Type 2 diabetes is the most common, insulin deficient diabetes. High sugar level patients are in constant threat to suffer low sugar shocks every now and then. What makes it threatening to have dementia is that the low sugar levels will prevent the brain from betting any nutrients that slowly kill the brain cells. This could lead to dementia.

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It is not the only way the dementia and sugar level are connected. People suffering from dementia, who also have Type 2 diabetes, could expect low sugar bouts often enough. So the not-so-sweet-story of low sugar and dementia is that they can affect each other.

Elderly are the most affected

Elderly people will have their cells slowly dying inside them. The diabetes and low sugar could speed up these damaging effects leading them to dementia and Alzheimer’s. it is commonly believed that people who have Type 2 diabetes are likely to develop brain diseases and these assumptions are not juts assumptions.

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Even if one is bend to do the repair works, it will be too late for the old people. Their body will be unable to suffer the various medicines and the troubles of diabetes to concentrate more or saving their cells. The only thing you could do for them is to prevent any situations that can cause their sugar going down. It may be said that all their health might be in the caregiver’s hand.

How does low sugar affects brain?

Low sugar erodes the brain nutrition from reaching there. When the blood sugar goes down beyond the 40 mg/dL mark, it could cause seizures and convulsions. When the body frequently suffers this situation, it can damage the brain irreparably. Brain functions with sugar as the fuel, when the fuel is less, it slows down its work. When the fuel deficit is frequent, it is sure to affect adversely. The brain battery will down gradually, and cease to work all of a sudden.

It must be remembered that every time there is low sugar level in the body, we might be damaging at least one of our brain cells. Older the body is, more are the chances for dementia to occur than in a person of younger age.

Low blood sugar and dementia are a team

It is not that low blood sugar causes dementia, it also happens that dementia can lead to low blood sugar levels. If someone has Type 2 diabetes and is suffering from dementia, by all chances the person might suffer from hypoglycemia as well. Type 2 diabetes may find hypoglycemia tailing behind. When the hypoglycemia joins the party too often, the uninvited guest dementia may find its place.

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Is it treatable?

The big question ever! To answer precisely, the possibility o treatment depends on the stage of dementia and the age of the person. Since the low sugar level and dementia makes their team mostly in elders, the early signs of dementia might get ignored. The frequent sweating or shakiness might be passed as age related. If you can diagnose the brain cell damage at an early stage, it can be cured.

What is the best course of action is to prevent such situations. Never let the person with Type 2 diabetes to go without food for long, which definitely leads to hypoglycemia. Prevention is the only sensible solution for this problem because this Type 2 diabetes-low sugar-dementia is one deadly combination to deal with.