Top 5 Products From Supplement Central – Reviews

Magnus Top 5 Products From Supplement Central – Reviews

Magnus Top 5 Products From Supplement Central – Reviews

Rule One Protein Powder

If you are planning to build muscle without losing the muscle mass while cutting fat, this is best recommended for you

Supplement Central is one of the largest and most trusted supplements provider in the U.S. The company offers quality supplements that address various health issues.
These include sports nutrition, food nutrition, health supplements, vitamins/herbals, stacks and combos. Whether you want to look slim or that you need some extra energy for better performance, Supplement Central has everything that you are looking for. Here in this article, we shall be covering the top 5 supplements sold at Supplement Central. But before that, here’s the table of content.

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Supplement Central – Company Profile

Supplement Central a health supplement company was launched in the year 2001 in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. The company provides a huge selection of finest supplements across the globe. Although there are several online supplement providers that sell cheap supplements online, why does Supplement Central stand on top?

Because, Supplement Central carries all the top brands of the industry. It’s just an online store like amazon, wherein, new products are added weekly to update their customers. Shopping with Supplement Central would be a great experience for the user, as they provide 24/7 customer service. Another reason is that, Supplement Central offers free samples of some of the newest and best products in the market. We all have come across that moment, where we eagerly search in for a product ingredient and find nothing on the website. Here at Supplement Central, you need not worry about the information. The company provides all the relevant information about the product. What else, is required from a supplement provider?

Supplement Central Shop By health

At Supplement Central, you get to see many supplements that address many health conditions. This table will help you get a clear picture of the health conditions looked at Supplement Central.

Sports NutritionHealth/ WellnessFood/ NutritionVitamins/ HerbalStacks/ CombosAccessories/Equipment
Amino acidsAnti-agingBarsEnergy supplements and pillsComplete cyclesAccessories
CarbohydratesAnti-estrogenDrinks/ RTDSEssential oilsMuscle building stacksCompettition Prep
CreatineBath/ body productsGreen foods/Super foodsHerbal teasWeight loss stacksExercise equipment
Intra-workoutCardiovascularMRPSHerbsFitness clothing
Muscle buildersCholesterolNatural, organic, gluten-freeVitaminsFitness videos and books
Nirtric OxidesDetoxSnacksMineralsShaker bottles and mixers
Post workoutDigestive
Pre workoutImmune/ antioxidants
ProteinJoint/ bone health
Sleep-aidsLipids and fatty acids
Weight lossMen’s health
Women’s health
Sexual health
Mood enhancers

Rule One Proteins – Rule One Protein Powder The Best Protein Powder

Rule one proteins is a new kid supplement that offers protein powder for athletes. These products are strictly for fitness freaks, cross fitters, power lifters and bodybuilders. With more than 100 combined years of experience Rule one protein ensure that the supplement contains raw materials and ingredients of the finest quality. Rule one protein powders are nutrition supplements, made in the USA and adhere to strict safety and quality standards. The Rule one protein powder results are 100% accurate and comes under sports nutrition supplements.

Rule One Protein Powder Ingredients

Rule one proteins ingredients is what makes Rule one protein powder the best in the industry. It contains no fat, no carbs or cholesterol. Rule one proteins are one of the purest premium whey proteins available online.

Majority of people buying Rule one proteins powder have no idea of what they are buying. This is because, they really don’t know whats written there in the nutrition label. That is why Rule one proteins offers the complete information on its ingredients and how they are beneficial for one’s health.

  • 6 grams of BCAA: Rule one protein powder contains 25 grams of protein per serving. BCAA is used for muscle growth. BCAA is nothing, but Branched Chain Amino Acids. With BCAA, Rule one proteins allow you to experience muscle growth faster than never before. In addition to muscle growth, BCAA supports fat loss. It allows the body to use body fat for fuel during your workouts rather than muscle.
  • Added glutamine: Rule one protein powder also contains added glutamine. Added glutamine is the best ingredient for the improvement of protein metabolism. It supports healthy Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Glutamine is absolutely essential in order to get as much out of your workouts. It means increase in HGH levels, increases muscle growth.
  • Whey protein isolate with whey protein hydrolysate: there are many protein powders that come with whey protein concentrate ingredient. If you see this on the label, it is best that you don’t buy the product unless it uses protein isolate or whey protein hydrolysate, with small amount of whey protein concentrate. The two purest protein forms are the whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate.

Does Rule One Proteins Work ?

Rule one proteins or the R1 protein powder is the most effective protein powder available on the market. What you put into your body, right after the workout plays a vital role in bringing the desired results. Whether you are using it to put on muscle or to simply help your body recover from a tough workout session, R1 proteins are extremely effective,

When you use a protein powder with un-pure protein, fat, sugar, high carbs, high sodium and high cholesterol, you might probably gain muscle, but with that you also gain FAT. You need a clean formula that leaves the fat behind and increases the muscle mass. A clean formula is the lean formula, and that is R1 Proteins.

