The Ayurveda Experience brings you a carefully selected product that fights premature aging and its related health conditions. The Ayurveda experience has joined hands with the famous Maharishi Ayurveda that offers high-quality products to help you age successfully.

What Can I Expect From The Ayurveda Experience?

The Ayurveda experience offers you holistic products from Maharishi Ayurveda India. The health supplements are based on keeping in mind the three doshas. Even a slight imbalance of this primary cause can trigger health conditions.

The Ayurveda experience follows the philosophy that every person is unique including you. Each person carries a different style of personality and body. The Ayurveda experience takes credit in being the only company to offer an HD multimedia program to combine Ayurveda with meditation.

All the products of The Ayurveda Experience (or Maharishi Ayurveda) are manufactured based on GMP regulations. The company has received Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification which is the only company in India to achieve such credit.

Kansa Wand

  • The best Time tested massage instrument
  • Easy to use
  • Gives professional results
  • Guides and manuals available
  • Different sizes availabe
  • Brass with Wood



The Ayurveda Experience Kansa Wands

The Ayurveda Experience brings you holistic natural products that have been derived from the books of Ayurveda. They have joined hands with Maharishi Ayurveda who brings you all herbal remedies known to man that can cure any ailments without any side effects. Check out products of The Ayurveda Experience to promote the best health.

Ayurveda helps you focus on fixing your lifestyle first based on the predominant dosha. It will teach what to eat, foods you should avoid, correct body workout for you, etc. With the most suitable meditation technique, your dosha will begin to fall in the right place aiding in a healthy life. 

Top Maharishi Ayurveda Products

Here are few of the products from the Ayurveda experience that has received excellent reviews from users.

Super Saver Kansa Wands Pack

Kansa Face & Body Wand

Use these wands for different parts of the body and enjoy a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience!

This pack includes:

  • Personal Kansa Face Wand (Small)
  • Kansa Face and Body Wand (Medium)
  • Kansa Foot Wand (Large)


Kansa Face And Body Wand Reviews

Created by Diamond Way Ayurveda in CA, The Ayurveda experience is one of the best sellers of Kansa Face and body wand. It is a massage treatment tool that helps in relieving stress and tension. The bronze is a metal alloy that is produced from pure tin and copper. This blend of metals is called a “Healing Metal” as per Ayurveda.

Using the wooden hand carved handle use moderate pressure to ease the tensed muscles on the face, shoulders, and neck. Try delicate stroking or rapid friction on the areas. For best results use Maharishi Ayurveda essential oils to assist in a relaxing and comfy sensation on your body. The Kansa wand pulls the acidity from the skin tissues. You will notice that the presence of acids in the skin will turn the oil into black/grey color as you massage.

Another benefit of bronze in the Kansa body and face wand is as you massage the metal on the skin, it will balance the natural electrical system in the body. Prominent keywords include

  • Revitalizes the face, shoulder and neck muscles
  • Uplifts the facial skin
  • Gets rid of a headache, face pain, and tension
  • Reduces acidity
  • Detoxifies the body


    Maharishi Ayurveda Joint Soothe Oil

    As we age, the bones tend to get brittle. They lose the flexibility, and the moisturizing oil in joints tend to wear off. As a result, there is dryness, inflammation that can trigger joint pain in the body. Best for people dealing with arthritis or painful joints/muscles, Maharishi Ayurveda joint soothe oil works wonders.

    It comes with a powerful blend of 63 herbs that nourishes the bone and lubricates the joints naturally. A self-massage product, it balances the Vata and Kapha in the body. A perfect companion for therapeutic massage, VPK joint soothe oil from The Ayurveda experience eliminates toxins from the joint muscles and assists in smooth mobility.

    Follow the instructions and use it regularly for better movement of joints. Bear in mind to switch to a healthy lifestyle for rapid recovery.

