Why do you think monkeys are happy? Simple. They chow down bunch of bananas that lifts their blood sugar levels which in turn increases their positive spirit. While we are not monkeys, we can however, keep up the sugar levels with bananas. Read on to know all about this fruit while knowing about banana fun facts.

Low blood sugar levels are often a problem that is seen with many diabetic people. This condition is called hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It occurs when the body does not produce enough sugar that can be used as energy.

Why low blood sugar occur?

There are a lot of causes behind low sugar levels such as poor diet, medications etc. Even hardcore exercising can trigger low blood sugar levels. If you are having some of the following symptoms, then you may be dealing with hypoglycemia.

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  • Confused feeling
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Irritative mood
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety levels
  • Feeling shaky
  • Increased appetite

How does banana helps raising the blood sugar level?

Many diabetics feel that bananas may increase the level of blood sugar, if consumed moderately, it can really calm your senses and other hypoglycemia symptoms. The reason is because banana contains high amount of carbs than any other fruits.

So, next time you are dealing with any hypoglycemia symptoms, consume small amount of banana (1-2) that can convert the carbohydrates to glucose for providing energy in your body. It will also help the pancreas to produce more insulin for the glucose to be absorbed by the body cells.

Do note that no more than 40-45gms of carbs should be consumed by a diabetic for the risk of increasing blood sugar levels more than required. Apart from that, bananas are a profit for supporting your overall health because of the fiber, potassium and vitamin C contents they have.

Many people feel vigilant about the glycemic index (GI) or Glycemic load (GL) that reflects the effect of food on blood sugar levels. The reason is because many foods contain high level of glycemic index that can shoot up the blood sugar levels. Consume foods that contain moderate amount of GI/GL that can balance your blood sugar levels without harming your health. Do not worry about bananas as they have very low GI content.

Benefits of bananas for your body

The creamy, luscious fruits is favored by everyone, be it kids or adults. Its not because of its taste but also because of its rich components. We will see here how bananas complete your body.

Guards your cardiovascular health

Bananas are one of the best source of potassium that helps in stabilizing the blood pressure range. This helps in normalizing the function of the heart and keeping it healthy. A group of researchers tracked around 40,000 American health practitioners for over four years to determine the effect of banana. It was concluded that people who consumed the potassium rich banana had lesser risk of cardiac arrest and balance in blood pressure levels.

Good for Digestion

Bananas contain good level of fiber that helps the body to digest the food you consume. Do you know that a medium sized banana contains only about 3 grams of fiber. This nutrient will speeden up the process of digestion that will convert the carb to sugar and the sugar content in the foods to energy well balanced.

Boosts energy levels

Bananas contain high amount of vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbs. This makes it most favored among athletes. A research conducted resulted that banana can be an easy winner when compared to any processed beverage. Why waste your money and health on processed and artificial flavored drinks when you can derive umpteen benefits from a simple banana that is not only cost effective but goes quite well with health too. Banana also has the power to reduce any muscle cramps often found when you are undergoing any exercise. Do you know that eating just two bananas before a good workout can boost enough energy to sustain it all the way through work out.

Since bananas come with three natural sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose, it can help your body to control the blood sugar levels that you won’t get from a candy or chocolate. Consume two bananas in office that can regulate your mood and keep you alert all day.

Affects the mood levels

Do you know that bananas can affect the mood levels? Bananas contain B vitamins and especially B6 that can help many PMS sufferers regulate their blood glucose levels that will definitely reflect the mood levels. Even during times when you are feeling nervous, take a banana and relish it. The tryptophan (amino acid) is converted to serotonin that gives you the calming effect. When consumed regularly, bananas can help people overcome depression.

Do you ever wonder why you get irritated or frustrated at times? Yes, its a situation that makes you but apart from that this is another way your body conveys the message to you that you need potassium. Potassium boosts the brain power that is lavishly found in bananas. It even contains high level of iron that can help you combat anemia.

11 interesting things about bananas

Here, I list out 11 interesting things about bananas which I promise you won’t even have known about.

