Truth about cellulite by joey atlas

Cellulite is a cosmetic condition found in the majority of the women these days at some point in their lives, even the slender fit kind. Cellulite is often found in the buttocks and thigh areas and also on the arms, stomach and other common trouble spots.

Connective tissue is the most widespread tissue who primary function is to support, connect or even separates the different types of tissues and organs in our body.

Cellulite occurs when the fat underneath your skin tends to put stress on your connective tissue and tries to bulge out the weak spots.

Amazing facts on Cellulite – truth about cellulite reviews

  •  A dimple skin is created if fat and bands of muscles are present in your body. When the fat is pushed up to the skin and the muscle fibers are pulled down the dimple skin is created.
  •  Cellulite can be hereditary too. If the cellulite condition happens to run in your family, like if your mother or grandmother had cellulite chances are there that you too get it. credits:
  •  The cellulite condition can occur to women of all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless if excess weight is gained, the risk of the underlying fat pushing through your connective tissue is high.
  •  Women are more prone to cellulite than men because they carry more fat around their hips and thighs. Cellulite condition is found in 90% of women and 10% of men these days. There are rows of muscle tissues in men whereas in women’s it’s not evenly layered which will easily allow for the fat to push through to the skin.
  •  There are even treatments for cellulite which can cost upto $2,000 and the results might last for almost two years.
  •  Unfortunately, none of the cellulite creams and scrubs has promised to reduce the appearance of cellulite on a longer term even though that’s how they advertise. Most of these creams are very expensive and dermatologists suggest not to waste money by investing in that.
  •  Researchers have also found out a process called Cryolipolysis which kills fat cells by freezing them in the early 2009.
  •  A fact hard to believe yet have a connection with cellulite is smoking. Cigarette smoking reduces the blood vessel flow allowing the connective tissue to stretch damaging it easily which leads to the underlying fat to show through.

How to reduce it with truth about cellulite ebook?

Exercising regularly does not cure cellulite completely but can help to prevent and reduce its appearance. Doing yoga to helps in burning calories and fighting cellulite which makes you feel younger and look good.

Thermage is a cellulite treatment that uses radio waves to tighten and tone the sagging skin areas. There are methods like laser treatments, radio-frequency and massage techniques which are proven to be effective in the shorter period. The laser treatments works by liquefying the fats and then draining it out to the lymphatic system. All the more, many doctors state these techniques to be better than the expensive creams.

Some people even go up to the extent of doing Liposuction. It’s a BIG NO by the experts. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery which removes fat from your body using suction. Maintaining a healthy weight with a well-balanced diet is always the best option. Eating lot of veggies will help to reduce the inflammation throughout the body. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods high in water content will help to keep your connective tissues stronger and help you to lose weight.

How to not only reduce cellulite but to get completely rid of it?

Here is a way to can remove the cellulite in your body within just 28 days. Joey Atlas is a Women Body Enhancement Specialist and a highly trained fitness expert whose book called the “Truth About Cellulite” is an all-inclusive regime that will help women suffering from cellulite to remove it.

Joey has brought out a package which includes a PDF eBook, the Schedule, the Video Training Series of Naked beauty complete program and also some Bonus Content which primarily focuses on yours Legs, Thighs, Butt and Hips.

Joey uses the system called Symulast: Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation form, Tempo, Sequence. The actual product price is $99.99 but there is a limited offer available now for $ 49.99 only. In 28 days you are guaranteed of a body which will make you look and feel comfortable in your hot pants and swimsuits.