    People have loved this product. There are many reviews from users who have experience in the product. Of course, nothing else matters than one’s own experience, but then hope the reviews help yo give you a nudge.

    Nothing better – Paula Hamilton

    “I have been using Joint soothe for years now. The product works. I had bought this product for people dealing with osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, and just plain sprains and aches. This is my safety measure when the wrist or knee flares up regularly.”

    Immediate results – Kathleen Marie

    “This is a perfect product for me. It delivers results within 20 minutes. I best recommend sitting in the sun early morning after light massage on your painful area. You will see that the skin easily absorbs the oil. Applying it twice or thrice a day works great for me. I would recommend.”

    Organic Kapha Churna - 3.5 Oz

    Organic Kapha Churna

    Add to food during cooking. Keep on the table and add to prepared dishes at every meal. Mix in oil as a salad dressing. Sprinkle on popcorn for a gourmet treat.


    Maharishi Ayurveda Kapha Churna – Spice Up With Love Churna Pack

    Maharishi Ayurveda Churna pack comes with three bottles – Kapha, Vata, and pitta Churnas. These therapeutic properties come with blends of spices that comes with six ayurvedic tastes. The best part is you can choose these as part of your daily food – seasoning purpose or adding them to sauces, stews, etc. Saute them in ghee. You can add them to your favorite dishes. They arrive in exotic colors that can elevate the taste level of any plain dish to a finger licking one. It will simply tease your senses while boosting your health and well-being. Maharishi Ayurveda treatments have been widely popular because of the positive results they deliver.

    Other benefits of using Maharshi Ayurveda churna spices are you will boost the digestive Agni in the body. This will not only enhance the immune system but also assist in proper digestion. Here is what you will find in the Maharishi Ayurveda Kapha Churna Pack.

    • Vata Churna spice mix – comes with organic cumin, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric, raw cane sugar, ajwain, and salt
    • Pitta Churna spice mix – coriander, fennel, cumin, raw cane sugar, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and salt
    • Kapha Churna spice mix – organic ginger, black pepper, coriander, raw cane sugar, turmeric, salt, and cinnamon.

    Combined these powerful antioxidants will

    • promote healthy appetite
    • assist in digestion
    • detoxifies the liver
    • purifies the blood and promotes healthy blood flow
    • lowers the bad LDL and boosts the good ones
    • raises the immunity system
    • improves the skin complexion

    With the Maharishi Ayurveda Kapha diet, you are on your way for prosperous health.


    Maharishi Ayurveda VPK organic teas

    There are three types of organic teas available at The Ayurveda experience.

    • Maharishi Ayurveda Organic Pitta Tea – is best for its cooling effect
    • Kapha Tea – is loved for its stimulating effect
    • Maharishi Ayurveda Organic Vata Tea – known for its calming effect

    The teas come with organic herbal ingredients that get rid of any stomach discomfort. They are known for its distinctive features that deliver promising results. In recent times, organic teas have received rave reviews for its effective benefits. While licorice pacifies the spiked Vata, cinnamon balances the digestion and black pepper are known for its antioxidant properties.

    The above products are available at Amazon separately at an affordable price. There are decent reviews about the Maharishi Ayurveda organic teas. People have noted improvement in concentration level, more energy and a better mood throughout the day. Few users recommend it drinking it in the morning.

    “Tastes amazing” – Sun Voyage Music

    I am a “Vata” person, and when I consulted my Ayurveda practitioner, he recommended me to get this tea and was quite excited. I have to be honest this is the best I have ever had. The only downside is you should not consume too much of licorice (researched in google). This was an issue but that being said, I had these every few days and its just awesome.

    “Glad I took a chance” – Roberta R. Hilliger

    I loved the other teas. I ordered on instinct. The box has much info and is good for stress. I will be using this tea regularly.

