Top 5 Products From Home Health Care Shoppe – Largest Online Store For Your Medical Needs

Magnus Top 5 Products From Home Health Care Shoppe – Largest Online Store For Your Medical Needs

Magnus Top 5 Products From Home Health Care Shoppe – Largest Online Store For Your Medical Needs

Home Health care shoppe Products

Home health care shoppe offers you home medical supplies such as ankle supporters, wheel chairs, walkers, braces and many more at your doorstep.

With many online websites flourishing in the market by providing many helpful accessories to your customers, Home health care shoppe silently yet strongly offers you an array of home medical supplies such as wheel chairs, walkers, ankle supporters, braces and many more delivered right at your doorstep. You will also find pet supplies such as toys, litter box, beds for your dog/cat, crates etc. Scroll down to know more about the products and how exactly is this online website useful for you.

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What Is Home Health Care Shoppe?

Home health care shoppe is an online health website that caters to the needs of people who are in need of healthcare products such as bathroom safety products, electric scooters, wheelchairs that are designed for elders, kids as well. The website was started by a team of experienced pharmacists who have hands on experience in the medical field for more than 3 decades. Home health care shoppe also have a panel of doctors that will give you the best guidance and support whenever you need. The customer service is excellent in answering any queries regarding the products. The company has its head office in Port Coquitlam.

How Does Home Health care shoppe Work?

Just like any other online website, you can choose from a wide range of medical equipment’s, OTC medication, household items, pet properties etc. You can look up the reviews that will give you an idea of what exactly can you expect from a product. There are many reviews available for the products depending on various criterias such as price, quality, customer satisfaction, delivery time etc. If you are skeptical about a product, customer reviews will help you in giving you a wider perspective.

Almost all the products of home health care shoppe has been verified by SHOPPER APPROVED who are wizards in collecting actual reviews from customers. Home health care shoppe is a website that has been given a positive nod from shopper approved reviews which means the company has met all the criteria’s and have delivered utmost consumer satisfaction. You will be able to see it yourself the reviews put forth by consumers.

Home health care shoppe gives you many offers such as free shipping, returns policy and many more. If you subscribe to the newsletters you can stay updated of many offers provided by the website giving you the edge of having a good savings in your account.

Top 5 Products From Home Health Care Shoppe With Customer Reviews

Homehealthcareshoppe offers you top quality products that are manufactured based on GMP guidelines. The company makes sure that you are offered with potent products that are made using high quality products. Prices just fall in your budget without burning a hole.

Lady System Vaginal Cones From Home Health Care Shoppe

Have you ever had that moment when sudden sneezing can lead to impromptu urination? Or you might laugh out so loud that you had a little “accident”. Though hard to admit, if you are one who have to deal with sudden outburst at unexpected meetings, it can put you in am embarrassing position. Survey shows that one out of three women suffers from loss of bladder control which is called urinary stress incontinence.

Loss of bladder control can happen at unpredictable times for instance, while walking, running, lifting any heavy objections, coughing or sneezing.

Of course, there are medications available over the counter but that might just trigger another side effect. Natural therapies are available easily at a cheap price and if you are one of those who want to get rid of the problem without any antidotes then Lady System vaginal cones is best recommended.

How It Works

Lady system vaginal cones are basically an exercising device that helps you to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. You can contract the pelvic muscles much more easily thus having a good control over your urinary sensation.

Absolutely a breeze to use, the concept is quite simple. All you have to do is insert the lady system vaginal cones in the vagina. This will trigger a reflex contraction of your pelvic muscles. With the contraction you will be able to hold the cone enough to retain it for a few seconds. This will naturally strengthen the bladder and have you a good control over your tendency.

Side Effects

Though no side effects have been reported so far, potential side effect may include vaginal infection. Hence, it is always advised NOT TO share the vaginal cones with anyone.

Indications & Warnings

It is always better to consult your medical practitioner before starting out any new treatment for your own peace of mind. If you are pregnant and planning to use the lady system vaginal cones within 6 weeks following delivery ask your medical practitioner. If you have recently undergone episiotomy, C-section or any gynecological surgery, consult your doctor before using it.

Lady System Vaginal Cones Consumer Reviews

The product has received decent reviews from users who have tried the product. Women loved the product and claim that the results have been quite satisfactory. Easy to understand, procedure when followed properly can be a good experience.

The customer service too has been deemed helpful and patient enough to answer any queries thrown by users.

  • One user says – “Extremely useful product, this is the best side that does a commendable customer support as well. I am very happy and will be a repeat customer.”
  • Another user quotes – “Lightening speed delivery, the responses to mails are quick, even the chat support is quite prompt and they are easily available. Did I mention that the prices are comparable and just not over the top? Looking forward to buy more products from home health care shoppe.”

