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UniScience Group Curcumin Total Vitality for Total Rejuvenation

Turmeric is a magical condiment that is popular as a spice, coloring agent as well as for its medicinal properties. The major medicinal compound in turmeric is curcumin. It is nothing short of a miracle compound that has numerous benefits. It has healing powers, be preventive medicine, and much more. Most important of all is that you can take it daily to keep up the energy requirements. It is beneficial for all parts of the body including the brain.

The Curcumin Total Vitality is a special formulation that has the benefits of other herbs as well. Together they make a great team that can sustain the daily energy requirement for the body. With this supplement, you could say goodbye to the sluggish, exhausted, achy and tired body and mind.

Curcumin Total Vitality Ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Turmeric extract (95% curcuminoids): Curcumin is famous for its anti-inflammatory property. It keeps the inflammations in check so that you don’t lose anything faster. Whether it is your general health, youthfulness, memory or cardiovascular health, curcumin has you covered. It slows down the aging process and helps with the repair and rejuvenation of the cells and tissues, no matter which part they are in. it works from the cellular level that reflects on all parts. In short, curcumin lays the foundation for a better health so that the other ingredients to build on.
  • Ashwagandha extract: This herb is an adaptogen that helps the body adjust to stress and not to go overboard. It reduces the stress hormones and maintains brain functioning. It reduces cortisol level, blood sugar, depression or anxiety, improves muscle strength, reduces inflammations, boosts memory and brain functions. It promotes sleep and let the body wake up with more energy than before. It can stimulate the thyroid functions so that the metabolic rate is improved. Proper thyroid functioning ensures that the body gets enough energy from the metabolism. Finally, it has the antioxidant property that prevents tissues degeneration.
  • Rhodiola rosea extract is another of the adaptogens that reduces the stress level in the body. It has brain-boosting powers that can help improve stamina. It removes the brain fog and makes you mentally alert. This herb increases fat metabolism that helps with weight loss and having abundant energy inside the body. It can fight depression and boost the overall brain functioning. It is also beneficial in boosting immunity, controlling blood sugar, protecting the heart and also has anti-cancerous property.
  • Black pepper extract has this amazing ability to boost the metabolism. It helps the body rid of toxins and excess water. It can relieve cold and flu, and ease digestion. Another major role of this extract in Curcumin Total Vitality is that it helps the body absorb the compounds in this formulation. It increases the bioavailability of the other herbal compounds. It increases the absorption rate in the intestine and prevents their oxidization in the liver.

Curcumin Total Vitality can give a boost to the fatigued body or maintain a healthy body.


  • Curcumin Total Vitality can dramatically improve the overall health
  • It shows a significant increase in energy level and stamina
  • It naturally increases the  digestion and improves nutrient absorption
  • It reduces the stress level in the body and controls the cortisol level
  • Curcumin Total Vitality improves the cognitive health and promotes quality sleep
  • It relieves fatigue
  • UniScience Group Curcumin Total Vitality reverses adrenal fatigue and boosts thyroid activities
  • It can increase fat metabolism and help with weight loss
  • Improves cardiovascular health, prevents aging and reduces joint discomfort

Curcumin Total Vitality Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms


The Curcumin Total Vitality dosage is 1 capsule per day. You can take the capsule in the morning preferably on empty stomach. It is also ok to take it any other preferable time. A single bottle of this supplement is a month’s supply.

Drug interactions

Use the Curcumin Total Vitality with caution with blood thinners, sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs, antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills etc. You need to consult the doctor before taking this supplement if you are taking any of these drugs.

Curcumin Total Vitality Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Curcumin Total Vitality is a risk-free and safe

at the recommended dosage. You need to keep the dosage away from other medications. There are no known side effects of this supplement.

One must ignore the possibility of an overdose that could have some unpleasant reactions. The possible side effects are insomnia, agitation, anxiety, headache, digestive problems, dizziness, abnormal heartbeat etc. If you experience any of these, stop the dosage immediately and seek medical attention.

Curcumin Total Vitality Reviews & Complaints

There are not many reviews available for the Curcumin Total Vitality. The available reviews show that the product is just satisfactory. It did not make a huge difference for the users. It can sure maintain the good health and can rectify the constant tired feeling. It did work quickly and sustained the changes.

It caused no side effects. A few of the users have used it for a few months continuously without any problems.

The only complaint about the product is the price of a month’s supply. It is definitely high.

Where To Buy Curcumin Total Vitality

Curcumin Total Vitality is available online. You can buy it from Uniscience Group Inc’s official site. You can get the product at the better price, especially if you plan to have it for long. When you buy more than 1 bottle at a time, you can get handsome discounts that save you a lot of money.

  • Curcumin Total Vitality in Amazon: It is up for sale on Amazon.
  • UniScience Group Curcumin Total Vitality in Costco: As of now the Curcumin Total Vitality is not available in Costco.
  • Curcumin Total Vitality in WalMart: Curcumin Total Vitality is not in WalMart stores or in their online stores either.

Curcumin Total Vitality Price

The single bottle of Curcumin Total Vitality costs $39.71.

The Personal service offers 2 bottles at a discounted price of $71.94 that would be delivered regularly to the provided address

  • 4 bottles cost $129.96
  • 6 bottles cost $179.94

Curcumin Total Vitality Discount, Coupon Codes, And Promos

You can apply the Uniscience Group coupon codes and promos to get discount on Curcumin Total Vitality. There are no discount coupons available for the product itself.

Curcumin Total Vitality FAQs

Are Curcumin Total Vitality capsules safe?

Yes, quite safe! There are no reports of any kind of negative effects of taking these capsules. Moreover, the dosage is minimal to cause anything untoward.

How long would it take for the Curcumin Total Vitality to show results?

Within a day or 2, you can feel the energy difference. The inflammations like acne or other skin problems would gradually recede with continual usage. You can see the major change in 2-3 weeks.

How does Curcumin Total Vitality work?

Curcumin Total Vitality triggers the thyroids and adrenals to function normally and give a boost to the metabolism. This relieves the fatigue and tiredness. The body can feel the new surge of energy. On the other hand, it can be healing in various ways by repairing, revitalizing, preventing oxidative damage and controlling stress. Curcumin Total Vitality works in multiple layers to get the final output of better energy and health for the body. One could take it to get rid of inflammations or for the general well being.


Curcumin Total Vitality is useful either way. It does not cause any side effects that make it convenient as a preventive measure. It also does not cause any major drug interactions that we know of. It shows faster results and maintains it well enough. It is safe for a long-term use as well.

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