Your Thyroid Could Be Reason For Weight Issues

Magnus Your Thyroid Could Be Reason For Weight Issues

Body weight is a sensitive issue for many. Losing too much weight all of a sudden or not able to lose weight are both disturbing problems. The most probable reason for the inability to losing weight, even with proper diet and exercises, could be thyroid problems.

Thyroid hormones control the body metabolism and this metabolism helps us metabolize fat that leads to weight loss. No amount of exercises or diet has a direct impact on metabolism. The controlling factor is the thyroid hormones. Low hormones mean low metabolism and inability to lose fat. More hormones mean higher metabolism leading to faster weight loss.

The Thyroids And Weight Relation

Thyroid glands produce some crucial hormones that control the metabolism. The metabolism can go at a steady pace as long as the thyroids are functioning properly. A slight imbalance in the thyroids here or there can also affect the metabolic rate. The slight change may not be highly visible or obvious but it is reflecting in the ability to lose fat.

You might not gain weight but you may also not be able to lose weight. When you have done everything that you can to lose weight, from diet to hardcore exercises, you need to stop and think. If you were having drinks or food to increase the metabolism and yet fail to lose weight, it’s time for a detailed assessment.

Thyroids And Weight Loss

This is one of the most troubling problems. Overworking thyroids produce more hormones than that are necessary. This condition is hyperthyroidism. The damaging effects of the long-term excess hormone production are worst. One of the main problems with this condition is weight loss. It makes the BMR- base metabolic rate to kick higher. This makes the body work overtime and burns more fats for energy. This results in faster weight loss than that is healthy.

This can make you skinnier than you expected. When you had wanted to lose ‘some’ fat, hyperthyroidism can overdo the wish and make you wanting to ‘gain’ some. That is really not comforting, is it?

Thyroids And Not Losing Weight

Though hyperthyroidism can make you lose excess weight, it is easier to gain some of the lost weight. Gaining weight is always easier. The difficulty is in losing the weight, especially the fats. This is where the thyroids have a crucial role. Losing weight with hypothyroidism can be tricky.

The lower metabolic rate results in lower energy production in the body. The sluggish pace could also lead to weight gain. The low-calorie diet could also slow down the thyroid performance.

The lower working thyroids can bring the activities inside the body to snail’s pace that has a general impact on the efforts of losing weight.

Even these efforts for weight loss have its impact on the thyroid functions. Excessive exercises lack enough sleep, low-calorie diet, dehydrated body, etc can affect the thyroid glands negatively.

One could say that the thyroid functions and weight management are complementary to each other. One can perform only when the other works in the proper and expected manner.

The Case Of Hyperthyroidism And Weight Gain

If you think that only hypothyroidism makes weight loss difficult, it would be surprising to know that hyperthyroidism can also cause weight gain. In extreme cases of hyperthyroidism, everything inside the body works at a faster pace. This affects the appetite as well. People tend to eat more under these circumstances. That makes this difficult situation. Even with an extreme metabolic rate, people do gain more weight than losing any. But these people would lose this gained weight faster.

The problem here is that, with the increased appetite, people can eat a lot more than necessary and still not feel full or stuffed. It is like they have suddenly gained some extra space inside their stomach. All of this leads to weight gain as the body is taking in more than what it can process.

Magnus Your Thyroid Could Be Reason For Weight Issues

Sings To Look For – Symptoms Of Thyroid

You can do an assessment yourself to see if there are any symptoms that can hint the problem associated with thyroid functioning or that you need to worry about. If you have more than 2 of these symptoms at a time while trying to lose weight, it may be a hint that your thyroids are the reason for the weight loss stalling.

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety and jittery feel
  • Increased heart rate
  • Feeling agitated
  • Mood swings
  • Memory issues, depression, or nervousness
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Hair loss
  • Temperature sensitivity towards cold or hot

What Do You Need To Do To Cure Thyroid?

If you have any 2 or more of the above-mentioned symptoms, you can doubt that your thyroids are not working properly. You need to consult an endocrinologist to do the thyroid checking.

In the meantime look for any lumps in the neck area. The problematic thyroids could enlarge in size.

Check the cholesterol and make necessary changes in the diet to add more of the healthier options rather than weight loss options. Weight loss can happen once the thyroids are under control.

Thyroid May Not Be The Only Culprit Here

Yes, thyroids are not entirely responsible for the weight issues. There are several other factors that can affect the weight loss efforts or that can affect the thyroid functioning.

  • People who have obesity cannot lose weight easily.
  • People with Type 1 diabetes could have an auto-immune angle for the thyroid problems.
  • Women who have passed the menopausal stage will have their own reasons for the inability to lose weight or why they gain more weight. It is only that, these women may have higher chances of having thyroid issues than others.
  • Elderly people over the age of 50-60 could have age-related issues that prevent weight loss or make them gain fat.


On the whole, thyroids could be one of the hidden reasons why you are experiencing weight issues. It can be a crucial factor as well. It is not easy to diagnose simply with the symptoms but you may also not ignore these symptoms. Lifestyle changes and other factors may also come into the picture.

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