Aircast Pump – Aircast Shoulder C/C W/Clr XI W/Velc Pump

If you have recently undergone any surgery or have inflammatory arthritis, pain etc. in an area, then Aircast Shoulder C/C W/Clr XI W/Velc Pump from home health care shoppe can actually help you. It comes with cooler and cryo/cuff that completely covers the area which is affected.

How It Works

Simply connect the tube to the cooler. Once plugged on, it runs automatically with the water cycles going around producing cold water. The cycle is repeated so that it gives you soothing pleasure when applied to the affected area. The cooler can hold water upto 6-8 hours for cryotherapy. This is a non-motorized, gravity-fed system. Basically it means it moves the water without any motorized pump with the force of gravity.

Fill the cooler with ice or cold water. Give five minutes and occasionally shake to chill the water. Make sure to rest the cooler on bed or a table. The base of the cooler must be in line with the bottom of the cuff.

Aircast Pump – Aircast Shoulder C/C W/Clr XI W/Velc Pump Reviews

Majority of the reviews rely on the positive side. People claim that the product works efficiently without any troubles. It is absolutely easy to use. Many people use frozen water bottles than ice and switch them as needed during the day. People who are having bad knees or have dealt with recent surgery have benefited a lot from the product.

On the downside, however, few users opine that the gravity flow just does not work and it is always better to invest a bit more and go with electric Aircast pump. The price too is bit over the top for a product that does not come with an electronic motor.

  • One user says – “I currently own Aircast cyro/cuff unit. I ordered this product and felt like a replica of the original. The quality of the cuff is quite poor that I was actually hesitant on removing it out of the bag. Forget using it. While the cuff looked quite strong, the interior of the cuff seemed made using very flimsy and thin plastic that will rip off easily. I am gonna send it back. What I own is a durable product but what I received is not even worth $7.”
  • Another user says – “I had 5 surgeries on my ankle. I got this aircast for my ankle and it worked like wonders in alleviating the pain. I had full knee replacement surgery and ordered this again for me. It also benefits swelling in pain and cool cold mixed with air pressure really helps with the knee. I highly recommend everyone to get one of these.”

Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain From Home Health Care Shoppe

The petsafe drinkwell platinum pet fountain is one of the best innovative products ever designed for your pet. Just like humans it is vital that your pet stays hydrated. The fresh free falling water stream actually lures your pet to drink more which will keep him energetic and on “paws”. It also helps in keeping away any urinary and kidney diseases in your dogs. The unit comes with a reservoir that increases the capacity making refilling water a breeze. You will also find a snap on reservoir lid that can be used for easy water filling. The rubber feet prevent your from slipping over giving them easy access to water.

How it works

Not just humans but pets too deserve to drink pure filtered water. With Petsafe drinkwell platinum pet fountain from homehealthcareshoppe you will have just that. The unit comes with pre-filter that catches hold of all the large particles and metals from the water. The carbon activated filter makes sure that water is purified and all the hazardous metals and toxins pass through them. This makes the water absolutely pure and hygenic enough for your pet. The motor is submersible and works silent yet powerful. The whole unit can hold upto 1.3 gallons of water. The whole unit is made out of BPA plastic that is safe for your pet’s health.

With as low voltage as 12V, this is a must have for keeping your pet hydrated and happy. The product works great for both dogs and cats.

Note that the product is suitable only for indoor use. Manufactured by PetSafe they are one of best selling US manufacturers in pet products. You can choose between different styles – standard, standard with bonus cleaning kit and bundle that includes replacement filter as well.

Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Consumer Reviews

Believe it not, Petsafe drinkwell platinum pet fountain is one of the most reviewed products in amazon with more than 6000 reviews from users/pet owners.

Of course you can check it out for yourself, but the dominant side is the positive side. Many pet owners have actually benefited from the product. They quote that Petsafe drinkwell platinum pet fountain from home health care shoppe works efficiently just as claimed. Heck, many pet owners even uploaded videos of their cat/dog enjoying a fresh purified water right from the stream. And stating the obvious pets love the product.

NOTE that it is necessary to clean the system at least once or twice a week to get rid of clogged metals and residues from the water filter.

Customer Testimonials

Here are few of the user reviews.

