Cholesterol has been proving detrimental in the past few years, but recent studies show the ugly side of cholesterol in ways we never really expected. This article reveals about health diseases that one would never really expect cholesterol can promote.

“Hmm…Your low density cholesterol is quite high. I am prescribing a medicine. You have to seriously lose some weight – at least 20 kgs. Do not eat fried stuff or cakes/cookies and include a lot of veggies and fruits. Exercise, move your butt. What’s wrong with you? You really have to do it this time. I don’t wanna hear any excuses.”

Pat came to the reply from my health practitioner when I showed her my blood report. My cholesterol level is up and its high time I moved my body. Okay, so I am overweight. But I really don’t get the time. But at the bottom of our heart, we all know that’s just an excuse.

I admit I underestimated the power of cholesterol. Never did I think cholesterol would be so unpredictably dangerous. But here is what my doctor told me. Things that really hit me hard.

Facts about cholesterol you no one ever told you

Cholesterol is linked to cancer

My eyes popped out. I was staring at my mouth open. And I am not exaggerating. Bad cholesterol levels may give you cancer. Research has it that bad cholesterol has the ability to move the cancerous cells throughout the body. This is because cells have adhesive molecules called integrins on the surface that can assist in aggregating and spreading the tumor.

Good cholesterol has an evil side

As per a research, good cholesterol can turn ugly at times. The good cholesterol over a period of time starts to deteriorate. It loses its properties protecting the heart which can clog/block the arteries causing atherosclerosis.

High cholesterol can affect pregnancy

For couples who are trying to have a baby, this can come as a surprise. But sadly it’s true. If you or your partner is overweight or having high cholesterol, make amendments now. Statistics say that couples who have high cholesterol took longer time to achieve pregnancy than couples who had cholesterol of acceptable range.

Cholesterol can lead to Prostate cancer

High levels of triglycerides can cause prostate cancer. This is especially applicable for men who have underwent surgery for prostate cancer. They are increasing their risk of cancer recurrence. Men who have serum triglycerides of 150 mg/dl or higher are at 35% increased risk than others, says study.

Watermelons can cut cholesterol

Now that summer is up, its time to gobble up watermelon. However, do not restrict watermelon only in summers. You can consume them anytime by inhibiting heart diseases. Yes, believe it or not, watermelon prevents the buildup of bad cholesterol in the body not to mention balancing your weight as well. Research claims that watermelon prevents the buildup of fats in the arterial walls.

Meat can cut cholesterol

A conflicting discussion, meat has been criticized for its connection in promoting harmful chronic health conditions including hypertension or cardio diseases. A study claimed otherwise. Making lean meat (i.e. meat that has been trimmed removing the visible fat) can be included as daily diet to reduce LDL cholesterol. Lean meat is also low in saturated fat which does not increase LDL levels.

Strawberries for high density lipo-protien

Strawberries are great for your body and benefit in every which way. Save a portion in your plate for strawberries. They are rich in antioxidants and improve the platelet function while lowering the LDL. They also boost your cardiovascular health while promoting a healthy lipid profile.

Mediterranean diet is great for weight loss

Implementing a Mediterranean diet will help in proportionate weight loss. But wait, that’s not all. Study shows that Mediterranean diet can cut bad cholesterol from your body as well. The participants were asked to go for 20 week weight loss following 5 weeks of Mediterranean diet. Apart from weight loss, the diet resulted in 9% decrease in low-density lipoprotein level.

As I walked out of the clinic with goosebumps, I have a new respect for life. Our body is a mystery and at times we are bound to take it for granted. It’s time we treat it seriously to prevent the dreaded. Of course, health conditions are a part of life but then we can do our best to save ourselves from the ugly phase.