Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most flavorful but rare coffee in the world. Grown in the Blue Mountains in the Jamaica, it is cultivated less in number when compared to other types of coffee. Due to the geographical conditions, the crops take longer than usual which makes it one of the tough to get coffee beans. The Blue Mountain Coffee is considered the Rolls Royce of the coffee world. With the special taste and sweetness, this coffee is made from the flat beans.

Wallenford Volacnica Blue Mountain Coffee

The Wallenford Volcanica Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is rare, tasty and aromatic coffee. The coffee beans are flat rather than rounded ones. The best coffee beans are sorted after many quality processes to get the best out of them. The coffee beans are roasted only when the order is placed so it carries all the aroma and goodness intact in it. The coffee carries intense aroma and the taste that is well balanced.

The coffee beans come in a special burlap bag. The coffee is first, wrapped in the special package inside and then, packed in the burlap bag. The whole coffee beans inside is medium roasted.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most flavorful but rare coffee in the world. It is rare, tasty and aromatic coffee. The coffee beans are flat rather than rounded ones.

Why the Blue Mountain Coffee is the best?

  • Low output: The main reason why the Blue Mountain Coffee is considered the best is because it is grown in that geographical area, where it is difficult to reach. This difficulty reduced the total output of the crops. It makes only about 1/3 rd of the total coffee cultivation in other parts of the world. Even the size of the coffee beans is also smaller. Growing at an elevation of 3000 ft in the mountains in the North of Kingston, Blue Mountain coffee is very well the rarest of the rare coffee.
  • Growing conditions: As mentioned, the Blue Mountain is difficult to reach. The weather conditions there is also somewhat extreme with cooler than usual. The mist enveloped plants takes about 10 months to reach the harvesting stage. Usually, coffee plants reach harvest within 4-6 months but this is longer than usual. The uniqueness about this type of coffee is that it grows in the volcanic soil that adds to its taste and aroma.
  • Dangerous labor: The Blue Mountains are dangerous with more slippery areas than the comfortable flat lands. The workers who go to pluck the coffee beans work in these dangerous areas that make it an expensive labor. They even have to go back and forth to the same trees to get the then ripen fruits. This is where the price of the Blue Mountain Coffee comes from.
  • Best quality: The coffee beans of the Blue Mountain Coffee go through several stages of quality control. First, the beans are sorted according to their size and then checked for the quality. The coffee tasters taste 3 cups each in the final stage.

It also adds that the coffee beans are staying longer on the trees than the other coffee which increases the richer taste of the Blue Mountain coffee.

Wallenford Volcanica Blue Mountain coffee packs

The Wallenford Blue Mountain Coffee is available in 4 different packs. The smallest size of 2 oz, the others are 4 and 8 oz. the largest pack is 16 oz.

The coffee is available online from many of the popular stores, including Amazon. All you need to make sure is that the seller is Wallenford to get the authentic coffee of the manufacturer.