R1 Proteins Reviews – The Pros And Cons

When it comes to R1 Protein powder reviews, the product has many positive feedback. The pros you could find in Rule one protein is that it comes with ZERO fat, sugar, cholesterol, lactose, gluten, carbohydrates, calories and sodium.

Rule one proteins negative reviews: when it comes to Rule one protein powder cons, the only thing found was that the price is a bit expensive. Rule one proteins is not so inexpensive, not too expensive.

Performaxx Multi Vitamin Supplement

Performaxx are multi vitamin supplements for health-conscious adults. These ingredients takes the multi vitamin supplements to the next level. This product includes a proprietary blend of antioxidants, herbal extracts and added B vitamins for premium performance support.

We all know that athletes require a high nutrient intake than the average individual. They have intensifying muscle growth. Performaxx vitamins are specifc for meeting the needs of active individuals. The Performaxx tablets come with essential vitamins and minerals. It features powerful antioxidants such as astaxanthin and lycopene to maximize athletic build.

Performaxx Ingredients

Performaxx fitness capsule contains high Vitamin B to keep your body energized with the fuel it needs for optimum performance. The formula contains herbal extracts including Ginkgo and Ginseng that help in lowering the cortisol levels. It also helps to sharpen mental focus, keeping your mind as sharp and alert as your body. These nutrients together when blend together ensures optimal performance and recovery.

Other ingredients of Performaxx include gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, stearic acid and silica.

Performaxx Directions To Use – Performaxx Capsule Dosage

Performaxx is a dietary supplement. Take 1 Performaxx capsule with morning and evening meals.

Performaxx Nutrition Supplement Results

The Performaxx results may vary from person to person. Each person has their own unique characteristics. The way their body responds to the supplement differs. For some, the Performaxx supplement can bring effective results, while for others; there might not be any change.

Perofrmaxx Fitness Supplement Side Effects – Are There Any Side Effects For Perofrmaxx Tablets?

So far there have been no side effects as per user reviews for Performaxx.

Performaxx Reviews – What The Performaxx Customer Reviews Say?

At amazon, you can see many customers, giving their reviews on Performaxx vitamin supplement. Users adnut that Performaxx was a must have supplement to stay alert and active throughout the day. There were no such negative reviews on the Performaxx, in amazon.

San Mass Effect Revolution For Getting Enough Muscles

The San mass effect revolution 6.6 lb is a super performing muscle mass gainer. The Mass Effect Revolution by San Nutrition helps you gain muscles with it’s super powerful ingredients. The Octapure 8 is San’s unique time protein matrix that will feed your muscles, with enough protein and nutrients for hours. If you are striving to put on serious mass, get this all new San mass effect revolution.

San Mass Effect Revolution Ingredients

San mass effect revolution ensures anabolic and anti-catabolic qualities, with a variety of high-quality protein sources. Quick digesting hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and SPI-90 are the ingredients of San mass effect revolution. These help immediately to repair any damage in muscle tissue, gibing a mass effect revolution. The anti-catabolic properties of San mass effect revolution assure a trickle-free anabolic effect. San mass effect revolution also contains 5g of creatine monohydrate to ensure optimum volumization. It is easily digestible and quickly restores glycogen stores.

Other ingredients include MyoCarb matrix, rice bran powder, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, mass effect creatine, mass fusion, non-dairy sunflower creamer matrix, sodium caseinate, monoglycerides, diglycerides, dipotassium phosphate, soy lecithin, tocopherols, medium chain, natural and artificial flavors, sodium alginate, acesulfame K. MyoCarb matrix guarantees crucial muscle-feeding complex carbohydrates from sprouted rice bran and grains. San mass effect revolution is a sugar-free supplement.

It contains milk, soy and corn. The ingredients of San mass effect revolution are for the milk chocolate delight flavor. Other flavors may vary.

San Mass Effect Revolution Directions To Use

Add 4-8 heaping scoops of San mass effect revolution to a blender filled with 24-36 oz water. Blend for 45-60 seconds. If you need a cold shake, add a handful of ice cubes. For better taste, you can add calorie contributing ingredients like milk or fruits. And blend for another 30-45 seconds.

San Mass Effect Revolution Results

The individual San mass effect revolution results may vary. Each person’s body responds to the supplements in different way. The results can be positive for some, while for others, it might not bring any positive change. The San mass effect revolution reviews are based on the experiences of a few people.

San Mass Effect Revolution Reviews – What Does The Customer Reviews Say?

The customer reviews of San mass effect revolution on Amazon, were very less. There were just 2 customer reviews, of which one was a positive and the other negative. San mass effect revolution had very less information on their official website.

Optimum Nutrition Isolate Nutritional Supplement

Optimum Nutrition Isolate is one of the most top brands in sports nutrition. Its one of the most best selling nutrition supplement. Each scoop of Optimum Nutrition delivers 25 grams of high quality, fast acting protein, exclusively from premium ultra-filtered whey protein isolate. These ingredients of Optimum nutrition help to support muscle building needs after training.