  • Bananas come in various colors which includes red
  • While single row of bananas are called ‘hand’, single banana is known as ‘finger’.
  • Bananas have 75% water.
  • The plantains of bananas are harder and are often used in cooking. They even contain less sugar content rather than its result, bananas.
  • India stands number one in producing bananas.
  • Fibers derived from banana plants are utilized for making clothes.
  • Chomp on a banana between meals for controlling the blood sugar levels
  • Having trouble with wart? Take a piece of banana peel and keep the inside portion on the affected area. Keep it for some time. Do it regularly and watch the wart vanish.
  • Want to quit smoking? Munch on some bananas that contain whole B-vitamins that will not only strengthen your will power but also help you recover easily especially during the ‘withdrawal phase’.
  • No more morning sickness when you have banana at your palm. Have banana between meals that will balance off the blood sugar levels and reducing nausea.
  • Banana peels can taste delicious once cooked.

Foods that boost your low sugar levels

Imagine you are in a mall and you are suddenly triggered with a shaking feeling in your body or you are in a plane and suddenly feel dizzy. Take it from me, that’s not good. I, too have to deal with fluctuating low sugar levels that pokes its nose when least needed. But you can always elude it with these quick foods.

Low blood sugar levels are not that dangerous but yes, you need to take appropriate steps or else you can lose consciousness. If at all you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, here are some of the foods that can also help you boost the low blood sugar levels and bring you right on track. This list benefits those who are traveling.

  • One half cup of fruit juice
  • one cup of milk
  • one half cup of non-diet soda
  • two to three candies
  • three to four glucose tablets
  • a tablespoon of sugar or honey
  • dry fruits such as cranberries or raisins
  • chocolate cookies
  • fruits such as blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, blackberries etc.
  • a small snack that includes a sweet food

I often carry a mint or cookies with me as I never know when low blood sugar level can occur. Hey, its better to be safe than sorry.

Banana recipes for raising blood sugar level

Here are some banana recipes that not only boost your energy and blood sugar levels but also keep you healthy. Note that these recipes are perfect for people dealing with diabetes.

Banana Bread

All you need is 15 minutes and banana bread is ready to serve. Unlike ordinary bread that you get at food stores, banana bread comes with all the right ingredients. The chef adds rolled oats, honey crunch wheat germ, walnuts finely chopped, vanilla extract along with the bananas.

Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

With softened light butter, blended sugar, ripe bananas, you are just minutes away for the perfect mini muffins that are not only healthy but scrumptious too. The chef adds bananas with egg and beats them so as to prevent any lumps. The vanilla and sugar (brown and white) are perfectly blended in the mixer to give you the luscious taste of vanilla.

Fruit Salad with Mojito Dressing

The Magical Mojito really waves its wand and adds sparkle to give this fruit salad a perfect dressing. Mojito comes with a mix of canola oil, lime juice, club soda, white rum and many more. Its all fruits here that really “makes” this dish. The chef takes mango, pineapple and chops them bite size pieces. Now taking a cup of strawberries, he slices them neatly. The cantaloupe, papaya and bananas makes the fruit salad worth a dip.
For more recipes, check this website: http://diabeticgourmet.com/recipes/Fruit/Banana/

Before you go, keep note of the basic principles of life such as eating healthy and exercising regularly. While low blood sugar levels certainly can’t be avoided, you can certainly decrease its frequent unwanted arrival by consuming the right foods. People dealing with low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) can consume bananas at a low level. However, for safe side consult your dietitian if you are under any medication. If you are unaware of your blood sugar levels, get it tested promptly and do not neglect your health.

Banana Fun Facts

Here are some of the fun but true facts that you didn’t know about Bananas:

  • One the top list of Banana fun facts is its scientific name – musa sapientum which has a hidden meaning ‘fruit of wise men’.
  • Hawaii is the only place in USA where bananas are grown commercially. Here is an interesting fact. Majority of the bananas that Americans eat are imported from countries such as Latin America, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, South America etc.
  • Did you know that banana is the fourth most agricultural fruit and more than 100 billion bananas are consumed every year in the world?
  • Bananas grow on plants and not on trees. These plants are actually herbs and are termed world’s largest herb.
  • 75% of the banana weight is water.
  • Moving the bananas fun facts further, did you know that bananas first appeared in written history in 6th century BC.
  • Low in calories, bananas are void of sodium, fat, cholesterol and are rich in vitamin c, potash, vitamin b6 and loads of fiber.
  • Banana fun facts continues with the fact that it is the only fruit that includes the amino acid that produces serotonin that can alleviate depression.