My first love was my mother’s milk that had sweet taste but that changed over the time when I felt the warmth of the pizza box on my lap. The rich layer of cheddar with every one of those bright garnishes made me enjoy overlooking whatever is left of the world. As nothing is perpetual in this world my affection for food needed to meet a deplorable end as my cholesterol levels began rising impressively.
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Cholesterol is the main desperado who plays the bad mans role and prevents us from indulging in our desires. No man can survive on this earth without food and eating food that is tasteless is same as living like the dead.

My cholesterol levels had gone up the graph and my health expert ordered me to meet a pretty dietitian along with medications. She handed over to me a list of edibles that I had to munch on for the rest of the life. Trust me I was taken aback and felt a pain in my heart as I no longer can eat what I wish to eat. Doubtlessly I never kept any limits or points of confinement when I ate and simply had anything that was enticing. I never depended on the calories nor paid any notice to my mother’s voice. I couldn’t simply oppose every one of those broiled snacks and cheddar rolls at whatever point I saw them. I now lament for what I did but I really love my food, my first love. Listen to the sound of my heart to feel the pain.

“Oh food there is nothing more appealing than your love

Your sensual touch summons my taste buds to sprout

Creamy mushy cozy warmth different names to bestow upon you

God has given intimate romance as thy

Noting tempting ever divine like you

I fear those moments when my cholesterol spikes

No more would I be able to feel your taste on my lips “

Well, few days passed and I was put on a strict diet. To be frank I seriously started feeling ill not because of my cholesterol but due to the tasteless food that I was swallowing. That is the point at which my mother took pity on me and began investigating diverse sustenance that I can eat without trading off on the taste element.

I know there are bunches of food lovers out there haunted by cholesterol levels and who feel tired of eating tasteless foods. So folks are you ready to skip bland food and bounce back to your normal life then here is a list of foods that can fix your taste buds and at the same time battle with the cholesterol.

Foods That Lower Your Cholesterol Level

  • Lean white chicken breast

Recipe: Boil the medium chicken breast with a pinch of turmeric powder. Now slightly grind the boiled breast in a mixer grinder. Take a pan and add one chopped green bell pepper along with some pepper powder for flavor. Salt is optional instead you can add a pinch of lime juice. You can add few drops of olive if necessary.

  • Spinach with potatoes

Eating spinach is a tedious job and most of us don’t like to take it alone. So to make it tastier you can add boiled potatoes and egg whites.

Take a nonstick pan and add few drops of olive oil then add chopped onions and sauté for a minute. Chop the spinach leaves coarsely and add them to the pan along with some chili flakes and a pinch of salt. Now add some water and let it cook. Remove and keep it aside and in the same pan fry the egg whites without oil. Now mash a boiled potato and mix it with egg white and stir fry for some time. If you want you can add few drops of olive oil. Spread the potato and egg white mixture on top of the cooked spinach to have a sumptuous meal.
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  • Low fat curd with walnuts

Take a bowl with some plain low-fat yogurt and in that add a few chopped walnuts along with some pistachios. You can have this as a snack during mid meals. It is not only tasty but very low in calories and helps to fight cholesterol.

  • Strawberries smoothie with basil seeds

Strawberries are low in calories and contain health boosting compounds such as anthocyanin. It was found in a study conducted by Spanish and Italian researchers that eating strawberries on a daily basis helps to lower bad cholesterol level within a month.

Strawberries are a must on your shopping list!

Take a cup full of strawberries and two tablespoons of plain fat-free yogurt. Blend them well and add basil seeds (soak them in water few hours before so that they can swell) for a great taste. You can have this for your breakfast or during snack time.

  • Jagerry with peanuts

Take one cup of roasted peanuts with their skin removed. Now in a vessel add jaggery powder along with some water to make syrup. When the jaggery starts to thicken up well, remove it from the flame and pour it over the roasted peanuts and allow them to set. Use a nonstick or a greased plate below the peanuts so that they don’t stick to the bottom. Once set you can cut them and store in an airtight container. Guess what peanuts have zero mg cholesterol and jaggery also helps to reduce cholesterol.

  • Salmon with a glass of wine

When it comes to cholesterol fish is an optimum choice to go with. They not only taste great but also deliver healthy fats which are essential for the body. You can grill the salmon with some pepper, salt and lemon juice sprinkled over it. In addition to that, you can have a glass of wine which is a heart-friendly treat.

  • Brown rice with green gram sprouts

The half cup of brown rice along with boiled green gram sprouts are not only tasty but rich source of fiber for the body. You can also include plain fat-free yogurt mixed with cucumber slices as a side dish to impart taste.

  • Vanilla sponge cake topped with pineapple

Beat the egg whites to soft peaks and add cake flour, baking powder, two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of plain yogurt. Include chopped banana and strawberries instead of sugar. Now add some vanilla essence to the batter and top it with pineapple slices. Bake the same in an oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes. Your sponge cake is ready.
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Few tips to lower cholesterol

  • Eat 10 times a day instead of 3. In simple terms munch on mini meals at regular intervals rather than filling your stomach at one go. It is found in certain studies that eating less at regular intervals was found to reduce cholesterol than having 3 full heavy meals.
  • Walking is the best method that has worked for me over the years. But try to remain consistent on your walking routine as that is the key to maintain your numbers below the levels.
  • A pod of garlic a day keeps the bad cholesterol at bay so consume it early morning in an empty stomach. Trust me it will do wonders.
  • If you don’t like to spend time doing exercises then indulge in gardening as it is the best way to beat stress and burn your fats.
  • If you badly want to get the taste of chocolate in your tongue then go get those darker shades as they contain flavonoids which help to reduce cholesterol. Beware and stay away from milk chocolates.

Stay away from cholesterol-lowering drugs, Want to know why?

Statins are the main class of drugs that are prescribed to reduce LDL levels but do you know they have adverse side effects on the long run. They might cause your muscles to ache constantly, get the hell out of your memory and in worst cases may trouble your liver. According to reports from the University of Wisconsin hospital, it was stated that around 11% of the patients suffered from severe muscle pain when on statins. High doses are considered as harmful and produce adverse side effects so it is wise to stay away from drugs.

What I learnt from my love for food?

Everything that is tempting has a negative gift to offer but if you stay in limits you will survive the calamity. I didn’t draw a line where I had to stay but kept on moving without counting the calories. Past is past and cannot be undone but I don’t regret for what I have already done and gone through. Right now am staying healthy by making right choices and eating what my body needs.

All I would say is eat healthily and find ways to cope up with problems than going the usual way. I made my choice hope you would do the same.