    Rajas Cup from The Ayurveda experience

    So when a study was conducted, many coffee drinkers failed to notice that they were presented with Raja’s cup instead of coffee. However, Raja’s cup doesn’t just substitute to being just an alternative to coffee. It is caffeine free, grain free and herbal. This was one of the most cherished drinks by kings of ancient India.

    This coffee substitute comes with the highest potency of four herbs

    • clearing nut seed
    • coffee senna seed
    • licorice root
    • ashwagandha root

    Raja’s cup from Maharishi Ayurveda has been well researched upon. Studies show that it contains antioxidants from vitamin C, vitamin E that is included in the herbs. The taste is excellent and is a definite alternative to caffeine coffees that can leave you with jittery feeling. So enjoy it any time of the day.

    “Wonderful” – Grabec

    I am a coffeeholic and crave for that caffeine every day. This is a great alternative. It tastes so much like coffee that I couldn’t believe it at first. I can fix it with cream, stevia or wala.

    “I like it” – Julie A. Brooks

    It does taste a lot like coffee. It’s a little weak and doesn’t have that kick of coffee. But it’s healthier than coffee. I will order it next time.

    “Where’s the flavor?” – Carol L

    It smells and tastes like coffee. However, I used three teabags for a cup. But still can barely taste it. I would not repurchase this.



    Ayurveda Healing Program Ebooks

    By understanding the science of life, you will appreciate and switch yourself to betterment. The Ayurveda healing program feature ebooks that come with three different plans – silver, gold, and platinum. They come with seven different modules that include

    • Module 1 “Ayurveda The Science of life” – understanding the concept of dosha and identifying your dosha
    • Module 2 “Ayurveda through the day and the years” – get to know your lifespan by getting to know VPK – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You can adjust your lifestyle accordingly.
    • Module 3 “Digestion” – include six prominent food’s category and how you can implement them in daily meals
    • “Exercise and Bodywork” – determine which exercise is best for your dosha – Module 4
    • Module 5 “Meditations” – seven types of meditation methods and implementing the ones as per your dosha
    • “Breath and Energy” – learn about pranayama and chakras – Module 6
    • Module 7 “Ayurvedic self-care” – learn why you are gaining weight and weight loss tips in the seventh module

    This e-book has received excellent reviews from well-known figures such as Deepak Chopra, Sarah Maria, Candace Pert, etc.

    Radiant Skin

    • Liver function and pure blood cells so as to offer high-quality nutrition for the skin
    • Skin temperature and glow
    • Digestive fire
    • Moisture and suppleness of skin
    • Less internal toxins (amavisha) due to improper digestion (ama) aggravating the skin functions


    Radiant Skin (120 Herbal Tablets)

    Outdoor pollution, poor lifestyle, lack of sleep, etc. are few of the factors that can impact your health. If you want to age gracefully, then this health supplement is considered a wise decision.

    Here is why. The skin cells grow internally and not on the outside. Radiant skin is not a facial cream. It is a health supplement that corrects the wrongs in your body. A herbal food supplement, The Ayurveda experience blends 14 rare herbs that promote healthy liver function. When the blood and liver are purified from your body, the ability to absorb nutrients is more. The result is healthy skin without any acne, pimples or blemishes.

    The herb extracts are cold-pressed to retain its potency till consumption. They are manufactured in a highly concentrated form for optimum results. This will give you the excellent efficiency with a single half gram tablet.

    You will notice

    • better and improved skin texture with glow
    • excellent digestive support
    • moisture retency with the suppleness of skin
    • cleanses the liver and blood from unwanted toxins
    • no toxins (Amavisha) occurring due to improper digestion (ama)

    Few Of The Key Ingredients Of Radiant Skin From The Ayurveda Experience Includes

    • Sandalwood – alleviates pitta in the skin keeping your skin clear
    • Indian Tinospora – gets rid of both internal and external impurities that deliver aggravated toxins on your skin. Contaminants such as chemical additives, preservatives, bad digestion or metabolism, etc. can lead to a weak immune system that leads to bad skin.
    • Neem – traditional detoxifier that flushes away the toxins.

