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Magnus Wellness Essentials Multivitamins

Metagenics Wellness Essentials Multivitamins Supplement

Wellness Essentials provides the daily nutrition in the right amount. The overall appetite is improved and it will be beneficial for the poor eaters to improve their health.

Wellness Essentials is guaranteed daily feed of multivitamins to improve the health and vitality. Many of the essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are lacking in the daily food these days. The importance of the multivitamin supplements is increasing and the Wellness Essentials offers these essential multivitamins and minerals, along with a herbal blend that can improve the health. It will also strengthen the immune system with its multifaceted health support. It provides support from the cells to the vital organs, including the heart. Wellness Essentials come in packets for the whole month. Each of the packet is for a day and each packet has different tablets inside that are for each of the meal.

Health benefits of Wellness Essentials

The basic benefit is that it provides the daily nutrition in the right amount. The phytomulti tablet contains herbal extracts that are known for their medicinal properties. These 13 herbs will acts in different ways to improve the overall health and also in maintaining the better health. They are helpful for the cell activity and DNA stability.

The vitamin D3 will improve the bone and dental health. The same is added in its most acceptable form and makes an excellent addition to the multivitamin supplement. It also helps in strengthening the immune system as well as the neurological health.

The fatty acids add to the energy and heart health. The purified omega-3-fatty acids are readily available for the body to use them for regulating the cholesterol, improve heart health, support the skin and hair health etc.

What does Wellness Essentials contain?

The everyday dose of Wellness Essentials contains essential vitamins, minerals, omega-3-fatty acids, and herbal extracts.

  • Choline is important for brain functioning and can strengthen the memory. This nutrient is usually got from the diet but may not be enough. This is closely similar to vitamin B but is not a vitamin. This water soluble nutrient will reduce the mental fatigue and can elevate the mood.
  • Lycopene protects the blood vessels around the heart. The antioxidant property of this nutrient is also beneficial in preventing cancer.
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin are both effective in improving the eye health. They reduce the risk of light induced macular damage that affects the vision. The eye fatigue, sensitivity to light is reduced.
  • Inositol can reduce the cholesterol levels. Inositol produces lecithin that breaks down the fats and prevents fat build up and deposits. It promotes hair growth, controls the mood swings, can fight cancer, prevent the diabetic neuropathy, and ease constipation.
  • Resveratrol is an antioxidant which can prevent inflammation by inhibiting the inflammation producing molecules. It can reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer, keep the elasticity of heart muscles and can prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Vitamins

Vitamin A is for the eye health, immunity, cell growth and is also an antioxidant. Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium absorption and can also strengthen the immune system. It is useful for bone development. Vitamin E is another nutrient essential for immune strengthening. It is also useful for skin health and eyes. Its antioxidant property protects the cell damage and believed to prevent many diseases as well. Vitamin K is good for bones, can prevent heart diseases, capable of preventing cancer. It is also helpful in digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease, UC, Celiac disease etc that interfere with the nutrient absorption.

Vitamin B1- Thiamin is needed for the brain functioning and the production of ATP molecules for energy. Vitamin B-12 is essential for converting the carbohydrates into glucose for energy production. It can regulate the nervous system, digestive system and promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. The antioxidant property can prevent tissue and cell damage. Vitamin B2-Riboflavin is for energy production, RBS production, thyroids, good for skin and eyes, for mineral absorption and for the growth of organs and nervous system. Vitamin B3- Niacin can increase the good cholesterol level to regulate the cholesterol levels; it can prevent the hardening of the arteries, and can also relieve minute pain and stiffness in the muscles.

Vitamin B5- Pantothenic acid is used for fat and protein metabolism and also for the production of co-enzyme A. It will also regulate the cholesterol levels in the blood. Vitamin B6 is important for energy production, part of the process where the fats and proteins are metabolized, good for skin and hair health and protects liver. Vitamin B7- Biotin is important as a co factor in the metabolism of carbohydrates. It can regulate the cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood and also promote the skin, hair and nail health. Vitamin B9- Folate is needed for the blood health and in used in the production of RBC and WBC. It is also for energy production and the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

  • Omega fatty acids: EPA and DHA are highly essential for the energy production by the body. They are important for the cardiovascular functioning, retinal health, and immune functions. It also helps in weight management and has antioxidant property.
  • Essential trace minerals: Chromium works in association with insulin to regulate the blood sugar levels. Copper is a part of many enzymes and is also required for iron metabolism. Iodine is for thyroid functioning. Magnesium is essential for bones, proteins, muscles, nerve health, and immunity. Manganese and molybdenum are seen in many enzymes. Selenium is an antioxidant and zinc is useful for enzymes, protein, wound healing, taste buds and immune system.

Phytonutrient blend

  • Artichoke leaf extract
  • Bitter melon fruit extract
  • Blueberry fruit extract
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Citrus bioflavonoid complex
  • Grape seed extract
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Indian gum Arabic tree bark and heartwood extract
  • Pomegranate whole fruit extract
  • Prune skin extract
  • Rosemary extract

Wellness Essentials Multivitamins Advantages

The overall appetite is improved and it will be beneficial for the poor eaters to improve their health.

All the nutrients are added in their readily absorbable form to avoid maximum side effects.
The food assimilation and storage capabilities are improved. This is reflected in the energetic body throughout the day.

The immune system shows better performance and there will be lesser ailments when compared to earlier state.


The increase in metabolism may lead to over eating in many. It can affect the eating habits and raises the chances of ailments associated with it.

The chances of intestinal disorders are higher if the food consumption is higher. It may cause ulcers and acidity. So one must be very careful in what you eat. Prefer fruits and vegetables as snacks to balance the diet habits.

The nutrient absorption may cause an elevation in the mineral level which has their effects eventually. The aim is to improve the nutrient absorption and not to overdo the same. So watch what you eat and know the nutrient value of each of the food item.

Wellness Essentials Dosage instructions

Wellness Essentials come as individual packs for each day. One packet contains one tablet of phytomulti extracts, which is green in color, 2 EPA-DHA softgels in golden yellow color and one white tablet of vitamin D3 that has 1000 iu in it. There is no particular pattern in which these tablets are to be taken, take as convenience but one whole packet for a single day. One can have these tablets one each with the three meals of the day or take them together with a single meal.

What are the side effects of Wellness Essentials?

Excess vitamin A can be toxic so one should not take Wellness Essentials along with other vitamin supplements. Wellness Essentials has 5000 iu of Vitamin A which is higher dose. Some may find allergic reactions to this supplement. Taking Wellness Essentials with a blood thinning drug will be dangerous. Stopping the use prior to any surgery is also recommended.

The product contains fish oil taken from herring, anchovy and sardine, people allergic to these fishes may also stay away from Wellness Essentials. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are recommended not to use Wellness Essentials as the effects on the babies are not established to be safe.

The side effects are seen in the form of body odor, teeth discoloration, stomach upset, skin rashes, acidity, heartburn, ulcers in intestine etc. The worse cases may also cause kidney and liver failure.

Eat a balanced food with lot of fiber in it to counter many of these side effects, especially the gastro-intestinal disorders.

How does Wellness Essentials work?

Wellness Essentials will improve the nutrient absorption by the body. It will improve the appetite and the urge to take more food and the nutrients are absorbed at their maximum. All the tablets are readily digested and absorbed into the blood. It is highly effective for those who have a higher nutrient deficiency and can benefit more and show faster difference in them.

How long should I wait to see the difference?

Wellness Essentials roughly take about 3 weeks to bring the difference. This is the maximum time period; some people may show faster response. The difference would be seen in improved appetite, better energy and increase in blood flow.

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