ProJoint Plus is a joint pain relief supplement formulated by Vita Balance to support worn out joints, cartilage and reverse the effects of aging bones. With this ProJoint Plus Joint Pain Relief Supplement, you will be able to take control of your body and get relief from painful joints that hinder your mobility.

ProJoint Plus Supplement For Joint Pain Relief

Over the years, we have noticed only older generation dealing with aching joints. However, in today’s age, even the young find it difficult to move their body and complain of pain in their knees, spine or ankle area. We can’t always put a blame on family history. Today’s dormant lifestyle, junk foods, lesser outdoor activities, stress are few of the factors that affect a person’s health. The result is poor health condition at a young age.

For those who want to live a proactive lifestyle and want to carry on with their daily regimen without any trouble, ProJoint Plus can be a sportive companion.

ProJoint Plus – Natural Joint Care Pain Relief

ProJoint Plus is a herbal supplement that is intended to give you relief from pain in joints and bones. As we grow older, the health of the joints begins to deteriorate making it difficult to even perform everyday tasks.

ProJoint Plus Joint Pain Relief Supplement has all the vital herbal extracts that repair weak and damaged cartilage. It boosts the flexibility and improves the mobility regardless of your age and gender.

When you consume this joint supplement regularly, you will notice relief from any inflammation, pain related to joint injuries or any other underlying causes.

ProJoint Plus Ingredients, Benefits & Uses

  • Glucosamine Sulfate – is crucial for boosting the production of cartilage, joint lubricant, ligaments, and tendons. It is also known to give relief from conditions such as osteoarthritis.
  • Boswellia Extract – is an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate – promotes growth of cartilage tissue that is known to treat osteoarthritis
  • Turmeric – is rich in curcumin that is known to heal any inflammation in the body including the joints. It is also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals which attack the bones and overall health.
  • Quercetin – is a natural antioxidant that promotes joint strength, enhances the performance and endurance level of the person
  • Methionine – supports muscle development and restructures the cells and tissues in the joints
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) – naturally occurring chemical that provides relief from pain or swelling in the joints
  • Bromelain – an extract that is derived from the pineapple plant. Studies show that it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is a safer alternative to allopathic medications for treating osteoarthritis.

Regular use of Vita Balance ProJoint Plus will give you: Benefits

  • Better cartilage health – strengthens the cartilage and repairs the torn ones that cause pain and other joint health conditions. Cartilage is a vital connection that causes the bones to bend and move easily. If the health of cartilage wears off, bones may become stiff and may not move easily.
  • Joint support – is an excellent joint support that reduces the chances of any damage to the joints. Joint injuries are common when you are an athlete or growing older. This joint supplement has everything to eliminate any probable chances of injury to the joints by making it more stronger. ProJoint Plus features powerful ingredients that repair the joints and speeds up the healing process.
  • Improved mobility – Even if you do everything right including following a healthy lifestyle, it is impossible to get all the essential nutrients for the joints. Environmental challenges are another factor that affects joint mobility. For instance, Vitamin D deficiency can cause immobility. The natural way of gaining vitamin D is the sun and in places where there is lack of sunlight, mobility disorders are a common factor.

ProJoint Plus Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

This natural joint relief supplement is free from any side effects. The natural and herbal ingredients have been backed up by scientific studies. In fact, the benefits of the ingredients have been featured in studies of Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, and Arthritis Foundation.

You are absolutely safe to use this product. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, we do advise to consult your medical practitioner before taking this supplement.

While the supplement is safe, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or do suffer from any unwanted reactions, consult your doctor immediately.

ProJoint Plus Dosage & Drug Interaction Symptoms

The recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day – morning, afternoon, and evening, preferably after your meal. One bottle of ProJointPlus comes with 60 capsules which will last up to 20 days based on the recommended dosage. Ask your medical practitioner and work out a dosage which suits you best.

Is ProJoint Plus Supplement Safe?

Of course. ProJoint Plus Joint Relief Supplement is manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered facility. It is made using herbal and natural ingredients that promote better mobility in the joints while giving fast and effective relief.

A 100% natural product, there is no reason why you should not consume this joint health supplement.

is ProJoint Plus FDA Approved

Natural dietary supplements do not fall under the scope of FDA approval and hence it is not mandatory to receive a nod from the FDA. However, all the products of Vita Balance are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

ProJoint Plus Reviews & Complaints

Being a relatively new product, it is too soon to talk about any complaints as the reviews available are only minimal. However, based on the reviews found on the official website, the product seems to work. The responses are positive as users rave about the quality and the efficacy of the supplement.

