Top Dog diabetes signs To Watch For

Blood sugar gold For Dogs

Blood Sugar Gold  natural remedy for diabetes and high blood sugar in dogs.Diabetes is a common disease in dogs now. The top Dog diabetes signs can help you diagnose the disease and take care in administering the right treatment before it goes worse. Dogs these days are affected by diabetes due to its life style and the food they eat. Packed commercial food often come with food additives, chemicals and preservatives along with sugar , all of which are not meant to be consumed by pets.

Causes & Symptoms Of Dog diabetes

  • Weakness and Fatigue: A common sign that your dog is affected with Diabetes includes Fatigue and weakness. A short run or a walk which usually kept the dog more fresh and something the dog liked seems to be tiring it now. A Frisbee game usually doesn’t last for more than 5-10 minutes and your dog is out of breath now! They also tend to move in to their den and are lethargic most of the time.
  • Increased thirst: Diabetic dogs often show signs of excessive thirst. This one of the Dog diabetes signs you need to watch out for. Its Quite easy to spot and if it is continuous for more than a few days, its time to flag. With increased thirst also comes increased urination.
  • Increased Appetite with weight loss : Now this is a strange condition. Usually you will see the weight loss only after weeks or months but the increased appetite is often seen in the second or third week.
  • Dull Hair, Cloudy Eyes : Most dogs loose their hair when diabetic. They are also dull in coat shine and lose texture. The eyes are cloudy too and some dogs lose vision.
  • Depression : This is the first sign to watch out for. Your dog will often go to a corner of the house and stay there for hours. You can see the depression in his eyes.

Blood Sugar Gold For Dog Diabetes

Blood sugar gold unique formula will help in supporting the blood sugar levels in your dogs. This product utilizes the best known herbs for the maintenance of blood sugar levels in the dog. This product also contains herbs that support their liver and eye health.

These Dog diabetes signs are quick pointers to alert you. Natural diet and a natural treatment for dogs can help your dog recover from its conditions quickly without side effects.


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