Optimum Nutrition Isolate Ingredients

Protein, ultra-filtered isolate and faster acting than non-isolate, naturally occurring essential amino acids. Just 1g sugar and 1g fat. Optimum nutrition Isolate is just 1g sugar and 1g fat. It is gluten free.

Other ingredients include whey protein isolate, cocoa, natural ad artificial flavors, lecithin, salt, cellulose gum, sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

Optimum Nutrition Directions To Use

Add one scoop of Optimum nutrition Isolate to a glass or shaker cup, filled with 6-8 fl oz water, milk or your favorite beverage. Stir or shake for 20 to 30 seconds or until powder is completely dissolved.

Making an isolate smoothie: If you would like to try a smoothie with this supplement, use an electric blender and add fresh or frozen fruits, nuts and juices. If you want to get the taste of a shake, you can add some ice cubes to the mix. This will enhance the taste of your smoothie and texture.

Optimum Nutrition Dosage

For healthy adults, take enough protein to meet your daily protein requirements with a combination of high protein foods and protein supplements throughout the day. This can be taken as a part of balanced diet and exercise program.

Optimum Nutrition Results

Individual results for Optimum nutrition may vary, depending on the individual body nature and characteristics. The reviews are based on the experience of few people. This might be effective for some users.

Optimum Nutrition Reviews – What Does The Optimum Nutrition Customer Reviews Say?

Users claim that Optimum nutrition very effective in delivering quality proteins, vital for optimum growth. The taste of Optimum nutrition too is quite satisfactory. Few claim that “It was one of the best protein supplements found on the market.” the Optimum nutrition has made them feel full and no gross aftertaste.

Optimum Nutrition L Glutamine Powder

Glutamine is the amino acid found in abundance. It is found in skeletal muscle and the primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle cells. Glutamine is rapidly diminished during intense workouts, leading to decreased strength, endurance and recovery. Supplementing with L-Glutamine helps quickly replenish the muscle glutamine levels to minimize muscle breakdown and enhance protein synthesis.

Studies have found that an inadequate level of glutamine inhibits protein synthesis after exercise. This can result in poor muscle building. But with L-Glutamine powder from Optimum Nutrition, you get speedy recovery after workout. It replenishes vital muscular amino acid stores. Glutamine also increases energy, so that you can hit the gym even harder with your next workout.

L-Glutamine Powder Ingredients: The L-Glutamine powder contains pure L-glutamine, as its primary ingredient.

L-Glutamine Powder Benefits

During prolonged periods of intense workouts, the glutamine levels can be depleted. This may affect the protein synthesis. The L-Glutamine powder from Supplement Central, is a simple way to supplement your diet with this amino acid. Just one table spoon of glutamine powder provides more glutamine than 4 jumbo eggs, 4 oz of lean beef and 4 oz chicken breast.

  • L-Glutamine powder is made with pure L-Glutamine.
  • It has an unmatched flavor taste.
  • You can add L-Glutamine powder to protein and MRP shakes. It mixes easily with a spoon.
  • L-Glutamine powder bottle comes in various sizes.
  • The L-Glutamine in L-Glutamine powder supports muscle recovery efforts.

L-Glutamine Powder Directions To Use/Usage

Mix one teaspoon of L-Glutamine powder with 8 oz water or your favorite beverage. Use as directed by your physician or licensed nutritionist. Use 1-2 servings daily for best results.

L-Glutamine Powder Results

L-Glutamine powder can have results that may vary from person to person. For some, L-Glutamine powder will show positive results, while for some, it may not show any results.

L-Glutamine Powder Reviews – What Does The L-Glutamine Powder Customer Reviews Say?

The customer reviews of L-Glutamine powder say that the product was good in dealing with the soreness after exercise. For another user, L-Glutamine powder has helped to deal with fibromyalgia. Users found an increase in strength after supplementing L-Glutamine powder. There were no such negative reviews or side effects reported from the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does R1 Protein Powder taste good?

Well, whether you know it or not, extremely nutritious supplements tend to taste bad. This is because they don’t contain any sugar or fat, sodium level will be low, with no additives.

Does L-Glutamine powder help me with fibromyalgia?

Chronic fatigue that arises from fibromyalgia can be reduced with the supplementation of Optimum Nutrition L-Glutamine powder.

From where to buy Performaxx optimum nutrition supplement?

You can buy Optimum Nutrition Perofrmaxx supplement from their official webpage or from amazon. It is always good to buy the product from their official website to avoid scams and risks of duplicate products.

Are there any L-Glutamine powder side effects reported ?

No. the L-Glutamine powder does not have any serious side effects.

Can I buy L-Glutamine powder from amazon?

Yes. L-Glutamine powder is listed in amazon. You can either buy L-Glutamine powder from their official webpage or from amazon.

Are there any San mass effect revolution side effects?

The San mass effect revolution does not have any side effects so far.

What are the L-Glutamine powder benefits I can get?

You can expect to get increased strength after workout. It builds up your muscles and promotes speedy recovery after training.

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