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The Vasculin tablets are the supplements specifically for the heart muscles that supply the needed nutrients. Because it is the responsibility of these muscles to ensure that the blood flows uninterrupted through the blood vessels that run for miles and miles. Vasculin contains all the required nutrients to strengthen the muscles, make sure that the blood flow is regular and smooth.

Can you imagine your heart muscles taking a little break, just once in your life? I know you won’t be living to really ‘see’ that. The heart muscles are the real overworking part of the body that cannot stop working, not even for a fraction of a second. The age and the fast food can really kill those muscles. They need a regular supply of certain nutrients so they can continue to pump the blood. The emotional stress, diet changes, and other physical and medical conditions can take its toll on these muscles.

Standard Process Vasculin Tablets Ingredients

Vasculin ingredients mainly include –

  • bovine heart extract,
  • veal bone PMG,
  • bovine adrenal cytosol extract,
  • nutritional yeast,
  • porcine duodenum,
  • dried alfalfa juice,
  • defatted wheat germ,
  • choline bitartrate,
  • ribonucleic acid,
  • rice bran,
  • oat flour,
  • inositol,
  • dried beetroot,
  • para-aminobenzoate,
  • dried buckwheat juice,
  • buckwheat mushroom,
  • bovine and ovine spleen
  • soy lecithin.

Vasculin dosage

The regular dosage is taking 2 tablets with each meal of the day or at least 2 meals. The tablets are very small and a single bottle of Vasculin would have 90 tablets in it.

Standard Process Vasculin side effects

Normally, there should not be any side effects for taking Vasculin. Usually, it is taken after the doctor’s advice so the dosage also would be as the person requires. There are not many common side effects. But you cannot rule out some rare side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort, headache, dizziness, stuffy nose, bradycardia, skin rashes etc. In the worst case, there could be cases like retroperitoneal fibrosis.

The above-mentioned symptoms are all expected but none have been reported. The best idea is to consult the doctor and take only what you should be taking. Overdose is always dangerous.

Vasculin benefits

All the benefits of Vasculin are either for the heart directly or for the blood vessels. It can promote the healthy growth of the connective tissue in the heart. It keeps up the good condition of the heart muscles. The antioxidant activity in the formula will protect the heart and its connected parts.

Dena used Vasculin for minor heart palpitations and it has successfully come down.

There is another user who used it tolerate the heat. After taking the tablets, the core body temperature has come down for them and the sweating has also reduced.

Debra used it to help her cope with the summer heat and it has done the job very well. The added advantage is that her blood pressure is also regulated.

Another user got benefitted by better blood circulation in the legs and got rid of the bulging veins. After using it for several months, the legs and the veins looked normal.

Standard Process Vasculin Tablets – For Healthy Heart Muscles

It keeps up the good condition of the heart muscles. The antioxidant activity in the formula will protect the heart and its connected parts.

The various ingredients in these tablets will supply a long list of nutrients that are beneficial for the various parts and functions of the body. There is also an array of enzymes and trace elements that take part in the metabolic activities. It can not only protect the cells but can also take part in the cell repair and renewal as well.

    Each of the animal organ extracts can benefit the corresponding human organ and improve its functioning. The plant extracts and powder supply the various nutrients.

    The beets will maintain the blood vessel health. It makes the blood vessel more flexible and makes the heart muscles stronger. The ribonucleic acid helps with the cell division and renewal.

    The other nutrients from the other ingredients are mostly targeting to strengthen the heart muscles. The buckwheat provides rutin to strengthen the capillary walls and improves the blood circulation. Rutin is a bioflavonoid that has antioxidant property also.


    There are numerous cardiovascular supplements in the market. The reason why you should choose Vasculin Tablets is that it is safe, easy, and convenient to use and it comes with no major side effects as well. If you are recommended by anyone, you can go ahead, without worrying.