  • One pet owner says – “A great product I had tried a competitor’s product that I got at a discount first. While my pets were not much excited, eventually they got used to it. The competitors product was okay but this is noisy and smaller. Even the water reservoir was quite small. Once I noticed they love the product and have started rinking, I went ahead and ordered this product. I cannot say enough about this product. It is very quiet and actually holds water better than before. The pump is quiet and works efficient. I need to refill it frequently since my pets love it and I don’t mind it at all. The cleaning process too is quite easy and it just snaps back together in a jiffy.”
  • Another reviewer says – “This is a great fountain and is absolutely easy to clean. When I first ordered I was having trouble cleaning because there was lot of slimes from the water. Frequent cleaning is trouble but then for the sake of your pet you need to set apart some time in cleaning.”

Negative reviews

On the down side, however, bunch of users do not love the fact that they have to make it a ritual to clean the unit. While there are benefits that are irreplaceable, the unit has certain con side. For instance removing and reinstalling the reservoir can be a headache. Pet fur, dust and other items that clog up making the bowl overflow. Energy bills are also a worry since many users claim that the system takes a lot of energy to function that might add up to your power bills.

Couple of users say that the pump designs resemble aquarium pumps that are magnetic in nature. This means that if you don’t clean them regularly, it is sure to make noise and ultimately burn out. Hence it is wise to clean the product regularly ensuring a good life of operation.

Evolution Walker, Evolution Series At Home Health Care Shoppe

Home health care shoppe presents Evolution Walker Evolution Series. The product is specially designed for those who are suffering from arthritic conditions, dealing with stroke conditions or for those who are dealing with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s.

How It Works

The Evolution series is available in four sizes and is currently one of the strongest and stable walkers you will ever find in market. The evolution series model uses 1-1/8” of cold rolled steel tubing. It is the same material that is used for mountain bikes. The product is made out of stainless steel and plated that protects it against corrosion. The frames are powder coated with UV which means the glossy shines remains at all time.

Mobility is easier with the Evolution Walker Evolution Series that will help you to go shopping in your neighborhood. The Arm Tough System makes it suitable for users who are unable to use standard handle. You will even find a plastic basket with tote bag affixed with the walker making it easy to hold groceries or any other items. Apart from strong frames, the plastic components are mold using toughest and high quality plastic that are resistant against temperatures upto 40 degree Celsius.

Strength is one of the most fantastic nature of Evolution Walker Evolution Series. The product can hold weight upto 400 lbs. The seat of the Evolution Walker Evolution Series is soft and helps you to rest yourself easily. Bigger models have equally large seating capacity and can hold optimum weight.

Did I mention that the Evolution Walker Evolution Series comes with lifetime warranty and a five-year insurance replacement policy against theft and vandalism?

Evolution Walker Evolution Series consumer reviews

Evolution Walker Evolution Series from Home health care shoppe has been loved by the users. Apart from expedite shipping and delivery, customer support is well appreciated by users. The quality of Evolution Walker Evolution Series is fantastic as many find the product absolutely light in weight and portable to transfer it anywhere.

Price seems to be the only downside here but when you have so many features combined in one it is definitely worth a try.

  • One user says – “A perfect product that is quite easy to assemble. It is light in weight and quite easy to fix compared to the one that I have used before. I would definitely recommend this to others.”
  • Another reviewer writes – “I had a knee surgery which means no weight lifting for 6-8 weeks. I used the evolution walker after my knee surgery. An excellent device which is definitely better than the regular crutches. It is absolute easy to assemble and quite comfortable.”

Aircast Penumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot) At Home Health Care Shoppe

Also known as foam walker or foam penumatic, Aircast Penumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot) from Home health care shoppe is to provide protection to the limb. It is available for people of all sizes – pediatric, small, medium, large and X-large. So choose the one that suits you the best.

How It Works

Designed to alleviate pain in foot and ankle due to fractures, sprains or injury, Aircast Penumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot) is recommended by many orthopedic doctors. The product comes with two adjustable distal aircells that deliver compression to the melleolus (bones on the side each ankle). You will also find a hand bulb air pump to inflate and flatten out the air dents thus helping you to customize the level of support of your brace. This will take the stress and pain while walking and deliver optimum comfort. It will also enhance the blood circulation of the knee and ankle promoting easy recovery.

Aircast Penumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot) is quite light in weight to prevent any discomfort and fits the ankle-knee area perfectly thus providing ample support to the limbs. The universal fit allows the brace to be worn on either of the legs – right or left easily.

Aircast Penumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot) Consumer Reviews

An erogonomic and moldable Aircast Penumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot), has received 4.5 out of 5 star ratings from amazon users which is pretty good. To be frank, it is a cocktail of both positive and negative reviews. Users report that they felt less pain after using the product. People who are dealing with high ankle pain or frequent sprains tend to love the product as it speaks comfort. Nevertheless they feel that if you want to get rid of the initial discomfort you need to buy a pair of socks that will cushion the comfort level. Of course, you need to change the sock twice a day to get rid of the odor as well.