    Other ingredients include –

    • Manjistha,
    • Tribulus,
    • Indian barberry,
    • Licorice,
    • Red saunders and so on.

    Radiant Skin reviews

    The product has received excellent reviews from users. Consumers have loved the product and cannot stop talking about the results they have achieved. Price is a bit on the expensive side, but if you want promising results, then this is a good investment.

    “Great product – I have hyperhidrosis, i.e., excessive sweating. Radiant skin reduced by sweating by more than a half! It cleanses the liver which is a great thing. A few nights ago my friends and I drank too much, but the next day I felt very much in line. My friends, however, didn’t. Few even complimented me on my youthful glow. I would recommend it to everyone.” – Kate

    “Good product – the product is good. The price, however, is a bit on the top. You can buy similar products from different brands at a lesser price”. – Leela

    Organic Digest Tone Tablets (Triphala Plus)


    A mild laxative, it purifies so gently that when used over a long period of time, it allows even the deepest tissues and organs of the body to release toxins. Despite its powerful cleansing quality, it actually supports food absorption rather than depleting the body of nutrients. 


    VPK Organic Digest Tone Triphala Plus From Maharishi Ayurveda

    As in the name, VPK Digest tone Triphala plus contains the key ingredient – Triphala. Triphala means three fruits in Sanskrit (three – tri) and (fruits – Phala). The combo of amla, chebulic myrobalan, and belleric myrobalan has rejuvenating effects on the body.

    Busy lives push you towards stress consciously or subconsciously. You tend to think and do all the wrong things that will affect the body in more than one ways. The result is lethargic feel, irritative behavior, skin breakouts, gloomy feel, and other health conditions.

    In addition to Triphala, another ingredient called cabbage rose is also added. This supports Triphala in promoting overall effectiveness in the body. The product has mild laxative effects. However, unlike usual laxatives that rips away the body from nutrients as well, Organic Digest Tone retains and absorbs the nutrients from your daily food. It flushes out the toxins from your bloodstream and digestive tract boosting the immune system.

    Regular consumption of Organic digest tone boosts Ojas in the body that stimulates your metabolism level while adding luster to the skin.

    Other benefits include

    • cleanses and completely refurbishes the digestive system
    • detoxifies the liver, intestines, and bloodstream
    • purifies the bladder and urine
    • enhances 13 Agnis, i.e., digestive enzymes that promote proper digestion
    • maintains the strength of urinary tract
    • contains antioxidant properties that prevent blood clots and improves blood circulation to the brain, heart and other vital organs
    • balances the Kapha, Pitta, and Vata that balances the cholesterol level
    • prevents constipation by assisting in proper poo-poo ritual
    • balances the body weight preventing obesity and underweight issues

    With regular consumption of recommended dosage, you will notice that Organic Digest Tone Tripaha plus works more in-depth in the body to slowly get rid of hazardous toxins from the cells, muscle, and tissues.

    VPK Organic Digest Tone Triphala Plus Customer Reviews

    VPK Digest tone Triphala plus has received mixed reviews from consumers including Amazon users. Majority of the users reported promising results. One user has switched from prescription acid blocker to VPK organic digest tone. He says that it takes away the acid reflux from body assisting in a good night’s sleep. Another user who was suffering from menstrual and gastro issues consulted a medical practitioner who put her on Triphala. Within a month she lost 5lbs and her period got better.

    On the downside, few users claim that the product does not work. The label of the product also says that it contains a chemical known to them as per the State of California that can cause cancer, congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm. However, The Ayurveda experience clearly says to consult a medical practitioner if one is pregnant, nursing or taking medication for any health condition. The product is also NOT recommended for children under ten years.

