Bad breath is something that we come across in our day to day lives. It might affect anyone at anytime and is caused due to different factors.

Think if I had a bad breath issue. Out of blue I started using a random mouth wash absolutely for nothing. And soon I started getting sensitivity issues just like that. Mouth washes are just useless and they are loaded with chemicals that cause tooth sensitivity. If you really want to use something that doesn’t cause any sensitivity issues then use something that is neutral. Okay since I got fed up with mouthwashes I started looking for natural supplements that will maintain oral health in perfect condition.

Here in this article I am going to mention top five natural supplements that can prevent bad breath problems.

I have come across many people who suffer from this problem. At times it becomes really difficult to carry out conversations when the person sitting next to you has bad breath. Sometimes the person himself is unaware of the problem until someone takes the pain to tell the issue openly. There are a couple of instances where I had to open up and say that “you are having bad breath issue. Why don’t you meet a dentist?”.

I became so obsessed about the fact that what people would

How Does Bad Breath Occur?

  • Garlic and onions are not just the culprits that cause bad breath but there is something more to it. Bad breath occurs due to plaque, decayed particles in the mouth, inflammation inside the gums, tooth decay, smoking and even certain medications. Maintaining oral hygiene is the first requisite to stop bad breath problems and we can achieve the same from having healthy foods.

Tips To Prevent Bad Breath

  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly to remove food particles stuck in between your teeth
  • Drink enough water to prevent dehydration which is one of the main causes of bad breath.
  • Use mouthwashes with neutral substances and not those loaded with chemicals
  • Eat healthy diets and natural foods in their raw form.
  • Eat lots of fruits like sugarcane which is really good for oral health.
  • Salt water gargles are really great to remove unfriendly bacteria from the mouth
  • Consume less sugar candies and sugar filled food stuffs to protect your teeth.
  • Take calcium and zinc supplements to protect oral health and prevent bad breath problems
  • Detoxify your body with help of lemon and other natural edibles. This will help to eliminate waste material from our body.
  • Water

This is the first supplement that I have included in my list and you might be thinking “how can water help to deal with bad breath?”.

When your mouth becomes dry it simply means that the tongue and the fleshy areas around your teeth are getting accumulated with dead cells. Moreover saliva contains essential compounds that fight against bad bacteria that causes unpleasant odor. So if you want your saliva to be active then supply your body with adequate water. Saliva is full of oxygen, antibodies and it is kind of a natural mouth wash. These properties make it anti-bacterial and it is the best oral hygiene product that is free of cost. People who drink less water are more prone to bad breath issues therefore stay hydrated to keep your oral health in perfect condition.

  • Yogurt

This is one of the natural supplements that can help the body to deal with many issues starting from digestion problems, bad breath and even to maintain a healthy skin tone. Yogurt helps to neutrailize dietary acids and suppresses the activity of hydrogen sulfide which is one of the culprits behind bad breath. It is produced when the food particles stay behind in between your teeth and decays. Many research studies have found that having two servings of yogurt on a daily basis can help to reduce halitosis.

It is a probiotic supplement that helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and gut health. Bad breath can also happen due to unhealthy digestive system and gut health. By taking yogurt you are actually replenishing the body with friendly flora which strengthens the digestive tract. It also reduces the growth of bad bacteria inside our gut which is the main reason behind bad breath. If you are worried about calories then you can go for low fat Greek yogurt or other low fat ones available in the markets.

  • Peppermint

This is one of the oldest herbs that are used to target bad breath. I read in many articles over the net that it only helps to mask the odor and does not help to prevent bad odor from its root. But that is entirely a wrong perception and in fact this herb actually targets the root cause.

Peppermint helps to detoxify the body and helps to eliminate toxins and unwanted particles from our body. Peppermint is not only a refreshing herb but also a liver friendly herb. Having a bad breath problem can probably be an indication that elimination of wastes via liver is not happening the way it should be. Drinking peppermint juice or just chewing a few leaves (natural raw leaves and don’t run behind artificial mint flavored stuffs) will help you to get rid of bad breath and promotes the growth of friendly bacteria. This herb also contains active minerals like zinc and calcium which are very essential for maintain oral hygiene .This herb should be included in your daily diet and it is the best natural supplement for oral health.

  • Raw natural foods

When I say natural raw foods it means fruits and veggies rich in fiber. Biting, chewing and munching raw foods are actually a great way to floss and remove particles that are stuck in between our teeth. For example take sugarcane. Have you ever tried eating sugar cane in its raw form by using your teeth? Well if not then try at least once. You will understand what I am trying to say. Sugar cane helps to maintain perfect oral healthy by strengthening the gums, flossing our teeth naturally with its fibers and removes plaque just like that.

You can also reap some of the benefits by drinking sugar cane juice as it contains essential elements that are good for oral health. Sugar cane helps to fight bad breath as it is alkaline in nature and is the best anti-microbial supplement available naturally. You can also consume carrots, guava, apple, jack fruit and other raw fruits. Eating them will help you to scrap out plaque naturally without the help of any mouthwash or chemicals.

  • Green tea

This one is already known as a super food as it helps to prevent cancer and many other deadly diseases. Now what’s new is that; a group of scientists from Israel have found that this super food is the best supplement to treat bad breath. According to them green tea actually helps to prevent tooth decay, bad breath and other oral health problems. It contains essential antioxidants called as polyphenols.

This antioxidant helps to destroy bad bacteria and other compounds that contribute to bad breath. I am an ardent fan of green tea and it has helped to get rid of many skin problems. If you want to eliminate bad breath from its base then sip a cup of green tea the first thing in the morning. Green tea is a great detox for the body as it helps the liver to eliminate wastes and maintains healthy digestive tract. It prevents the growth of unhealthy cells and microbes inside our body. Now this natural supplement is something that you should never avoid. Go green tea and live a healthy life.


By now you would have got an idea about what all foods can help to fight bad breath. I really hope that you will bring the above info into practice in your daily life for better oral health. I always find different ways to maintain oral health in perfect condition as I don’t want to sit with my mouth wide open in front of a dentist. Start eating healthy raw foods, incorporate essential minerals like zinc and calcium in your daily diet. Drink green juices as they help to kill microbes and build a better digestive system. Also consume vitamin D rich supplements that will help to maintain perfect oral health.

Bad breath is not a problem for the one who has it but for the other person who actually wants to converse with you. Beware; anyone can have this problem and the best way is to eat good food and drink plenty of water. Maintaining oral hygiene is the best way to keep away bad breath… Stop getting embarrassed and start taking preventive measures to fight bad breath. If you have bad breath problem “don’t panic and remember it can be prevented with healthy habits and lifestyle”.