Maintaining the boot is another thing. For instance, since you will be wearing them often, they can gather moisture. This means you need to wipe the inside of the braces to dry the condensation and prevent smell.

Now for the downside. A minor group of users report that Aircast Penumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot) does not work for everyone. For instance, one user claimed that he had used the walker for treating malleolus hairline fracture and high ankle sprain. He used the product for more than 3 weeks and his leg was still swollen. It doesn’t matter whether the boot was inflated or flat, the pain did not subside. He also suffered from tingling sensation. Such issue was vouched by other few users who said they also had to deal with such issues.

Few Reviews & Testimonials

  • One user says – “I am not impressed by the product. The cast would not stay inflated and the top strap on the front plastic would bruise my skin. Within a week this was awful. The boot is not that curvy either making it difficult to walk.”
  • Another user says – “It is quite oversized for a petite person like me. I am returning it as I can barely fit into it”.
  • An Amazon user – “I was suffering from high ankle sprain. Unlike other ankle sprains, this one required casting to heal. I was wincing with pain for more than 6 weeks as I was thinking it was a normal ankle sprain. Apparently something was wrong when my doctor ordered an MRI and found the problem. He put me in this cast and for the first time in 6 weeks I was able to walk without pain. It was like a miracle. This brace has air bladders on both sides that inflate using the hand pump. I can now walk without pain. An awesome product.”
  • One more from the Amazon review – “I was recommended to buy this product after incurring an injury on my right foot. I have a large partial tear about 2 inches from the bottom of my heel. It is extremely painful. I was apprehensive about the product. But I have to be honest. The air cast works just great. And I love how the air cells pump up to keep the ankle immobilized. They are easy to infalte and deflate as well. The price too was great. I am glad I bought it.”

Home Health Care Shoppe Shipping & Return Policy

You need to pay a small amount of fee as shipping charges when you are purchasing from Home health care shoppe. However, if you are ordering more than $300, you are eligible for FREE SHIPPING.

Home health Care shoppe does offer money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product you purchased, return them within 14 days from the date of purchase. You will be duly reimbursed. However, the company does say that clothes or medical devices/equipments that touch the body and skin are not eligible for returns due to health regulations.

Home Health Care Shoppe Discount Coupon Codes & Promo Offers

Subscribe to the newsletters of and you will get newsletters directly onto your inbox so that you won’t miss out on an interesting deal.

Furthermore, there are home health care shoppe discount codes and coupon codes available in many websites everyday assisting you to grab an offer immediately. You never know you might even be eligible for free shipping by simply punching in the code.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Health Care Shoppe

Can I buy Home health care shoppe products on Amazon?

Though not all, few of the prominent products such as evolution walkers are available at Amazon.

What is shopper approved ratings in the homehealthcareshoppe website?

Shopper approved is a website that collects ratings and reviews from consumers thus giving you a clear opinion of a website and their products. Home health care shoppe has been accredited by many consumers in their ratings and reviews as per shopper approved. You can check it for yourself these reviews and ratings simply by clicking on the logo of shopper approved on the website of home health care shoppe. Note that these are real reviews from users who have shared their experience regarding quality, customer support, delivery and so on while purchasing from home health care shoppe.

Where is the office of home health care shoppe located?

Home health care shoppe offices are located at Port Coquitlam, Canada and Vancouver, Canada.

How can I contact the customer care of home health care shoppe?

You can either message them using the form provided in the official website or you can call customer support at 1-877-333-4111 or mail them at

What is the facebook page of home health care shoppe?

Visit to know all updates about the company.

Can I order medicines from home health care shoppe?

Though only a handful there are over the counter medications such as Drixoral that are available in home health care shoppe.

Is there a blog for home health care shoppe?

You can visit the official blog of home health care shoppe at

Can I use the dog bed outside?

The Hugs pet products dog cool cot is fit for both indoor and outdoor use. It is washable and can take some good punishments. The best part is the portable bed is a mesh cot that keeps your pet cool even in hot summers.


Home health care shoppe is a website that holds a good reputation among people for their prompt service quality, delivery, customer support etc. This is what has given the company a good accreditation from the Shopper Approved customer reviews that you can see for yourself. Price is certainly a factor that needs good thinking as it certainly does not grow in the backyard. And cost of certain products can be a little daunting but as per customer reviews they are definitely worth a shot. If you are in a dilemma, give any of the product a shot. You have the return policy as a backup which ensures that your money is secured. This company and its people actually mean business and are not here for any games.

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