Do not use this product in case of pregnancy, nursing or trying to conceive.
  • Allergy warnings – The product is not meant for individuals with a history of hypersensitivity to any of the components present in this formula.
  • Other warnings – The herbs present in this solution are best used in an alkaline condition. Thus, it is best taken without cranberry juice or extract. Take at a different time of day in the absence of other acidifying agents.

Note – The product is free from –

  • wheat,
  • gluten,
  • corn,
  • yeast,
  • soy,
  • egg,
  • artificial colors,
  • dairy products,
  • sweeteners,
  • flavors,
  • lactose,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • palmitic acid
  • vegetable stearates.

Uristatin – Side-effects

There are no side effects, yet reported from the users. Thorne Research Uristatin is safe and effective for allergic, chemically sensitive and immune-compromised persons.

Uristatin – Customer Reviews

Thorne Research is experts at providing high-quality supplements. Moreover, their products are used in prestigious research studies and are recommended by most of the doctors. Uristatin has received very good responses from the users. The formula has worked for most of the users and they are very happy with it. Overall, Uristatin has received 4.9 stars out of 5. Moreover, there are no negative reviews from the customers. Here, are some honest user reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at some…

“Five stars! With the combination of this natural supplement and other vital nutrients. I was able to get rid of my first UTI. This is a great victory for me.“

“It really works. I have been regularly using this from the past 2 weeks, There are no infections.”

“Great stuff. I take one a day as a preventive measure.”

“Bought this for my sister. It stopped her UTI infections and pain in the bladder.”

“Thorne Research Uristatin was suggested to by my doctor. It worked for me. Now, it’s your turn. Just buy them and note the difference.”

Where To Buy Uristatin?

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Uristatin – Discount, Coupon And Promo Offers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Thorne Research Uristatin effective at treating the UTI’s

Yes, it is effective in the treatment of UTI’s. There are positive feedbacks from the users. Further, you may also visit the respective site for more information and customer reviews.

Can I buy the product from Walmart and eBay stores?

Ya sure, the product is available both at Walmart and eBay stores.

Where should I contact to clarify my doubts? Can I get the phone number?

Yes of course, the phone number is 1-855-218-5088.


Hope, this article on Uristatin helped you in getting a better information on this product. It is worth at supporting the normal levels of urinary tract flora. So, what are you waiting for? Buy them at the earliest if are suffering from the same trouble and do share your valuable reviews with us…

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