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TwinLabs Niacin 1000mg Caps

If you notice, niacin happens to be part of almost all the vitamin supplements. It is one essential vitamin that is much needed for energy and metabolism. It can also deal with the blood sugar and break down the fat. When you are in need of a vitamin that reduces body fat, it is niacin. The TwinLabs Niacin 1000mg capsules contain a higher amount of this vitamin that has got various benefits than being taken in the lower amount. It helps with the general energy in the body and also regulates the blood cholesterol.

Health benefits of TwinLabs Niacin 1000mg caps

Niacin is an important very important vitamin for the body. Though it is needed in slight amount for the general use, the higher doses have its benefits for the systems. The deficiency can often affect the skin, mucous membrane, digestive system and even the brain in some cases. When you have a deficiency you need the higher dose to counter the problems. In the way, it provides other benefits such as,

TwinLabs Niacin Capsules – Yeast Free Supplement
TwinLabs Niacin capsules help with energy production as the niacin is an essential part of NAD and NADP coenzymes for the metabolism.

  • Improvement in cholesterol levels: Niacin helps improve the HDL-good cholesterol levels that would automatically reduce the harmful cholesterol levels. It also affects the triglycerides and improves the total cholesterol level in the body.
  • Reducing heart diseases: The reduction in cholesterol or management of the same can make the heart stronger as it avoids the dangers like blood pressure or blockage. Moreover, niacin can also reduce the inflammation and prevents the dilation of the blood vessels, which also improves the circulation.
  • Manage diabetes: The higher dose of niacin as in the case of TwinLabs Niacin can manage the blood sugar level thus helping with diabetes. Niacin is found to improve the effectiveness of diabetic medications and control the blood sugar level. It also helps that it can reduce the cholesterol that could be dangerous for diabetic patients.
  • For joints: Niacin helps reduce the inflammation and useful for arthritis. It improves the mobility of the joints and reduces the need for painkillers.
  • Improves sleep: Taking the higher dose of niacin like 100mg can cure insomnia.

TwinLabs Niacin capsules

TwinLabs Niacin capsules help with energy production as the niacin is an essential part of NAD and NADP coenzymes for the metabolism. It also signals for the DNA repair and acts as an antioxidant as well.

It also stops certain enzymes that synthesize the triglycerides and bad cholesterol. The antioxidant feature reduces the oxidative stress of the heart and other cells involved in the cardiovascular system. The same effect can also protect the insulin creating cells and reduce Type 1 diabetes.

TwinLabs Niacin ingredients and dosage

TwinLabs Niacin contains 1000mg of niacin in each capsule. There is no specification as of which form of niacin is added here.

As for the dosage, the TwinLabs Niacin 1000mg caps are to be taken 1 per day. It must be taken immediately after the meal. It is not to be taken on an empty stomach. Each bottle of TwinLabs Niacin contains 100 capsules that take you for a 3 months supply.

TwinLabs Niacin side effects

This is where you need to be careful with. Niacin side effects are common and could happen. The common side effects possible are burning sensation, tingling or itching on the body. It could also cause headaches.

The other possible side effects of taking this higher niacin dose are stomach irritations like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. In worst cases, it can also cause liver damage when someone takes niacin for a long time.

High dose of niacin or with TwinLabs Niacin can increase the uric acid in the body and cause gout.

TwinLabs Niacin reviews

  • Madison was recommended by her doctor to take the TwinLabs Niacin, she takes 3 capsules per day and happy that she has to pay less.
  • Teds warns that the TwinLabs Niacin 1000mg capsules could cause the flush that often lasts for more than 45 minutes. Because of this longer effect, he has switched to half the dose capsules. Otherwise, the product is effective as it is.
  • Burl feels that TwinLabs Niacin is any day better than the slow release niacin.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line is that the TwinLabs Niacin capsules are one of the cheapest of the good niacin available in the market. Many users have commented that it costs much lesser in the online stores than that in the stores. You can find it in many online stores as well. This flush causing niacin is better than the slow release niacin that can cause liver damage. This TwinLabs Niacin is better and safer than the other version and you can also afford it for the long-term use.

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