    “Triphala is an amazing product – The capsules were chalky with no coating. It was difficult to swallow. However, it works well for any digestive issues”. – US127

    “Wonderful product – I have been using Digest tone for years now. It is a wonderful product. A truly natural product to detox the digestive system, it balances the doshas efficiently”. – T. Johnson

    “Best product that is safe – One of the best products
    that are safe. I am celiac, and this is such a relief for me. I also travel a lot that helps with constipation due to pressure in the air too”. – Bridgetta

    Midlife For Women I (60 Herbal Tablets)

    Midlife for Women I

    • Balances hormone production
    • Supports healthy circulation
    • Addresses digestive impurities by supporting liver health and promoting healthy metabolism and assimilation of nutrients
    • Promotes balanced elimination of toxins through the sweat glands and bowels


    For Natural Support During Menopause – Midlife for women I

    Many women have to deal with menopause symptoms feeling helpless. They don’t know how to tackle them be it inadvertent symptoms of menopause. Memory loss, mood swings, hot flashes, less libido, UTI, etc. commonly seems infections. Maharishi Ayurveda reduces the impact of menopause not to mention inhibiting such symptoms.

    The product is meant to be consumed when you start experiencing menopausal symptoms, i.e., before the menopause begins. With certain lifestyle changes combined with regular dosage of Midlife for women I, you can promote a healthy transition of menopause with absolute ease. Ingredients such as amla, grape, winter begonia, Arjuna bark, pepper, ginger, etc. develop urinary health, eliminates toxins through sweat gland and promotes high energy levels.

    Other benefits

    • healthy bone tissue
    • eliminates digestive impurities, i.e., ama from the body promoting healthy liver and absorption of nutrients
    • supports the reproductive system
    • balances the hormone production
    • calms irritative mood and infuses positive energy levels
    • enhances the blood circulation level to vital organs

    Make sure to follow the recommended dosage as provided by The Ayurveda experience. It is also crucial that you take care of your body during menopause.

    Here are some healthy tips for healthy menopause

    • Eat well. Avoid eating leftover foods or pre-packed foods that can contain preservatives and chemicals.
    • Exercise regularly. Keep the body moving to reduce fat deposit.
    • Consume foods that are easy to digest. For instance fresh veggies and fruits. Foods high in calcium such as milk, yogurt or leafy greens are best.
    • Do not eat a heavy meal at noon when the digestion is at its peak.
    • Try to eliminate caffeine content gradually.
    • Indulge in activities that keep you happy.
    • Go to bed by 10 pm so that the body can rest during the natural purification period, i.e., from 10.00 pm to 2.00 a.m.
    • A Vata-pitta calming diet can alleviate the symptoms during menopause such as hot flashes or emotional up/down.

    Maharishi Ayurveda also suggests it consumes Midlife for Women II when the actual menopause begins. It will help you to cross over the phase successfully without any side effects.

    Only a few reviews are currently available on the internet. However, users reviews show that Midlife for Women I is a safe product that delivers what it promises.

    Prostate Protection (60 Herbal Tablets)

    Prostate Protection

    • Deliver nutritional support
    • Help balance testosterone levels
    • Promote vitality
    • Help maintain healthy prostate size and function
    • Help cleanse genitourinary tract impurities caused by unhealthy dietary habits and exposure to environmental toxins


    Prostate Protection – Mens health

    One out of two men suffers from prostate issues by the time they are in their sixties. By the time they are 70, the ratio increases from 9 out of 10. However, there are natural ways to support a healthy prostate. Sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary regime are the common reasons for poor prostate health. You may not be middle age but its best to start focusing on the right direction. Middle age issues begin early.

    The herbally formulated Prostate Protection provides nutritional support that expands the benefits to a wide range of symptoms and conditions unlike ordinary prostate supplements commonly seen. Few of the key ingredients include guggul, Indian Tinospora, licorice, clove, barley, ginger, long pepper and so on.

