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Its high time that you need to cleanse your body after being exposed to polluted environment and unhealthy lifestyle practices for all these years. I know, its a bit tough thing to think of, as the first thing that comes to your mind about detoxification would probably be those scary-intense juice cleanses or a gluten-sugar-diary-meat-caffeine-free diet. But now, the ball is in your court.

You have plenty of new delicious recipes available that are based on healthy staples like food grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and meat protein sources. By following a good detox program, you can be assured that you enjoy all the health benefits that your body requires. To get your body cleansed and purified, you need to stay in a healthy, safe and controlled environment. And that is why detox recipes are meant for. Lets see some of the top detox recipes that you can easily make at home and serve your family. In this article, we shall be discussing about recipes for
1. Breakfast
2. Lunch
3. Snacks
4. Dinner
5. Drinks and smoothies

For breakfast

Many people have a misconception that skipping breakfast saves calories. This is not true. Even if you skip lunch, it doesn’t matter, but skipping breakfast will harm your body in many ways. Why take risk of your own health? See some of the healthy detox recipes for breakfast that energizes you for the whole day.

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  • Vanilla chia pudding: A perfect starter to begin the day with. With the essence of chia seeds in the pudding, you are loaded with calcium, fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium and iron. Mix the chia seeds in a cup of milk and let them sit overnight to see them create a creamy-pudding like texture. By incorporating chia seeds in the morning breakfast, you get more benefits of chia into your life. Losing weight and lowering heart disease are few among them. Garnished with fresh organic blackberries, vanilla chia pudding makes a perfect breakfast.

  • Egg white breakfast pizza: Pizza is an all-time favorite dish. The goodness lies in making healthy delicious pizza that won’t weigh you down for rest of the day. This is a great pizza made of egg white. The use of simple veggies like bell pepper, spinach, onions and wheat tortilla keeps it healthy. It’s just an easy to cook recipe which just takes hardly 20 minutes to make. You can use your favorite veggies to add more taste. Egg whites are one of the top sources of protein which shares the same rank with lean meat, fish, and poultry.

For Lunch

When you are on a detox plan, it is important that you need to have a healthy meal for lunch. Lets see some of the recipes that can be easily prepared at home.

  • Rainbow salad: When going for a healthy diet, salads are one of the best option. They make a light lunch with well-balanced ingredients. As the name suggests, this is a recipe filled with mixed color veggies (red cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and broccoli). Salads are one of the best way to have all veggies incorporated in your dish. Red cabbage improves your eye health and prevents from cancer. They have included cauliflower as its an antioxidant rich food that helps to detoxify your body. Carrot as we all know, is good for improved eye-sight. Apart from that, carrot helps in preventing cancer also. Loaded with essential nutrients, broccoli helps to protect your skin from the effects of UV light. It also helps in preventing cancer and osteoarthritis. Sprinkle some salt on top for flavor.

  • Vegetable Salsa:Salsa adds a delightful flavor to almost all main dishes. This tasty salsa when kept in a safe container refrigerated will last up to 4 days. You just need to reheat and serve for lunch. It can be served with a toasted bread. The ingredients include yellow tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, yellow squashes, onion, canola oil, turmeric for some spicy touch, cumin and orange juice. Adding 3 tablespoons of orange juice lowers bad cholesterol and balances blood pressure. Chop the veggies into small pieces and boil them until it turns brown on both sides.

For snacks

It’s tea time. Wish to have a hot cup of tea with some spicy yummy evening snack? Well, let see some of the easy to cook evening recipes that help in detoxifying your body.

  • Ham and broccoli quinoa bites: For those who are new to quinoa, can have this amazing dish loaded with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Its a perfect way to introduce quinoa to your family and friends. A nice after-school snack to have on a chilled raining day. Broccoli contains 3 essential detoxifying nutrients that make us feel relaxed and help in coping with everyday pressures. Bake the sautéed ingredients for 20mins till they turn golden brown on top.

  • Crispy baked Avocado fries: Wanna make something crispy for evening? Check out these crispy baked Avocado fries with flavorful garlic dip if needed. Crispy on top and creamy inside, these avocado fries are healthy and delicious to have at tea time. All you just need is 2 large sliced avocados, salt n pepper, chili powder, eggs beaten, bread crumbs and lemon juice. Being an excellent source of fiber and vitamins, Avocado helps you stay healthy. They promote weight loss, reduces cholesterol level and lowers diabetes. Bake these avocado slices for 20mins until golden brown. Yummy crunchy avocado fries are ready!!!

Crispy Baked Avocado Fries

For Dinner

Most people take a heavy meal at night which might result in weight gain and other digestive problems. The best way to come out of this is to prepare light meals filled with healthy ingredients. Following recipes are of that kind.

  • Wild rice and roasted butternut squash casserole:This awesome dish is loaded with ingredients rich in nutrients. This dish is one of the most healthy casseroles you can ever make for your dear ones. Use a good quality wild rice. They have used Brown Rice Medley. The recipe also calls for butternut squash, ground turkey, wild rice, spinach and a bit of cheese. Take 1lb ground turkey and sauté for 3 minutes with chopped onion until brown. You can also try with chicken if you love. A secret ingredient Sprinkle with cheese on top and bake for 5mins to give a mouthwatering effect.

  • Quinoa veggie burgers: Its always better to have something light for dinner. Make sure you include veggies in your dinner meal so that your digestion easily takes place. Try making these delicious quinoa veggie burgers that benefit you in several ways. This recipe adds tons of flavor and textures. Use a whole wheat bun to make it a perfect meal. If you are looking for dishes that lower your cholesterol level, then it would be perfect to try this recipe as they are adding black beans. Black beans is rich in fiber thus preventing blood sugar levels from rising too high after a meal. Yogurt sauce would go well with this dish. For that stir the yogurt, honey and mustard together in a bowl.

Black Bean & Quinoa Veggie Burgers

Drinks and smoothies

Smoothies are the best way to incorporate all healthy stuffs into one. They provide the essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins, fibers, carbohydrates etc in an easy to-have format. Drinking smoothies make you feel full and satisfied for few hours. Lets see some detox drinks for weight loss:

  • Peach and mango smoothie: This yellow shade mango smoothie is a good one for your weight loss plan. You just need a mango, a small peach, almond milk, filtered water and some ice cubes and flax seeds to decorate. You just have to add all the ingredients to the blender or mixer until it turns smooth. As simple as that, this healthy detox drink would cleanse your whole body.

  • Coconut lime detox drink: The drink truly looks like a perfect herbal juice, sometimes might not be liked by kids, but the taste is just amazing. The lime is used to give a citric kick. They have added coconut milk with lime which is a healthy source of fat. If you want more flavors, you can add banana to the recipe. You just need to mix all the ingredients in a blender and serve. This refreshing drink will energize you for the whole day making you feel satisfied.

We hardly spent time to look after our health. Most of us have not even taken care of making and eating something healthy. We all run behind fast foods loaded with preservatives and artificial flavors. If you wish to stay healthy and live long happily, its time that you need to change your eating habits. Let detoxification be your first move to stay healthy.