The modern life has lot of pollutants and toxins lingering in the air. The same air we breathe every day I no longer fresh at any time of the day. If you believe your home is clean and has fresh air then you are in the wrong. A clean home is also a hub of toxic chemicals. These toxins enter in many ways and we breathe, consume, and come into contact with them every day.

Here are a few toxin origins at our homes & tips to get rid of it

In the kitchen: The kitchen has the toxins in the fruits and vegetables from the market. Unless they are organic, they bring in a lot of pesticides and other chemicals. These chemicals can cause many health problems. Washing it well and scrubbing them is all we could do, but sometimes that may not be enough. Going organic is the best option, or rather, grow them yourself.

On the walls: The glue used to join the two pieces of the board contains many volatile compounds. These compounds are emitted when the temperature and humidity are higher inside. This problem is seen more with dry walls. Replacing the drywall with natural ones would be beneficial. Sometimes the chemicals used to seal the insulation also give lots of toxic chemicals. The pressed wood will have the carcinogen, formaldehyde that can cause eye irritation and other discomforts. These chemicals will never end up being emitted. Their presence may be seen even after years. So try as much to have alternatives and go green.

In your closet: Well, this might sound strange but, we do have some chemicals inside our closet. The clothes that are dry washed are washed with chemicals. One of them is the solvent perchloroethylene, which is cancerous. So get the cloth out of the plastic as soon as you reach home and hang it in a ventilated area. Alternately, choose a washer that uses water to clean the clothes, without damaging.

Faucets: The old faucets will have lead in them which will be transferred to the water running inside. The person who uses this water will have many skin problems and other disorders sooner or later. The chlorinated water also poses problems as they can give way to chloroform and other trihalomethanes. Then there is arsenic which is cancerous. If you have old plumbing change it soon. Use cold water from the pipes as the hot water can take more lead from the pipe. If the water has chlorine, collect the water and keep it open for a long while to allow it to go. You may also want to shorten your shower time.

Wood: The deck is constantly in contact with the germs and dirt from outside. The rain and snow would also add to the dampness that favors the fungus and other micro-organisms. These germs will move on to the furniture kept outside and other play equipment. This furniture would also have arsenic in them when they are treated with pressure. To get rid of these toxins, paint the wood with latex paint or polyurethane once a year, and also have timely touch-ups. The support post can get the arsenic down into the groundwater as well. Replacing them with another alternative would be recommended.

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Cleaning products that are used to keep the kitchen and household clean contains a lot of chemicals that are toxic not just to the microbes but also toxic to us humans. If the doors and windows are closed when they are being sprayed, these toxic substances stay inside the home. So let the fresh air come inside and have the volatile toxins out of the home. Also, try natural products that do not let out more toxins and volatile substances into the air.