    Prostate protection boosts the testosterone level thus increasing the vitality that tends to slope down as age grows. Unhealthy diets can cause trouble in the genitourinary tract. As the body is exposed to toxins from food and outdoors, the immunity system slowly weakens. Prostate protection not only cleanses the toxins from the body but also sets the immunity tract right. It completely rejuvenates the reproductive system and promotes a healthy urinary rate inhibiting any genitourinary health condition. This will also help in enhancing the performance in bed irrespective of your age.

    Use prostate protection to prevent enlargement of the prostate and ensure healthy prostate gland.

    Prostate Protection Customer Reviews

    “I am 58 years old and have been enjoying the benefits of prostate protection for several years now. I recently had a physical test where doctor expressed his amazement at how healthy I was.” – S.H.

    “With aging, I had issues with my enlarged prostate. The product has been helpful. I have been on and off on various other supplements. But prostate protection is comparably best with other products. I don’t need to consume it regularly. Just time to time assistment for my genitourinary health”. – Micheal Ritter

    The product has received 4.3 out of 5 stars from Amazon users. The Ayurveda experience provides tips to maintain excellent prostate health.

    • Indulge in a lot of sweet juicy fruits that will help you to purify the urine ensuring healthy flow.
    • Drink a good amount of water throughout the day even during meals to prevent urine from becoming too concentrated.
    • Do not take alcohol or caffeine as it can imbalance the blood tissue.
    • Fruits such as raisins, apples, green veggies, walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, brussels sprouts, ripe tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, cauliflower, etc. must be favored good.
    • Try to take a break in between or get a walk, if you have a job where you have to sit for a prolonged period. This is to restore the normal flow of energy, nutrients, and blood in the prostate area.
    Amrit Kalash Nectar (60 Herbal Tablets)

    Amrit Kalash

    • The three types of mental function: acquisition, retention, and recall
    • Metabolic transformations, digestion, the emotions and their effect on heart function
    • The mind, nervous system, respiration, circulation and elimination
    • Moisture balance, physical structure and strength


      Amrit Kalash Nectar Full Spectrum Antioxidant Herbal Tablets

      Say cheers to immortality with Amrit Kalash from The Ayurveda Experience. A product of Maharishi Ayurveda, Amrit Kalash Nectar Full Spectrum Antioxidant Herbal Tablets is made out of 38 herbs that induce powerful benefits in your body.

      Using amla, Shatavari, Gotu Kola, and other blends, this holistic supplement is an old age formula is mentioned in traditional texts. The product claims to be manufacturing using 250 different steps to get the result. The herbs are slow cooked to prevent the potency and nutrients. With Amrit Kalash Nectar you can control the mind, boost the concentration level, eliminate toxins effectively, enhance body circulation of blood and oxygen, healthy respiratory tract and so on.

      With excellent physical and emotional strength, your body will prevent bone degeneration, honest digestive tract, boost the brain function, immunity system and so on.

      The product has received excellent reviews from users including Amazon reviews. There are only a few reviews available but whatever is available is entirely satisfactory. It has got 4.7 out of 5-star ratings from Amazon users. The only downside seen to the product is the price that is a bit pricey. But hey, if you want a product that works in your body, then you need not look elsewhere.

      The best antioxidant in the world – stevenonthbard

      “The herbal formula from ancient India contains very powerful antioxidants when you consume it with its counterpart – a paste. Both parts of the formula, Amrit Kalash work together and is available in a month’s supply. You will also find sugar free formula for the past for those who do not prefer sugar. There are so many benefits but I am naming only a few. You will notice lesser cold and flu, increasing happiness, clarity of mind, a boost in energy, digestion etc. and many more.

      Amazing – Ghalya

      “A true lifesaver if you care enough about their health. Just pop a pill, and you will be as good as new”.

      The Ayurveda Experience Products Side Effects

      Since the product has been proportionately prepared, there are no side effects. However, if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medicines for a particular health condition, make sure to consult your doctor before deciding on any new product.

