Walk-in lab is an online test by help you save up to 85% off lab prices. All you have to do is register yourself in the walk-in lab site and you will get the results within 48 hours online i.e. confidential and secure.

Walk-in lab will provide you with the necessary doctor’s approval. Now all you have to do is select the required tests that are to be done via online and go to the nearest clinic and give your blood sample. For further assistance, Walk-in lab features unique ‘search’ option to help you find the necessary test depending on your symptoms. There are a lot of categories such as allergy tests, tolerance tests, anti-aging tests etc. For example, an aging person may be suffering from hair loss, arthritis, fatigue, thyroid etc.

Here we list some of the tests depending on your health factors.

Walk-in lab Anti-Aging Tests

Its a bitter fact that everyone ages, but you don’t have to go through the symptoms and diseases as well. Anti-aging tests will help you determine the level of blood sugar, hormonal levels, fatty acids etc. If you are suffering from arthritis, hair loss, thyroid, hormone changes, then there are tests to determine them. Here are two of the blood tests from the anti-aging category which would be conducted depending on the symptoms.


Walk-in lab is an online test by help you save up to 85% off lab prices. All you have to do is register yourself in the walk-in lab site and you will get the results within 48 hours online i.e. confidential and secure. There are a lot of categories such as allergy tests, tolerance tests, anti-aging tests etc.

  • Arthritis: Arthritis Basic Blood Test Panel – This test is done commonly for determining any infections, inflammatory diseases etc. It also helps in proper diagnosis if rheumatoid factor exists or Sjogren’s syndrome.
  • Weight management: Amino Acids 20 Plasma Profile – METAMETRIX KIT – A blood test, it helps to evaluate 20 essential amino acids existing in your body. As amino acids are building blocks of the body, it is vital for you to test to determine if enough amino acid is supplied in your body. The lack of amino acid may cause bones to go brittle or break down. It can also lead to many conditions such as epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, depression and many more.

Walk-in lab Drug & Alcohol Tests

Those who are in the habit of smoking or drinking may have the need to frequent check ups. Here are some of the tests which required blood/urine depending on the tests. Do note that the tests are purely confidential and stays with Walk-in lab and you.

  • Alcohol: Carbohydratedeficient Transferrin (CDT) – This test is best recommended for early diagnosis of alcohol misuse and prevent addiction.
  • Alcohol: Ethanol blood test (EBT) – It is a blood test that are used to diagnose the level of alcohol intoxication which helps in determining the necessary therapy for it.

Walk-in lab Stress & Fatigue Tests

Stress and fatigue relating to it is quite common in today’s generation. People go through different level of stress such as physical, mental or emotional. For proper hormone flow to deal with stress, it is necessary to maintain proper heart rate, physical strength etc. Here are two of the many tests conducted as per the symptoms:

  • Adrenal: Adrenal Stress Plus Saliva Profile – METAMETRIX KIT – It is tested by your saliva and contains instructions that needs to be followed correctly.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue Blood & Urine Panel – Recommended for those who are constantly suffering from fatigue, Walk-in lab helps you with this test to determine what causes fatigue in you.

This test requires you to take samples of both blood and urine.There are several more tests especially for women that helps women age gracefully and healthy. Here are some of them.

Walk-in lab Fertility tests

  • Pre-natal: hCG (Pregnancy) Qualitative Serum Test – It is a routine blood test to confirm your pregnancy. This test helps in early detection of pregnancy as well as current monitoring of pregnancy as well. It is used to determining the presence of hCG in patients as well as checking male patients regarding testicle tumors.
  • Hormones: Aldosterone Blood Test: Hyperaldosteronism Test – A blood test for women, it is used to evaluate if they are suffering from hypertension while checking for the symptoms of hyperaldosteronism. Aldosterone is beneficial to control blood pressure and detect volume of blood in your body. A hormone in all sense, it helps the kidney to retain salt and excretes potassium.

Benefits of Walk-in lab

The benefits of walk-in lab are many. Apart from saving money almost 85% of the amount you pay at normal labs, the test reports are quite confidential. Another benefit would be Walk-in lab does not charge any hidden processing fees and order from your doctor is not required for taking the test. Unlike unpredictable lab technicians, Walk-in lab provides full customer support 24/7 whenever and where ever you need.

It is CLIA-certified and ensures top quality with absolute accurate results.

Walk-in lab have patient service centers that are certified laboratories from where patients need to have the blood drawn. You can use the lab locator in the Walk-in lab website to locate a center in your area. If at all, you could not find a test that matches with your requirement, simply call the Walk-in lab customer service for correctly determining the test.

The results of the Walk-in lab are written with normal reference that is easily understandable by anyone. In case you want to cancel the order, you will get a refund minus $25 on account of cancellation within a period of three months from the date of order.

If you are healthcare provider, you will get a 20% discount if you place around 3 orders per month for your patients.

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Please do note that only some of the tests have been mentioned here.