The Ultra Portable BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

BACtrack keychain ultra portable breathalyzer is a modern tool that calculates the accurate blood alcohol content in your body. Alcohol can deceive you faster than you imagine. Even when we don’t FEEL drunk, the BACtrack breathalyzer could prove you wrong.

There are many levels of alcoholism in the blood and how it reacts. This ultra portable breathalyzer will keep you on track and helps you be safe.

As you know, there is a limit of alcohol in the blood to make you safe for driving. Many of the breath alcohol concentration devices are no accurate and leave you unsafe. This BACtrack keychain breathalyzer shows the accurate amount of alcohol in the blood with a small deviation of only 0.01 plus or minus. This is such a micro device that is also a keychain that you can keep with you always. Let us know more about this BACtrack keychain breathalyzer.

What Is BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer?

BACtrack keychain breathalyzer is a microdevice that runs on battery power and shows the blood alcohol content percentage with the breath sample. The device is equipped with a battery for power and a mouth tube through which you can blow the air in. once the device gets enough breathing air for the sample, it alerts you with a beep sound and within a few minutes, show the result as well.

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

BACtrack keychain breathalyzer is a microdevice that runs on battery power and shows the blood alcohol content percentage with the breath sample. This comes as a keychain model, easy for carrying. It is ultra light weight and highly accurate because of the semiconductors used inside.

This comes as a keychain model, easy for carrying. It is ultra lightweight and highly accurate because of the semiconductors used inside. Unlike other breath analyzers, this BACtrack keychain breathalyzer uses an Advanced MicroCheck sensor for the results that will be displayed on the mini LED display.

Features Of BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

  • BACtrack keychain breathalyzer is an ultra compact design that easily goes into the purse or even in the pocket. The keychain model is just 1.45 x 0.55 x 2.44 inches in width, depth, and length. It is light weighted weighing just 57 grams or 2.0 oz with the mouthpiece and the battery included.
  • Obviously, it works with the help of battery. This BACtrack keychain breathalyzer needs 1 AAA battery that is included in the package. The battery life is about 75-150 tests.
  • The mouthpiece is innovative with its fold out technique. It is made is such a way that only the breath goes into the device and eliminates any contamination from outside.
  • You can avail extra mouthpiece covers that go over the mouthpieces of the device. This helps keep the device hygiene and makes it available for multiple persons. The mouthpiece covers are available in packs of 10, 20, and 50.
  • The BACtrack keychain breathalyzer’s operation is with a power button. Switch on the power and blow in the air and wait for the results. It is a one-button operation. When done, switch the device off and keep it in your pocket or purse.
  • The results will be displayed by small LEDs. The lights of the LED are bright enough to show the small figures.
  • Finally, the BACtrack keychain breathalyzer is available in different colors of blue, black, green, purple, and pink.

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer Instructions

BACtrack keychain breathalyzer is simple to use and the instructions are also not complicated to follow. The most important thing to follow is that one should not eat, drink, or smoke anything for 20 minutes before you do the test. Failing to do so shows inaccurate results.

Step 1 is to take the BACtrack keychain breathalyzer and open the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is at the top of the device in folded position. You can insert the mouthpiece cover at this stage.

Step 2 is to switch on the device by pressing down the power button. The power button is at the side of the device. Press it once and the device is on.

Step 3: The LED display shows a number that goes down to prepare the device. When the number shows 2 prepare for blowing by inhaling enough air.

Step 4: When the countdown reaches number zero the device beeps to show that it is ready. Now, strongly blow in the air continuously for at least 5 seconds or until the device beeps again, indicating that enough breathe sample received.

Step 5: Once the air is inside it goes through the sensor and the device analyze the breathing air and display the value on the LED display. The display will show the percentage of blood alcohol content from 0.00 to 0.40.

  • When the value is higher than 0.40, the display shows it as ‘H’.
  • If the display shows FL, it means there is not enough air sample. In that case, reset the device, wait for 1 minute to let the sensor to go neutral and try again.
  • Display Er shows error in the sensor
  • Display Lo means low battery. Change the battery before you do the test.

The same device can be used by many people to test. When doing test continuously, wait for 3-4 minutes for better accuracy. In case the test value is higher, wait for longer between the tests.

The device can take about 11-13 seconds to warm up and another 5 seconds to respond. It is fit for usage in a climate of 50-104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also make sure that you know the normal limit to be safe with the blood alcohol content level in each state.

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer Accuracy

BACtrack keychain breathalyzer works on the fact that the alcohol present in the alveoli air of the lungs and that in the blood is directly related and would be the same. On exhalation of the alveoli air, it carries the alcohol with it that is detectable by the advanced sensor in BACtrack keychain breathalyzer.

Instead of a simple semi conductor like in the other breathalyzers, BACtrack keychain breathalyzer makes use of a technology that makes accurate and reliable results.

The margin of error for this BACtrack keychain breathalyzer is also very low at plus or minus 0.01. The capability to capture the air and only the breathing air by eliminating any pollutants makes the results all the more reliable.

What Is In The Package?

The package of BACtrack keychain breathalyzer contains the

  • BACtrack keychain
  • 3 mouthpieces
  • 1 AAA battery
  • Instruction manual
  • A carrying case
  • 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Majority of the customers are satisfied with this BACtrack keychain breathalyzer. Though they claim it NOT to be accurate as the manufacturer says, they mark the accuracy at 80% and above.

The satisfactory feature is that they are able to analyze where they stand and do the needful with the results they get. Moreover, they are not complaining about it as they say, this is more than they expected with the price this comes at.

Many have the opinion that this mini device is a sure saver of the driving license and many other lives as well. The 1-year warranty has also been another highlight.


BACtrack keychain breathalyzer is a must have for anyone who takes drinks or have a family member who drinks. This helps them decide whether or not they should pay for a taxi.