Users say that after using ProJoint Plus for 3-4 months they have noticed an improvement in their movement. They are feeling much confident to walk without any difficulty or any physical support and feel at ease to perform their daily activities.

  • Jeannette – “I am writing on behalf of my grandma who is 80 years old. She has been taking ProJoint Plus for 4 months now and asked me to send a quick message to you guys. Thank you so much. She loves the product.”
  • Steve – “I did my ACL when I was playing soccer at the age of 18. I had surgery but still used to walk wobbling since then. I have been taking ProJoint Plus for a month now and I am happy to say that my knee feels quite confident and sturdy than before.”

Projoint Plus Joint Pain Relief Supplement Testimonials

Here are few of the ProJoint Plus Testimonials.

  • Samantha – “Usually, I cant get even half an hour in the garden without having sore knees and back. ProJoint Plus is exactly what I needed to give me that endurance and flexibility which I had when I was younger.”
  • Billie – “It gives me a peace of mind that I am still able to do everything as part of my daily activity without having to worry about any joint pain. ProJoint Plus is the perfect instrument for this.”
  • Bradley Moore – “I seriously recommend this supplement for anyone who is trying to make a healthy decision for their family. My wife and I want to set a good standard and for that being strong and active is essential. ProJoint Plus is an excellent support system for this.”

Does ProJoint Plus work?

To be honest, ProJoint Plus is not a miracle supplement that will work overnight. Apart from making ProJoint Plus part of your daily life, it is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, eat calcium-rich foods, de-stress yourself, and get quality sleep. It is the combined effort of this supplement and your lifestyle that will optimize the benefits of ProJoint Plus.

ProJoint Plus Results

The results of ProJoint Plus so far has been amazing. Users report that they are satisfied with the product and there are no complaints whatsoever. The price of the product is economical, however, keeping in mind the recommended dosage, you might need to compromise on your budget.

ProJoint Plus Before and After

People have noticed a difference after using ProJoint Plus. People claim that the product works wonderfully and gives the necessary support and relief for their joints. Being a relatively new product, we are waiting for reviews to pour in more.

Where To Buy ProJoint Plus

Buy this Joint Pain Relief Supplement online from the official website –

Projoint Plus Joint Pain Relief Supplement on Amazon

Currently, this supplement is not available on Amazon. That being said, there is another health supplement with the same name which is meant for pets manufactured by the company – Charlies Choice. Be wary of the brand and do not get confused.

ProJoint Plus joint pain relief supplement is a product of Vita Balance.

ProJoint Plus In Costco

Currently, this supplement is unavailable at Costco.

ProJoint Plus In Walmart

Currently, this supplement is unavailable at Walmart and can be purchased only via the official site.

Projoint Plus Joint Pain Relief supplement Price

The price of ProJoint Plus is affordable. However, keeping in mind the dosage you need to consume, it might cost you a bit more than other brands. As we always say, work out with your medical practitioner and choose a dosage based on the severity of your condition.

ProJoint Plus Discount, Coupon Codes And Promos

Vita Balance is offering a special discount for US residents. Simply use this discount code FIVE$58853943 and you can avail of 5% discount on this joint pain relief supplement.


What is the shipping policy of ProJoint Plus?

The company currently ships to 47 countries internationally. You can look up your country name during checkout.

Is ProJoint Plus available in Australia?

Yes, since Vita Balance ships to Australia, you can order ProJoint Plus via online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Is ProJoint Plus available in Canada?

Yes, ProJoint Plus can be shipped to Canada at a small shipping rate.

What are the pros and cons of ProJoint Plus?

What we liked

  • Shows results within a few days
  • Boosts your mobility and alleviates any pain in the joints
  • Enhances cartilage tissue function
  • Provides the joints and the body with vital nutrients
  • Is free from any side effects or any allergic reactions
  • Is 100% natural and safe on health
  • Can be used by men and women
  • Has a 30-day return policy
  • Manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered facility

What we didn’t like

  • Can be expensive if you are following the recommended dosage (3 capsules a day as one bottle will last only for 20 days)
  • Shipping charges instead of free shipping
  • Not available worldwide (limited to certain countries only)

The Final Verdict

Regardless of the dosage and the price, consumers love ProJoint Plus. They feel that the product is excellent and works just like the claims. Just like any other body parts, bones and joints need attention too. ProJoint Plus Joint Pain Relief Supplement is an excellent product that is natural, safe and works for everyone. If you are looking for a natural remedy for joint pain, then this is as best as it gets.