Leonardo da Vinci has rightly said that “Water is the driving force of all Nature”. This is a reality which no one can neglect in a true sense. We all believe the statement that life on earth emerged from water. This has been taught to us from our schooling days. But no one knows the actual reason behind the existence of this world. Many scientists have come up with different theories about water. Most of the earth’s crust is filled with water. Imagine what could have been the situation if there was no water. Does the present world would have existed?
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Importance Of Water

Water is a key factor vital for all forms of life including plants, animals, humans etc. A liquid which is chemically composed of two hydrogen atoms and one molecule of oxygen is a crucial factor required by the cells of our body for their effective functioning. There are many other problems associated without the proper drinking of water. Since H2O also plays a leading role in nutrient functioning and the elimination of the toxic wastes from the body. But still many people don’t take the consumption of water seriously and ultimately become a prey for different types of diseases. Especially, teenagers are the one who drink lot of carbonated liquids but keep themselves away from having water.

What all can happen without this miraculous liquid – Water

The best example to this was witnessed by me in my school days. One of my classmate friend always used tell that she was suffering from serious stomach pain always. But she used to ignore the pains giving it less importance. Moreover she used be on leave always. Finally, a day came when the condition got drastic and she has to undergo hospitalization for nearly a year. A serious damage was caused to her internally, just because of not having water properly. Doctor has recommended her to drink around one gallon of water a day. That incident brought a change in her life. She maintained a proper diet, depending less on junk foods and soft drinks. Having the consumption of proper amount of water and was perfectly fine. See what all things can happen.

Are we all really conscious about our diet in this busy life? A small mistake can lead to a bad change. Moreover we should blame ourselves. The way we get adapt to this modernized life style. Busy moms have no time to cock for their kids and ask their children’s to have food from outside. Even the kids find a reason to eat from outside. But later when a worst situation comes, who to blame is unknown.

Cholesterol – A Threatened Disease

One can develop serious heart issues which is common nowadays. There are different types of coronary heart disease. Cholesterol is one amongst this. Many individuals are finding measures to lower the level of this disorder these days. They are switching to different types of diets, performing all kinds of exercises. Why to pave a way for such circumstances. We are ignoring the fact that the cure for every problem is in our hands itself. Cholesterol is produced by our body itself essential for synthesis of hormones, bile acids and vitamin D. Overdose in the production of this biological molecule in blood leads to dangerous conditions.

The condition is characterized by the deposition of fat molecules in the arteries. There are two types of cholesterol specifically “Low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and High-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol)”. “Hypercholesterolemia” is another form of cholesterol which is developed due to mutation in the genes (PCSK9, LDLR and APOB). This disorder is developed in certain group of people only.

How Water Lowers Cholesterol

It is better to have 4 glasses of water early in the morning in empty stomach always. Low- density lipoproteins adheres with the fats in the arteries which results in the blockage of the arteries. Keeping the body hydrated is a must to boost up the internal organs of the body. Hydration can do lots of wonders to the body and is effective in lowering the risk of most of the disorders.

Cholesterol can be lowered to a great extent by drinking water at regular intervals. Cases of improvement have been found in patients who were advised to have a regular intake of water for six weeks instead of herbal teas. The result was a drop in the cholesterol level to around 63 points, which most of health supplements fail to do. A study conducted in 2008 published an article in the journal “Obesity” mentioned that drinking more water helps in weight loss and is beneficiary in lowering cholesterol. Since triglycerides are seen more in obese people. Water has the wondrous powers to flow through the cell membranes and remove the accumulated toxic wastes by reducing acidity.
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Incredible Aids Of Water

  • Heartburn: Intake of water is more effective to relieve from heartburn (acid reflex). The reason for the feeling of burning sensation in the chest is the acids released by the stomach. Research conducted in this disorder shows water as a preventive cure against acid reflux.
  • Back Pain: Water is needed by every cell and organs of the body. Dehydration results in back pain. It’s important to keep the disks hydrated which lies between the every two vertebrae. Pain killers can do no good for our health; instead it will bring deformation in the spine.
  • Arthritis: This is a disorder which is seen both young and old-aged groups. Characterized
    by a pain in the joints. Making an individual unable to walk. There are different forms of this disease. The reasons for the development are different like age factor, obesity, infections etc. Drinking water mixed with salt works as preventive measure for lowering the pain.
  • Angina: Angina cannot be called as a disease, since the state is related to lifestyle habits. Obese people are more prone to such types of condition. Water is an ultimate cure for this. It is advised to have 8-10 glasses of water a day. Through this way a control can be made on other diseases associated with this.
  • Colic: This may lead to colon and rectum cancer. Colic is a long-lasting disease results due to irritation of the large intestine. Mainly affects fecal impacting. Maintenance of a healthy diet can overcome the problem. Drinking lots of water is worth beneficial.
  • Migraine: Pain in the brain arises from the drop in the blood flow and the oxygen. The brain is unable to receive the proper signal. A migraine affected individuals are more sensitive to dehydration. Hence, doctor always recommends such patients to have 13 cups of water a day in the form of fruit juices or water.
  • Asthma: Such patients find difficulty in breathing. There are different causes of its occurrence. Asthma is seen in dogs also. Dehydration can consider as one of the reason. Making the body alkaline through the intake of sea salt and water can be a helpful and free solution at hand. More intake of salt dissolves the mucus plugs resulting in free passage of air through the lungs.
  • Adult- Onset Diabetes: Diabetes is an increase in the blood sugar level. Sometimes it becomes difficult to diagnose the level of this disease. Serious increase leads to damage of eyes, loss of toes. There are many drugs and insulin removal therapy available but are less effective. In such patients, the body is not able to meet the priority water needs required for the cells. Consumption of water should be given more importance by such patients as a measure of an effective treatment.
  • High Blood Pressure: Dehydration results in high sodium build up. Such patients are addicted towards eating more salted food with less intake of liquid diet. Thus they become a prey to most of the heart disease. One should have an excess of water intake to reduce the calories which result in weight loss and low blood pressure. The pressure never remains static and keeps on changing depending upon the mental state. We don’t realize the nature of the disease and go for other options like diuretics and jump in more problems than before.

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Can Water Be Taken In Other Forms

Not always necessary that water should be consumed in its natural form. Hydration can be brought by other natural means. But not in the form of caffeine or cokes. Who doesn’t like to drink coconut water? Believe it or not. Coconut has got many hidden secrets. Coconut water is a nature’s tonic with lots of nutrients. Many studies are done on this. Results have proved coconut to be effective in lowering cholesterol. They do no harm to the body since they are rich in electrolytes.

A Healthy Future

Even though we are educated, are we all fully aware about the real facts of water. A liquid who’s every drop can do wonders to your health and also can damage the body if not taken in adequate amounts. Think about this and mold the lifestyle behavior accordingly for a better tomorrow.