A clean and clear glowing skin is a dream of everyone and the same is very hard to obtain in the present day with the increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. Today people have become so busy that they don’t get enough time to spend with their family let alone on their skin treatment. The other problem 80 percent of people facing is ‘hairFall’ and now the condition has become so severe that going completely hairless is now termed as fashion, which girls are also following for they find bald heads a better option than a thin and lifeless string of hair. Now one of the easy and best ways to protect your skin and hair from the harmful ultraviolet rays and dangerous pollution and to get back their luster is cosmetics. treatyourskin.com (Treat Your Skin) provides a wide range of hair and beauty products of luxurious quality. They contain products of high-quality brands and you will be astonished at the number of brands and products they have on their list. The following are the various categories that they cover on their website.

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TYS and Skin

Skin is a very sensitive part of your body and to maintain its beauty is one of the difficult tasks. Today the market is flooded with skin care products, but one has to be very careful before applying anything to their skin, as said your skin is very sensitive and can experience severe reactions if the wrong product is used. TYS (‘Treat Your Skin’) provides a big list of high-quality skin products. Skin creams of all types can be found on this website. Anti-aging creams that most of the 30+ people use these days, moisturizers to keep your skin moisturized and supple, acne cure creams, special creams for new mother, baby skin care products, lip balms, skin brightening lotions and creams, eye brightening creams like dark circle removers, face masks and various other skin related products all at one place.

Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer

treatyourskin.com (Treat Your Skin) provides a wide range of beauty products of luxurious quality. They contain products of high-quality brands.

TYS (Treatyourskin) and Body

Face is the most cared part of your body and hands and legs the most neglected one. But these parts also need care and treatment. Treat your skin has in its website a collection of various foot care, hand and nails care, stretch marks remover products. That will give you results like manicure and pedicure.


21 century is definitely a glamorous gen and makeup has become an inevitable part of it. In treatyourskin.com, from eyelashes to lipsticks you will find everything that you need to get that glamorous party look or the simple descent office look.


TYS your skin has a good collection of Korres scents for both men and women and they are available in different fragrances.

Gift Sets

One of the most interesting categories. Who does not like to get gifts?! Gifts are one of the most beautiful way of expressing and providing your loved ones with the needed things. TYS contains a wonderful set of gift sets.

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Treat Your Skin and Hair Care

Hair is a very delicate thing. If not given proper care they start falling and losing their charm at an accelerated pace. Shampooing and conditioning your hair at regular intervals is very necessary along with a proper supply of nutrients. Treat Your Skin has in its basket hair strengthening potions, oils, supplements, other hair treatment products, high quality branded products that will help you in getting rid of hair loss problem and which help you in having a long, strong and healthy hair. Hair sprays and after bath hair potions can also be found in this section. Along with hair growing products hair, removal products and hair styling products like straightener, curler, dryer etc are also available at TYS.


A whole category is dedicated to men’s grooming products. This category has men’s products from high and reputed brands like L’Oreal, Murad, Korres, Burts etc.

TYS and Sun Care

With the depleting ozone layer, the intensity of ultraviolet rays is increasing. In earlier days the ozone layer was strong and used to block harmful ultraviolet rays(UV rays), but now the ozone layer has become weaker due to excess pollution and harmful UV rays can easily pass through it. In such a situation protecting the body from these harmful UV rays has become a necessity to prevent yourself from excess tanning and sunburns. Sunscreen lotions and sun blocking creams are one of the solutions. TYS has some really good sun care products in its vanity. Apply the sun care products at-least 20 minutes prior to exposing yourself to the sun.


This section will be of great interest to those who love tanned skin. This section consists of a variety of tanning products. This section is divided into five categories Dark tanning, medium tanning, light/Gradual tanning and Accessories. So choosing the type of tanning product you want to become easy.

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How does TYS promote Health and Wellbeing?

A beautiful body from outside becomes more stunning by being healthy from inside. Health and obesity or overweight are the top concerning issues prevailing among today’s generation. You are not getting enough amount of nutrition that your body needs for its growth and to remain healthy. The chemical fertilizers used on crops deteriorate the quality of the crop and reduces its nutritional value. So you need to provide your body with additional nutrition supplements to fulfill your body’s nutritional requirement. And weight loss is a hindrance, being overweight leads to various troubles and creates lots of problems in your life. TYS provides high-quality weight-loss products including weight reducing machines and medicines and also many types of nutritional supplements.

TYS Salon Team

The Salon Team of Treat Your Skin comprises of highly experienced and qualified professionals. You can get expert advice and beauty tips from them. TYS has given detailed information about each professional working in its Salon Team in the website.

TYS-Shipping terms


Yeah TYS accept returns. You need to apply for a return within 30 days of purchase. An unopened and unused product will get a full return, but you will have to incur the shipping charges. Even exchange is possible, but during the exchange as well you will have to incur the shipping charges. If you want, you can cancel the order and also return free shipped items. But in all these cases return shipping charges will have to be paid by you.

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All Treat Your Skin UK orders reaches their owners through the medium of Royal Mail(Standard, recorded or Special) delivery in which for delivery confirmation your signature is required. So if in case during the time of delivery no one is there to sign the parcel then a notification will be sent to you. Within 24 hours of your ordering your order will be dispatched.