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UniScience Group UT Health – Homeopathic Treatment for Incontinence

Incontinence is a humiliating problem that both men and women suffer from. Due to various reasons, the loss of ability to control the bladder or having to go to the bathroom frequently is considered as incontinence. There are several reasons for the same and most of them arise as a result of aging.

The problem needs a long-term solution and the best option would be homeopathic remedies.

UT Health Homeopathic Ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Belladonna can cure the frequency and intensity of urination. It can relieve the pain, sensitivity in the bladder and colored urine as well.
  • Cantharis is effective for treating the frequent urination and the pain while urinating. It can also remedy the dribbling and make the person feel their bladder really empty.
  • Apis Mellifera can improve the urine flow. Instead of the drops, the flow is increased to empty the bladder effectively. It would also reduce the frequency. The pain, stinging sensation and the soreness are also remedied in the process. It can also take care of lack of thirst.
  • Arnica Montana is effective for the bladder infections that happen as a result of any bruises or injuries. Injuries could happen after childbirth that leads to incontinence. This is a better option in these cases and cures the dribbling problem.
  • Allium cepa can cure the dribbling, frequent urination, colored urine, burning sensation, pain and other weak or sensitiveness in the urinary tract area.
  • Rhus aromatica can cure the pain during urination, dribbling and improves the quantity of flow.
  • Equisetum Hyemale is highly effective if there is cystitis or bladder infection. It reduces the pain, improve the flow and help in emptying the bladder. It really makes the person feel that the bladder is empty.

UniScience Group UT Health
Here is an easily available homeopathic treatment for incontinence- UT Health from Uniscience Group Inc. It is useful as it is or can be used as part of the Bladder Relief Package as well.


  • The UT Health homeopathic tablets will help reduce various symptoms associated with urinary infections and other muscle related problems.
  • It reduces the frequency of urination so that you have a better day or night time.
  • It improves the quality of sleep as there will be fewer visits to the bathroom
  • UT Health homeopathic tablets improve urine flow so that the bladder is emptied and there is no dribbling.
  • It also helps you feel the bladder really empty
  • It prevents leaks and helps strengthen and tone the bladder muscles as well.
  • This bladder support cures retention and empties the bladder when you want to
  • It relieves the pain, burning sensation, and other discomforts while urinating
  • It supports the urinary tract health
  • UT Health works as a disinfectant to remove any bacteria that are causing the infections
  • It is also supportive of the kidney functions

UT Health Dosage & Drug Interaction Symptoms

UT Health has a recommended dosage of 2-3 tablets, every 4 hours in a day. The dosage could be increased to every 2 hours of the problem is severe. These homeopathic tablets are safe enough for the extra dosage.

Once the symptoms are reduced, reduce the dosage to the recommended quantity.

There are no known drug interactions of UT health with any of the medications. If you are on medication for any serious diseases, you might want to talk to your doctor before taking this remedy.

UT Health Risks, Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

There have been no reports of any kind of side effects of taking UT Health. The ingredients are not potent enough to invoke any kind of negative effects or overdose.

How Does UT Health work?

UT Health contains the popular homeopathic remedies that help deal with various causes for incontinence. The cause could be different but the UT Health can be the single remedy for most or all of the causes.

It improves the urine flow so that the bladder is emptied and the person can feel the bladder empty. This prevents frequent urination and dribbling problems.

There are disinfecting ingredients that remedy the bacterial infections on the urinary tract or the bladder. Most of the symptoms arise due to infections.

It can also strengthen the bladder muscles and pelvic muscles to tone them that prevent the spotting when coughing or sneezing. The accidental wetting is also taken care by this way.

UT Health Reviews & Complaints

The UT Health reviews show that it has improved the quality of life of the users. It has helped many to face the day with more confidence and have peaceful nights. The pain and other discomforts are relieved.

There are no complaints about the product. In fact, the praises are for the combo package that has higher results than using UT Health alone.

UT Health Testimonials

  • Denise-“I am happy that I tried this. Most of my bladder issues are resolved. The discomfort is gone and so is the urgency. I am almost 90% healed as of now.”
  • Tom-“I can now enjoy the day and night better. I no longer get up 5-6 times at night and am getting quality sleep. The frequency has definitely reduced- day and night.”
  • Tony-“This is one effective product. It has reduced the frequency and al sleeping through the night. It is a great feeling when you finish your morning walk without feeling the urgency.”

Where to Buy UT Health

UT Health is an online product that you can purchase from Uniscience Group. You can get it directly from the manufacturers. You can get the UT health as a single product or as part of the combo pack- Bladder relief Package.

UT Health is available in various deals with discounts on purchase of 2 or more bottles at a time. You can get single bottles, a pack of 2, 4 or 6 bottles to get the discounts. Discount is more when the number of bottles in the package increases.

There would also be a personal delivery service where you can get the product on regular basis for long-term use. This service is available only in the US and Canada.

UT Health in Amazon: IT used to be available on Amazon, but it is currently unavailable. UT Health is not available in Costco or in stores like in WalMart or other pharmacies.

UniScience Group UT Health price

The single bottle of UT Health costs $24.95. It contains 100 tablets. The other packages are,

  • 2 bottles – $45.95
  • 4 bottles – $83.95
  • 6 bottles – $113.95

The personal delivery service will have 2 bottles per delivery that cost $45.95.

UT Health FAQs

Is UT Health safe?

Yes, it is. Being a homeopathic remedy, the UT Health is quite safe to deal with all the symptoms of incontinence. The ingredients are in a diluted form that does not cause any problems. There are no allergens in these tablets.

UT Health results- when can I see the difference?

It may take a day or 2 to get the first relief. It can start low but can work effectively. You can see the changes in the frequency and amount of flow. The pain and other discomforts would disappear gradually. Within 3-4 weeks you can see the major differences.

Is UT Health FDA Approved?

UT Health is a homeopathic remedy that does not require the FDA approval. It is considered as a health supplement that is available without a prescription.

Are there UT Health discount, coupon codes and promos available?

There are no discount coupons, coupon codes or promos that are directly applicable to the product. But you can find them for Uniscience Group. There are not many but the available ones can get you some good discounts on the products.


Incontinence is nothing short of a nightmare. While there are medications available to get relief, that may have side effects or work only for short term. The homeopathic remedies like UT Health are safe for long-term use and help you maintain the good health of the bladder, urinary tract, and the kidneys.

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