      The Ayurveda Experience Reviews

      Customer Reviews

      Maharishi Ayurveda supplements seem to be quite genuine. Affiliates of the Indian Ayurvedic company – Maharishi Ayurveda, the products have created a nitch for themselves not just in India but internationally as well. If you are looking for products that deliver, these products will surely work, claims Ayurveda Experience reviews. You are free to check out the reviews put up in websites. Of course, personal experience always counts.

      The company also ships internationally so no matter where you are, be assured that your chosen product will reach you safely. It offers FREE SHIPPING no matter where you are. The company has received 83% high trust rating from which is a pretty good percentage.

      The company is also diligent in providing warnings along with the product they sell. If you are pregnant, nursing or under any medication for any health condition, make sure to consult the medical practitioner before trying out any new product.

      The Ayurveda experience also undertakes returns in case you are not satisfied. Sadly, the company does not provide a specific period for returns. This is a downside. For safety reasons, contact the customer care and clarify all your queries.

      The Ayurveda Experience Coupon Codes Discount Codes

      There are coupon codes and discount codes for getting products of the Ayurveda experience at a cut-off rate. Check out the expiry date of the promo code before trying it on.

      The Ayurveda Experience Shipping Returns

      The Ayurveda experience offers FREE SHIPPING internationally. There are no hidden charges or other customs charges. The company also offers returns, but there is no mention of the period within which you have to return the product. For best results, make sure to check with the customer care before buying for your peace of mind.

      Maharishi Ayurveda FAQs

      Where is the hospital of Maharishi Ayurveda center in India?

      The Maharishi Ayurveda hospital is located in BP-Block, Shalimar Bagh West, New Delhi, Delhi-110 088.

      Are The Ayurveda experience products of Maharishi Ayurveda available for shopping online?

      Yes, The Ayurveda experience products from Maharishi Ayurveda are available in sites such as Amazon.

      Where can I find Maharishi Ayurveda exercise tips?

      Check out this link to find out Maharishi Ayurveda exercises.

      What are the benefits of Maharishi Ayurveda organic sesame oil?

      The Ayurveda experience products include sesame oil that has many benefits. It is for massaging purpose only. The extra light and cold pressure feature enable it to penetrate it deeply in the skin layers. From head to toe, sesame oil helps in eliminating blood toxins, improve the texture of skin, calming the mind and sharpening the concentration level.

      Are there any remedies for tinnitus in Maharishi Ayurveda?

      Yes, Panchakarma is the most suggested treatment for ringing in the ears or tinnitus. You can call customer care for more information on the treatment.

      How should I use the Maharishi Ayurveda Vata oil?

      The Ayurveda experience Vata oil is an aroma oil. A pure 100% essential oil, use them in a diffuser. You can even use 5-10 drops per 2 oz with your base massage oil. Or you can add a few drops to your bathwater for an enigmatic experience. An extreme stress buster the fragrance will linger long even after a shower.

      What is the connection of yoga with Ayurveda?

      The Ayurveda experience or Maharishi Ayurveda has provided a summary of how mind and body work. Read the story here at for a youthful mind, body, and soul.

      Does maharishi Ayurveda train health professionals?

      Yes, Maharishi Ayurveda educates health professionals of the future. It is a multi-phase program and is currently offered in three locations – San Diego, CA, Fairfield, IA and Bethesda, MD.


      The final verdict! The Ayurveda experience offers you excellent products from Maharishi Ayurveda. Manufactured in GMP facility, you can be sure that every product delivered to you comes with optimum potency.

      The Ayurveda experience offers a three-minute test to determine the dosha in your body – Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Using the online program derived from Ayurveda, the ebook provides you with different product plans to help you in connecting with mind, body, and soul. The 60-day money back guarantee helps people in investing their money. In case you are not happy, you will get a refund.

      So there you go! I hope this review has helped you in getting a clear perspective of what you can expect with The Ayurveda Experience.