Many people are intimated with the word ‘wholesale’ as they can get many products at a nominal price. If you are looking for weight loss and hunting for wholesale HCG drops, then look no further.

Trying to lose weight can be testing especially when you need to undergo crash diets, vigorous exercises… etc. etc. etc. I can go on and on but at the end of the day, you know you haven’t lost weight which can be termed ‘okay’ if not up to the desired effect.

How HCG caused a rage?

Though hcg products were cursed at first due to their side effects, the much-craved weight loss factor has made many take a second look at the product especially hcg drops. If you are trying to lose weight, then hcg drops are for you. Without giving any harsh side effects, hcg drops can really help you with weight loss rapidly. In fact, there are over thousands of websites dedicated to hcg.

Now there are many dieters who are looking forward to buy the product as a bulk and for them there are many companies that provide wholesale HCG drops. A quality HCG drops in the market will have a good shelf life and keeping this in mind, there are many companies such as BuyHCG123 who deliver wholesale hcg drops. This can save you good money as you are buying the product for bulk. This can be benefiting as you can use the product now and then save it for later on say six to eight months OR you can even pass on to your friends/family when you have achieved the desired result.

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How to choose wholesale HCG drops?

BuyHcg123 is pharmaceutical hcg drops that gives you genuine real hcg hormone that is found in the body of a pregnant women. Made in our very own California, these whole HCG drops can work wonders once you know how it will work for you.

You can choose the one kit of wholesale hcg drops that suits you the best such as:

  • 45 day supply of HCG drops
  • 2 month supply of HCG drops
  • 45 day supply for couples who are planning to share their weight loss too equally AND
  • 2 month supply of HCG drops for couples

You can choose the one as deemed fit. In this kit of wholesale hcg drops, you will find vitamin B-12 drops, hcg drops, syringes (both dosing and mixing), collidal silver GPS which is a health supplement etc. and many more.

These wholesale hcg drops are made under the strict facility that is genuine and complies with all hygienic standards set up.

How does this wholesale HCG drops work in the body?

When you incorporate wholesale HCG drops in your body, the brain tracks the hormone and releases a chemical which works with hcg in unison to absorb all the abnormal fat from the body and tricking your stomach to think you are full. This will, in turn, curb your unwanted hunger pangs thereby making you lose weight easily at a rapid rate than expected. There is a common misconception that ingesting many HCG drops can make you lose weight even more than said. It is absolutely absurd and that’s an unnecessary waste of HCG drops that you just ingested.

The key to lose weight is taking the proportion of hcg drops as mentioned in the instructions and following the 500 calorie hcg diet. Yes, the very low-calorie diet (VLCD) is very much mandatory and there is no escaping. Once you follow the rules, you will see the excess pounds melting away.

Are there any side effects?

Just like two sides of a coin, everything in this world comes with good and bad. So yes, you may face some side effects when using wholesale HCG drops but its temporary. Some of the side effects known are constipation, urination, vomiting, headache, but its mainly due to two reasons (1) improper dosage and (2) low-calorie diet. Many people try taking more than the stipulated dose or lowering their dosage and in both these cases, it is equally risky. Another reason is that you are on a low-calorie diet which puts pressure on your body due to the abrupt change. Either way, side effects are inevitable. But each and everybody is different and there are many dieters who do not feel any side effects at all. To be on the safe side, it is ideal to follow the correct protocol laid down by Dr. Simeons.

Does wholesale hcg drops have any product guarantee?

Yes, the product Buyhcg123 comes with some great goodies. For instance, if you do not get your product within 20 business days, the company will ship your wholesale hcg drops again FREE OF CHARGE. (yup, you heard that right). Another feature is if you return an unopened package within 7 business days, you will be given a complete refund without any questions on the company’s side.

Can everyone take wholesale HCG drops?

No. The website clearly states that if you are pregnant, nursing or under medication for any reasons, consult your medical practitioner before you take on the diet. This is for your own safety reasons and so make sure you comply with them before undertaking the diet.

Where can you buy wholesale HCG plus drops & pellets?

HCG plus drops and pellets are available wholesale at a number of sites. These companies offer attractive rates for these HCG drops and pellets. Some companies like the offer HCG products and diet supplements wholesale. These products are made in the United States. They can be bought by any company dealing with HCG and CG diet programs. They can buy HCG plus drops and pellet from here and use their own private labels to market HCG. This relieves people dealing in HCG the headache of sourcing for raw materials, manufacturing HCG and going through all the quality control processes. But wholesale HCG is only available for companies who buy in bulk and is rarely sold to individuals. So for individuals, it is always better to get it from reputed companies.

Some of the reputed companies which sell HCG drops are Nu Image Medical, HCG Triumph, Easy HCG, Official HCG drops and HCG complex. These companies are very reliable and sell quality products. There are discount offers and promos available and additional discounts when you buy more than one quantity. HCG pellets are sold by Nu Image Medicals which is one of the best companies which sell real HCG pellets.